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With Advent of modern day technology, lots of advancement has been seen in every sphere of human existence.  Modern day technology has impacted greatly to online Education, through the introduction of projector’s,  computers and offering of free online webinar. Currently with proper gadgets like the PC and good internet connection you can gain access to a lot of free course’s online and study at your pace, convenience and Time. Most of this Course’s you’re certified.

They’re so many advantages of online courses,  that many Institution are adopting it.  They provide a flexible, convenient and faster to complete programs. Their system of interaction is unique. In other to promote online learning, several universities are partnering with different online platforms to make use of their services to share their Academic Programs online. Many online  courses also help students who wish to have experience of the university setting to have the experience.  Thou for credit courses are paid for. Thou this article will provide you with details on free online courses,  and they span to different level of study, undergraduate, masters, doctoral, and field of studies such as technology, business, the arts, and the humanities. 

Benefits of taking free online courses for credit

They’re several benefits attached when you study online, they include

  1. Online courses are free and considerably cheap, this lessens tuition Expenses as you can accumulate credits online to transfer to degree program
  2. Online courses helps prepare you for jobs and gives you added skills
  3. Taking online courses before getting admission will give you experience, develop your study skills and discipline.
  4. Students’ get to explore a wide array of different Academic options

What is College Credit

College Credit is a benchmark used in determining if a student is ready for graduation. It is used as a recognition for having taken a course at a university or College. 

Are they free online College Course’s

Yes the many free online courses and some are offered by world renowned universities like Harvard, Cambridge, Stanford etc,  some are available for Undergraduate and graduate degree students’.  This article will provide you with details of this online courses and their application links will be made available too. 

Do you get College Credits for online Course’s 

This article will provide you with details on online courses, for you to be able to convert your online course to college credit you have to be enrolled in a college. And you must have notified your Academic department on the course and received approval. 

Having attempted to clear some doubts on online courses let’s now delve into the topic

  • Advanced Operating Systems
  • Introduction to Computer Vision
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Introduction to Mechanics
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Information Technology Foundations
  • Introduction to Networking
  • Probability: The Science of Uncertainty and Data
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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  • Advanced Operating Systems


With the IOS, Android and windows gaining popularity and being among the most used, operating system.  This operating systems are used in smartphones, computers, parallel systems, cloud computing, multi-core, distributed systems etc.  This program is offered by Georgia institute of technology, where it introduces her students to the state of Art’s of operating system used today. 

This program serves as an introduction to the basics of Computer vision,  basic features like fundamentals of image formation, camera imaging geometry, feature detection and matching etc. are taught in this online course. Students’ are also made to learn camera calibration, image models.

This course is one of the credit courses online available to students,  this course is evaluated for 3 Semester hour’s.  It can be transferred to over 2,000 colleges and universities.  It explains in details application of foundational principles of biology including ecology, evolution, genetics and cell division etc. 

This course introduce you to the fundamental principles of marketing,  students are taught the principles involved in marketing,  they’re made to examine marketing decisions. That will produce effective results as you will learn how to think like a marketer and meet the interest of your consumer.

 This courses serves as an introduction to physics sequence, participant are taught to learn the basics of physics law, their application to the behavior of objects,  use of scientific knowledge to create advances in the field of mechanics.

Sociology is part of our human existence, as we interact with each other on daily basis,   this online course will expose you to how sociology applies to our everyday life,  how it can help you to   interact and understand what you want. This  course will teach you the basic sociological theories and concepts, enhance your critical writing and thinking skills, and improve your professional and personal communication skills. 

This program is offered by the Western Governor’s University,  this program explores the  different roles and functions of IT.  While exploring topics in systems and services, network & security, programming, data management & the business of IT.  This program helps students’ to learn basic of Computer hardware. How it can be utilized.

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  • Introduction to Networking

This program offers a self Paced  program , the NYU uses this platform to help hers students’ to know the principles of network security, cryptography, identification & other forms of networking. 

This program is offered by the Massachusetts Institute of technology,  this program introduce learner’s to probability, and helps Develop foundational knowledge of Data science. This includes random processes and the basic elements of statistical inference. 

The various inference methods, calculations relating to probability, the basic structures are taught. 

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