How Can I Get Scholarship in Canada

How Can I Get Scholarship in Canada

Canada is one of the most Applied countries for university education by international students, this country is one of the best study location in the world, thou its tuition fee is not cheap and affordable to all, which is why most students are find of asking How can I get scholarship in Canada. Her universities are world class,  it provides her numerous international students with jobs  which helps them fulfill their career. 

Canada has an excellent quality of living and boasts of a low cost of living,  it has guaranteed safety for her citizens and respects each individuals Rights.  It  has nice quality resort like Niagara falls in Ontario, Rockies and lake Louise in Alberta etc.

Despite promising an exciting and interesting life for her students, many students can’t even afford to cater for their education and other expenses. Thou with an outstanding results and academic performance that was achieved through hard work and constant diligence,  you will have a greater chance of getting a scholarship to study in Canada. 

The ways you can get this scholarship in Canada are

  • Study hard and put your application early

A good scholarship application shows a good academic performance and results,  that is you must have had a strong academic background and history.  And you must start your application early.  Studying hard now will give you an edge and makes you stand high above your  colleagues. Your grades, GPA and test scores, extra curricular activities reflect your academic standing. This target will be scrutinized by the admission team of your University. 

Know when to apply your Visa in order to save time and resources. 

  • Make sure you get a good and strong reference letter

A good and strong reference letter from a reputable academia like a professor will greatly help you in getting a scholarship, so know who will rate you well as an outstanding student. Before sending in your reference form.

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  • Write a good statement of purpose

A good statement of purpose will help you to get any scholarship, it’s good you present every academic achievements and your extracurricular life to the university admission team.  

Some students looking for How can I get scholarship in Canada

How do I get 100% Scholarship in Canada?

To be considered for scholarships you must be enrolled in a full time undergraduate or graduate program, and must have a valid study permit.  And must have the necessary documents and certificate that can give you a scholarship. Must present a great statement of purpose. 

Who Can Sponsor me to Study in Canada?

Several international students who are looking for how to get sponsorship or wants to sponsor their relative’s.  The criteria are 

  1. You must be a Canadian citizen above 18 years
  2. Registered in Canada under the Canadian Indian act 
  3. Must be a permanent resident 
  4. You must leave in Canada 

Scholarship without Stress In Canada

They’re several ways of getting scholarship without Stress in Canada,  they include

Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to seek for help, ask your professor’s, contact the admission office and ask colleagues about your interest for a financial aid.  Scholarships and grants.  It will be nice you go this respective office and ask questions on how to get scholarship’s.  This will give the scholarship authorities the clear impression of your determination and initiative in discussing financial aid with others,  the hardest way of seeking for financial aid is finding them, so be sure to ask wisely. 


Ask questions about the various scholarship’s available, you can start exploring ,   they’re other resources available for you to apply  like the Canadian government embassy and ministry of education website, 

They’re several types of scholarships which includes

Location Specific Grant’s/ Scholarship to Study Abroad

It is applied to encourage students to study in Canada,  from different location, but it’d is normally specified to a particular country.  E.g  this scholarship helps foster international exchange and relationship. 

Program Specific Scholarship

It is offered to international students and domestic students who wish to study abroad through a particular program,  it could be through a program crafted by the university e.g  APAC innovation challenge

Subject specific Grant’s/ scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to international students who  wish to study a.  Particular program in the university.  This scholarship accepts only courses listed in such field e.g medical scholarships, science scholarship etc

Students specific scholarship

Some scholarship are awarded based on students themselves, some are due to factors such as age, disability, religion, gender etc.  Example of this scholarship are ,  etc.

University Provided scholarship

This scholarship are provided by the various universities in Canada, e.g  thou many universities in Canada provide scholarship for her international student

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Organization scholarship

This scholarship are provided by NGOs, as their quota to promote education. 

Make your resume interesting

Resume will greatly help you to get scholarship easily so apply to as many as you can. Be sure to highlight experience you have had, the positions you have served and your research experience. 

Visa Requirements for Canadian International Students

Studying in Canada as an international student requires several documents from you, they include the following

  • You have been accepted by a designated learning center
  • You must have provided evidence of having enough funds to cater for yourself in Canada
  • You must provide a police clearance certificate
  • You must provide a medical certificate of fitness
  • You must provide a valid passport
  • English language proficiency test certificate

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