Fully Funded PhD Scholarships in Germany for International Students

Students who wish to gain admission in Germany are always out asking,  if they are fully funded PhD scholarship for international students, this scholarship was written with aims of informing them of the various options available to them. Questions often asked by international students  

 The questions pertaining to this scholarship is listed below

How Can an International Student Get a Full Scholarship in Germany?

 To be able to obtain a scholarship in Germany as an international students, you must have the   documents required. 

Requirements for PhD Scholarship in Germany

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Germany is among the top research countries, owing to her desire to to impact the society and the world, the fully funded PhD scholarship in Germany for international students,  is aimed to provide her applicants with basic information’s about the procedures and requirements needed to gain scholarships in Germany. 

The following are required to gain scholarship in Germany

Candidates must have their bachelor’s degree, Masters degree

Documents required are A CV/Resume, National ID card/Passport, Academic certificate and transcripts, medical certificate of health fitness,  university registration and admission if available, Research proposal for Masters and PhD students,  language proficiency test. 

Work and study in Germany

Germany is known for her low unemployment rate, and her Innovation in fields like automation and engineering, and working in Germany as an international student or domestic student, has so many different conditions, Which depends on where one is from 

Students from European Union EU/ European Economic Area EEA

Students from any country belonging to this unions have the same entitlement as German students, and are free to access the German job market. You can work 20 hours per week while studying. If you exceed it you may be required to pay to the German social security and it may have a negative impact on your academics. 

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Students from outside EU/EEA

This group of students are permitted to work in Germany, alongside their studies for 120 days per year or 240 half days per year.  Those who work as students assistant or research assistants are not counted. But must notify the alien registration office. 

If you take up an internship job during break, it is not counted. Non EU/EEA students are not permitted to work in freelance or self employed capacity.  Students in Germany earn  450 (~US$491) per month tax-free, thou if you earn more than it you will be required to pay a tax. 

  • 1,000 Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship 2021

 This scholarship is available to students interested in pursuing a their bachelor’s, masters and PhD program in any of the universities in Germany.  This scholarship is among the fully funded PhD scholarships in Germany for international students, and it is funded by Heinrich boll foundation and DAAD, it covers several disciplines. 

Click here more for details

  • Annual Scholarship 2021-2022 in Germany

This scholarship is among the fully funded PhD scholarships in Germany for international students,  it available for students who wish to study in any of the German universities. The PhD program lasts for a period of 36 month’s. It available for those interested in studying any course or program of study.

  • PhD international awards at Max Plank Institute,  Germany

This  scholarship was established to help brilliant maximize their potential, and develop the skills nedeed to gain skills and knowledge.  This fully funded PhD scholarship in Germany for international students.

  • EUROPAEUM Classics Colloquium PhD International Awards in Germany

This program is offered in partnership with the free university of Germany, this university is a leading research university.  It is among the fully funded PhD scholarship in Germany for international students,

  • RWTH International Doctoral Scholarships in Germany

This Fully funded PhD scholarship in Germany for international students, Is awarded to excellent students in academics , it is open to both international and domestic students,  candidates with an average academic records are free to apply,

  • Doctoral Researcher Positions at Jena School for Microbial Communication, Germany 

This fully funded PhD scholarship in Germany for international students, Is affiliated to the Friedrich Schiller university jella, it  is open to those interested in doctoral research program in the areas of microbial communication.


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