Full Tuition Scholarships For International  Students In the UK

Full Tuition Scholarships For International  Students In the UK

Have you been looking for an opportunity to study in the UK? Here is a golden opportunity for you to  study abroad in the UK . 

UK is one of the destinations that every International Students wants to go to , both for studies and for  holidays because it is a place that can be called “Home away from home”! 

We have been able to provide list of Full tuition Scholarships for international students in the UK,  Scholarships that are sponsored by the government and private organizations, Scholarships that covers  Students cost of living at any University in the UK.

Full- funded scholarships that provides monthly stipend to International Students. Some of these  Scholarships are for both undergraduate and post graduate students. 

How can an International Student get a full Scholarships In the UK?

An international students can get a full scholarship by applying for one or been given a scholarship by  the UK Government. These Scholarships are always fully- funded , the cover all Students expenses. 

Which Universities Offer Full Scholarships to International Students?

Many universities in the UK, offer full Scholarships to International Students. These fully- funded Scholarships helps Students who wants to do their Masters and Undergraduate study programs able to  study at any University in UK , because the cover the Students tuition fees , flights and other school  payments. We have also provided the list of these Universities that offers full Scholarships to  International Students below.

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Which University provides Full Scholarship For International students?

Harvard University Scholarship offers fully -funded Scholarships for international students doing their  undergraduate study program and Masters degree program. 

Full Tuition Scholarships For International students In the UK 

  • Chevening Scholarship 
  • Denny Holland Scholarship at University college London 
  • The Commonwealth Masters Scholarship 
  • Bristol University International Office Scholarship 
  • Rhodes Scholarship at University of Oxford
  • Gates Cambridge Scholarship 
  • Cambridge International Scholarship scheme 
  • Developing solutions Scholarships at University of Nottingham  
  • University of Westminster International Scholarship 
  • Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship 

Chevening Scholarship:

The Scholarship is offered by UK government, it allows International Students to  study at any University in the UK and study any course of their choice. 

The scholarship is very competitive one , because Students with good academic excellence are the ones  been selected. Chevening Scholarship favours about 120 outstanding Students every year. So try your  luck! 

Check the eligibility requirements. 

Deny Holland Scholarship at University college London:

This Scholarship is only offered to  undergraduates by the University of College London. The scholarship is competitive and is only for  Students that falls between the ages of 25 and above . 

Before you are admitted into the University ,you will be asked to provide a prove of you’re your  admission letter first, and the admission is a yearly something. The scholarship Worth’s £9,000 given to  students with good academic abilities to study for 3 years. 

The Commonwealth Masters Scholarship:

This Scholarship covers your tuition fee, flight, exam  payments . The scholarship is fully- funded by the UK government too and is very competitive . Only  International Students are able to apply . 

Bristol University International Office Scholarships:

The scholarship is only for Undergraduate and  Postgraduate students and only 5 and above Students are selected yearly for this scholarship.  

Rhodes Scholarship at the University of Oxford:

This Scholarship covers all the students payments at  the college and gives students a monthly stipend of £15,144 . 

Students between the ages of 24-25 are eligible to apply and the scholarship is the Oldest International  Scholarship in the UK. Students from these countries can apply for this scholarship; Canada, Germany,  China, Kenya, South Africa, India, Australia, Bermuda, West Africa, Zambia, Lesotho, Malawi, Botswana, Malaysia, Israel, Syria, USA, Zimbabwe. 

Gates Cambridge Scholarship:

This Scholarship is sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gate foundation  Scholarship. Gates Cambridge Scholarship covers all Student’s cost of living and it is only for  Postgraduate students.

Cambridge International Scholarship scheme:

This particular Scholarship is open for Students who  wants a full-time study program at Cambridge University.

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Developing solutions Scholarships at University of Nottingham:

This Scholarship is only for Students  from Commonwealth countries and Students who wants to pursue their Masters degree program. 

Faculties involved in this Scholarship includes; 

  • Faculty of engineering 
  • Faculty of Medicine and Health services
  • Faculty of Science 
  • Faculty of social science 

Students from these countries are also free to apply; Trinidad and Tobago, Pakistan, Dominican,  Jamaica, Fiji, Gibraltar, Dominican Republic, Bermuda, Barbados, Bangladesh. 

University of Westminster International Scholarship:

This Scholarship is only available to students from  developing countries and it is very competitive and fully-funded for student pursuing their Masters  degree program. The Scholarship covers Student’s living cost at the University of Westminster. 

Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship:

This Scholarship is for students who wants to further their PhD  courses. The Scholarship enables them to have a sense of belonging in what the are learning and is only  eligible to 30 applicants and is a yearly Scholarship.

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