How AAT Online Courses Can Help You Get an Accounting Job

How AAT Online Courses Can Help You Get an Accounting Job

There are diverse career paths in the world of finance, and accounting is amongst the popular career paths. Nowadays, a lot of companies continue to seek for accountants who have the capacity to keep track of the company’s financial activities.

Being an accountant requires you have certain professional skills. There are several courses and certifications out there to help acquire essential skills. Notable courses and certifications include ACCA and AAT. These certifications are recognized all over the world. More importantly, these courses can be acquired online.

In this article, we will see clearly how obtaining an AAT online course can help you land an accounting job, if you don’t have one, or take the next step up in a current accounting role.

But first, let us quickly observe a few things you must know concerning AAT online courses.

AAT is the short form for Association of Accounting Technicians. It is a professional membership body for accounting staff in the UK which offers a wide range of courses and certifications recognized all over the world. AAT online courses are sponsored by four leading UK accounting bodies: CIPFA, ICAEW, CIMA and ICAS.

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Are There Different AAT Levels?

There are four major levels of AAT qualifications – AAT Access (Level 1), AAT Level 2, AAT Level 3 and AAT Level 4.

AAT Level 1 is your first step to becoming a member of the AAT. Here, you get the basic introduction to finance and accounting skills. This level opens you up to a host of accounting jobs.

AAT Level 2 introduces you to the vital accounting skills and principles. This level is regarded as the foundation stage of AAT.

AAT Level 3 has a major focus on specific accounting tasks. Upon completion of this level, you will be awarded an AAT Diploma in accounting. It is regarded as the intermediate stage of AAT.

AAT Level 4 is the final stage of AAT. More so, it is the most advanced stage. In this level, you will learn skills like budget preparation, monitoring financial performance and drafting financial statements. Upon completion, you will be recognized as an affiliate AAT member.

What’s The Duration to Become AAT Qualified?

This is a self-paced online course. Thus, the duration will depend solely on you. However, each AAT level will take between six months to one year to complete.

What Are The AAT Learning Methods?

There is the On-Demand and Distance learning options – that is, you can study whenever and wherever you want. However, most persons prefer the distance learning option. This avails them the opportunity to learn at their own pace.

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How Much Can an AAT Qualified Earn?

The amount earned by an AAT qualified is dependent on certain factors like the employer, location, job title, even certification. However, once you have qualified for Level 1 or 2, you can earn around £20,000 as a starting salary.

What Are the Career Paths For AAT Graduates?

With an AAT certification, you will be open to a lot of career roles in the world of finance. Some popular career paths are:

  • Tax managers
  • Bookkeeping managers
  • Chartered accountants
  • Financial analysts

Having observed these vital facts about AAT online courses, let us proceed to see how obtaining an online AAT course can help you in your accounting career. In other words, let us see the benefits of being AAT qualified.

The Benefits of Becoming AAT Qualified

Here are some advantages of becoming AAT qualified:

  • Internationally recognized certification
  • Upon completion of the AAT online courses, you will gain relevant industry skills for any accounting job. Skills like managing big company accounts, auditing, and budgeting will be learnt through the process of acquiring AAT certification.
  • AAT courses can serve as the foundation upon which you comprehend complex coursework in other qualifications like the ACCA.
  • If you had given up on a career in the world of finance, AAT courses can be a perfect way to restart your career in accounting. 
  • You will have access to, as well as the support of a professional body in the accounting sector.

There are a wide range of benefits attached to becoming AAT qualified. Having an AAT certification does not stop you from acquiring other certifications. However, it is a plus to you. But, it is important you get your certification from a reputable course provider.

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