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Osas Divine
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Osas Divine

The Federal government of Nigeria has announced today Janaury 12th that all schools and Universities in Nigeria will no longer resume as scheduled, the report came in this morning after the briefing on Monday 11th by the Presidential Task Force, according to the report the indefinite postponement of resumption is due to the rise in Covid-19 infection among youths.

The announcement was made by the Minster of Education, Mr. Adamu Adamu on the Presidential Task Force briefing, the government will be looking into this from time to time and will announce when it is safe for schools to re-open and a new date will be announced.

According to the minster the January 18th date was only a target and looking at the society, it’s  not safe for re-opening schools,  the government will continue to review the fixed resumption date which will be made known to the public.

We will bring you further reports from Varsities in Nigeria if they will as result reschedule resumption or subject students to virtual classes.

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