What is Jupeb and How Does Jupeb work with admission?

how does jupeb works

For a lot of you who have been asking this question, you can finally get a better understanding of what jupeb is, how jupeb works and what Jupeb candidates stand to gain.


This information will better build your understanding if you are currently a Jupeb candidate or you have plans of enrolling for Jupeb.


While we try to make this article straight to point and lucid, we will ensure to give you all useful information about Jupeb so you can have a better picture of how the programme works.


For the sake of understanding we will break down this article into section so that you can jump to the most relevant section, but in essence you will get a valued informatio about Jupeb and get to understand the system.

So let’s dive right in.

Summary of this article: How Does Jupeb works?

So, let’s summarize the whole post before you start reading in details, remember that you can bookmark this page on your browser and return to it when you are very chanced in order to have a definite grasp of how Jupeb works?

Jupeb is an A’level (advanced level) programme whose certificate can be used to secure admission directly into 200 Level in the various institutions that accept the certificate.


In this article we will shed light on the whole ways Jupeb works and how it assures a candidate admission, we would also look at the major difference between Jupeb/Ijmb and how to gain admission using Jupeb.

We will likewise talk about some of the institutions using JUPEB and the major difference between Jupeb and those using JAMB.


You must have heard before now that Jupeb is a Direct Entry Programme. There are many candidates who do not know how Direct Entry works, so in this article we will throw more light on these.

So let’s us take them one after the other.


What is Direct Entry?

Direct Entry is another medium of admission that does not require sitting for the Unified Tertiary matriculation Examination (UTME), it’s meant for those who possesses a diploma certificate or any advanced level certificate, and wish to study another programme in the University.


Normally, those using any Direct Entry qualification, that is Advanced Level certificate, they are admitted directly to 200 Level (Year 2) in their desired institution provided such institutions offers the candidate admission.


However Direct Entry does not work on its own, even though you don’t have to write UTME (unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination), the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board is still in charge of regulating Direct Entry admission.

So that is how Direct entry works.


Now Jupeb is just part of the Direct Entry Qualifications?

There are other Direct Entry qualifications like IJMB, NCE, ND and HND. These are called diploma certificates, NCE is the certificate obtained from a College of Education in Nigeria while ND and HND is certificate obtained from a Nigeria Polytechnique.


IJMB on the other hand also works like JUPEB But JUPEB is more advanced qualification which is highly respected by many schools.

A school like University of Lagos, University of Benin, University of Ilorin and a few others will most certainly admit more JUPEB candidates.

So now you understand what Direct Entry is and how Jupeb works as a Direct Entry qualification.


What is JUPEB?

Now let’s still look into what JUPEB is! Jupeb is an acronym which in full is; Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board. Just like JAMB conducts Entrance exam into the institutions, Jupeb is also an advanced board that conducts entrance exams to those seeking 200 Level admission.


The Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board is apparently a programme which has been approved by the federal government, but the programme is co-ordinated nation-wide by the University of Lagos as the supreme body in charge of regulating the systems.


It doesn’t indicate that someone can not apply to another institution using a Jupeb certificate since it’s co-ordinated by the University of Lagos, the Certificate is accepted in many other institutions.


The JUPEB Certificate as a result allows a candidate to be admitted directly into 200 Level in their preferred institutions without having to sit for JAMB again which is the norms of getting admitted into any institution in Nigeria.


How Does Jupeb works?

First, a candidate has to be exposed to one-year approved courses in the designated field a candidate takes interest on, after this the students is allowed to sit for a final examination, the final result will be used to determine placement of admission by varsities, that is how Jupeb works.


But let me go into details for the sake of clarity.

This certificate result can also be accepted by partnering foreign institutions. In actuality, a candidate who seeks to be admitted directly into 200 level without having to sit for UTME should see JUPEB as a better alternative.


The main function of JUPEB is to facilitate Direct Entry admission (i,e into 200 Level) into the various programmes (courses) offered by an institutions globally, and this is done by organizing credible examinations for applicants who were taught on a qualitative and well-balanced curriculum.

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Just as the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) provides access for candidates to be admitted into tertiary institutions in Nigeria, the JUPEB also stands as an access into tertiary institutions except that some Foreign Universities also accepts JUPEB.

I believe you now know how Jupeb work?

Well we still have more information about Jupeb, it’s crucial that we look deeply into it for ultimate understanding of how Jupeb works and what Jupeb is.

What is the difference between IJMB and Jupeb?

Sometimes you may also here of IJMB as you hear of JUPEB? Literally, both IJMB and JUPEB are 200 Direct Entry programmes which you can use to gain admission direct into any institution of your choice without JAMB.


But you see these two programmes may be operated in similar ways, but they are treated differently by institutions. We have answered the question ” How does Jupeb works?” Now let’s also answer “What is the difference betweem IJMB and JUPEB?”

IJMB in full means Interim Joint Matriculation Board. While Jupeb is co-ordinated by the University of Lagos, IJMB is moderated by Ahmadu Bello University, ABU Zaria.

