Fully Funded Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2021

Royal Commonwealth Society has announced an opportunity for young students. Applications are open for Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2021. This competition is one of the oldest international writing contest for school students. A large number of young students from different countries and different schools participate in this essay competition. This program aims to encourage students and boost their confidence to raise their voice by participating in different writing competitions and developing their skills better.

This year’s theme is “community in the commonwealth.” Students of Commonwealth countries can apply for this essay competition. Aspiring young writers are encouraged to submit their piece of writing as a response to the theme. The pandemic has affected the lives of millions of people; young writers will portray their ideas of communities standing together.

The participants are divided into 2 categories; Junior and senior category. Students under the age of 14 can participate in the junior category, and students aged 14 to 18 comes in the senior category. Both categories have different topics for the essay; the winner and the runner-up will be selected from each category. All the participants will receive a certificate for participation. One winner and runner-up from both categories will get the opportunity of winning a 1 week trip to London for a cultural and educational event.

More details about the Commonwealth Essay Competition

Topics for Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition

Senior Category:

  1. The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.
  2. Keeping connected through Covid-19.
  3. It’s been thirty years since the end of the pandemic; what does the world look like?
  4. Imagine you are the head of a commonwealth nation that is heavily affected by pandemic and giving a national address at the end of the pandemic; what would you say to your community?

Junior Category:

  1. This is 2050, and you have been asked to write about the covid-19 pandemic for a museum; what story would you tell?
  2. A story of how you or someone you know helped other people during the Covid pandemic.
  3. We will be with our friends again; we will be with our families again. We will meet again – Queen Elizabeth II. After the pandemic, you are seeing your friend for the first time. What new hobbies would you share with them?
  4. What did you miss most during the pandemic?

Eligibility Criteria :

Students must meet the following criteria to apply for Commonwealth Essay Competition:

  • Participants are divided into two categories:
  • Students under 14 will be under the junior category.
  • Students of age 14 to 18 years will be under the senior category.
  • Citizens of all commonwealth countries can apply.
  • Residents of Zimbabwe and Hong Kong can also apply.
  • Participants from non-commonwealth countries must submit their essays through the local Royal Commonwealth Society Branch in their country.

Benefits :

Here are the benefits of the Commonwealth Essay Competition:

  • Certificate of participation,
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze awards,
  • One week fully funded trip to London for cultural and educational events for winner and runner-up from both categories.

Other Details :

  • Entries (essay) must be in English; none other language is acceptable.
  • The maximum word count for junior entries is 1500 words and 750 words for junior participants.
  • Only one entry is acceptable from each participant, so check carefully before submitting the final copy.
  • Entries shouldn’t include students’ personal data; such information should be entered during submission.
  • Plagiarism is not allowed; students will be disqualified if they are suspected of plagiarized entries. The entries submitted must be the student’s work.

Deadline: June 30, 2021

Application Process:

Follow the link below to apply for Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition.

Apply Now

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