Most schools prefer JUPEB base on the system and how its exam is conducted while a few others prefer IJMB.


So the major thing is been mindful of which school you’re applying to and understanding which of the certificates is accepted and suitable for admission.

So let us hope that you now understand how JUPEB works? And the difference between IJMB and JUPEB.


Let’s talk about a few other things as well.

All about JUPEB Certification.

The Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board (JUPEB) is duly certified by the National Universities Commission and the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB).

It is an Advanced Level programme that allows any holder of the Jupeb Certificate to be admitted directly into 200 Level in a preferred institutions.

So Using JUPEB Certificate in pursuit of admission for institions that accept the certificate especially patnering Universities is very much official and reliable.


How many years does Jupeb last?

Jupeb certificate lasts ten years and beyond, in a nut-shell it basically does not expire, but there are cases when must institutions would no longer accept it because it is too old.


Unlike JAMB which expires after one year.

Considering the money a candidate pays to run the programme, it would not be ideal to say the certificate as expired. So rest assured you can always decide to use your Jupeb certificate next year and anytime you wish, provided you do not let it exceed 10 years as must institutions will not longer see it as credible for admission especially into relevant and competitive courses. That is how Jupeb works.


What is Jupeb Cut-off mark.

In actuality, Jupeb is graded over 15 points. In this case any candidate can decide their own JUPEB cut-off mark but the minimum Jupeb cut-off mark is 5 points.

Some institutions can admit below that however depends, and some can hop their minimum cut off mark for JUPEB.


For example Unilorin does not accept any less down 6 points in Jupeb.

Ordinarally scoring high in JUPEB is not a cake-walk, it’s not as easy as coring high in IJMB.

For JUPEB scoring high is always difficult but once you succeed to score high then count yourself lucky.


There is always a tendency of admission once you score above the minimum jupeb cut-off mark, if for example you score above 7 points or even 10 points them you will certainly have a stronger chance of admission.


We hope you have understood more things while trying to answer the main question which is ” What is Jupeb and how does Jupeb work?”

We believe these additional information will make you understand the topic more, so let’s talk about a few other things now.

Is Jupeb Difficult?

Jupeb is not difficult at the sae time not simple, it will depend on your level of preparation, It might be harder for some but simple for others.

That is the basic truth, hope you get the juice now?


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For many reasons and many ocassions we have been asked these questions in forum, if JUPEB is difficult.


Again, it is must time set in a complex way, but there is no examination that you cannot pass if you prepare yourself the right way.

At NgUniversities and our affiliate center, none of candidates who enroll for JUPEB Scores below 10 points in JUPEB, we only recoreded a case of failure when a candidate do not appear for an exam or completes his/her papers.


How does Jupeb Entrance Exam works?

Jupeb entrance exam is just the examination you write before you can admitted to run the programmme in a particular University.

There are Universities that organizes entrance examinations for those who would wish to run the JUPEB programme.


It’s always mandatory, but not all institutions or center runs this system. But schools like the University of Lagos conducts entrance examination.

Do not confuse the entrance examination with the main exmaination. The entrance will determine those that will admitted or not.


Some schools set Computer based entrance examinations while others use paper and pen. They will test you on your previous O’level knowledge.

The entrance examination is always not hard compared to the main examination so that is the simple answer to how jupeb entrance examaination works.


Do Jupeb Students Matriculate?

Yes, you will be matriculated into the University after being admitted using Jupeb, but for most institutions Direct entry applicants are not matriculated along with oher UTME applicants but your names would be plublished in the JAMB MatriculatioListst.


To better understand how Jupeb works we are giving yomanych details regarding everything you need to know to know about JUPEB.


Does Jupeb require Post-Utme?

Yes Jupeb is required for Post-Utme, do n think that you won’t write post-utme if you use JUPEB. For institutions conducting Post-Utme screen,ng you will certainly have to sit for Post-Utme, but it would depend on the school.

Post-Utme is also a way checkmate admitting candidates when a large number of candidates apply, it will help the school to weigh results and determine who should be admitted.


Do you need JAMB FOR JUPEB?

No, you don’t need to write JAMB (that is UTME) if you already have a JUPEB Certificate.

You’re going to be admitted directly into your school of choice, however,er you will first need to apply through JAMB by obtaining JAMB Direct Entry (D.E) form because JAMB is the overall regulating body of admission in Nigeria.


How much is Jupeb School fee?

Still on the topic ” How does Jupeb works, we will like to clear one more thing. Jupeb school fees work differently in various centers, school owned JUPEB centers are always more expensive. Talking about the difference, both Private accredited centers school-owned centers are under the same board and they are given the same certificate.

For candidates choosing School owned centers, the fee ranges between Two hundred and fifty thousand naira total (N250, 000) to three hundred and fifty thousand Naira total.

But for private accredited centers, the fee around, One hundred and Ninety thousand to two hundred and fifteen thousandnd naira.


So the exact fee you are to pay is base on the center you choose.



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