How does Uniben Post-Utme looks like; 2020/2021

For candidates who wish to participate in the University of Benin 2020/2021 admission exercise, we shall be giving you a concise information of what to expect this year.

This post will cover all about how Uniben post-utme looks like.


First, I did love to share a brief information to all new applicants before we dive right in to the main information.


Right from the outset the University of Benin has remained on the list of the most competitive Universities in Nigeria.

A lot of time the competitiveness of the University of Benin has caused a lot of aspirants to be apprehended and many end up being discouraged.


Another thing that causes concern for students who love to school at the University of Benin is how difficult it is to pass the institution post-utme and this has made a lot of candidates pursuing Uniben Admission to give up.


We have therefore decided to share an information with you that will make you successfully gain admission into the University of Benin if for one reason or the other you wish to study at the University of Benin, then we will be looking out ” How Uniben Post-Utme looks like and how to pass Uniben Post Utme”


Let’s ride on…..


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A little information on what the typical Uniben Looks like, in respect to admission.

How does Uniben Post Utme looks like

The University of Benin is a federal government owned institution suited in  the south-south of Nigeria, it’s a public institution in Benin City.

Over 35,000 candidates yearly sits for the University of Benin post-utme, but it suffices to know how that Uniben can not admit more than 10, 000 students per session which includes the UTME and Direct Entry applicants.


So far the post-utme exam conducted by the varsity poses as a threat and road block to candidates, of course we know that in a normal state, succeeding in the post-utme exam still does not guarantee admission into the great UNIBEN.


In another post, we shall look at the criteria Uniben uses to give admission to candidates.

For the sake of this particular post we shall focus on an important question all of you ask “How does Uniben Post Utme looks like?” or how does Uniben conduct her post-Utme, we will talk about this before we talk about how does Uniben give admission.

So sit, keep your leg cross and lets dive into the real gist for the day…..


How does Uniben Post-Utme Look like.


Uniben CBT Hall

Talking about how Uniben Post Utme looks like, Uniben Post Utme Screening Exercise is a Computer Based Test (CBT) mode examination, where candidates are tested on the same subject combination they sat for in JAMB.


The exam is like a typical UTME Exam except that it pertains to the University of Benin.


Today, i will give you every single bit of detail that will get you familiar and acquainted to how Uniben post-Utme Looks Like and how every serious aspirant can pass Uniben Post Utme 2020.


A lot of students are usually afraid of the University of Benin Post-Utme CBT Exam, well i must say that is only contrary to the way others think, or what you may think.


Uniben post utme questions are usually very simple to those who study hard, but it won’t be simple if you do not prepare.

The only thing that should be put to thought or what you may encounter while writing the University exam is the time factor.

There is usually no time to answer all the questions, usually 60-70 questions.


Never to worry i will ensure that you are bold and prepared before you go sit for the exam.

But before we start talking details on how the exam will be conducted, let’s pause and look at the situation of things, the question now is, will Uniben conduct a post-utme CBT Exam in 2020?


Will Uniben conduct post-utme in 2020?

Yes, Uniben will conduct post-utme exam in 2020 regardless of situations the country is facing or any arising factor, the University of Benin is very set to organize exam for her students despite the issues facing the academic sector of Nigeria, the most important question is when and in what pattern will it be conducted on, nevertheless the state of the country at the moment will not be used to disestablish the quality, process and pattern of Uniben admission.


We know very well that a lot of candidates have been thrown to doubt but we like to advise every candidates never to think towards such direction, the University of Benin will be conducting an entrance examination and it has fixed a date for the exam, which commences December 2nd, 2020, all candidates serious about gaining admission to University of Benin must therefore start preparing.


If you are not preparing at the moment, we advise you to pick your books and start preparing or you will fall a victim (in essence, fasten your seat belt so as not to miss the chance of admission this session).

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So now that we have addressed a little about the exam commencement and how Uniben Post Utme looks like, let’s get to resolve all cogent concerns regarding the University of Benin post utme and admission.


NB: If you want to successfully be admitted into the University of Benin, we implore you to read this post word for word to get absolute details that will help you to not only pass Uniben Post Utme but will help you secure admission.


Knowing the rudiment on how Uniben Post-Utme looks like is not enough but going inwards to know how it applies to each student in different terms and how you make do with the information.

Know let us get on other aspect of how Uniben conducts her post-Utme.

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Where does Uniben Set questions from in her Post-Utme?


We have informed you that Uniben is set to conduct post-utme exam for her candidates seeking admission, so it’s your duty to start preparing. While answering the question (How does Uniben Post-Utme Look like)  another question comes to mind and that is; where does Uniben set questions from in her post-utme?


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As a serious student, these are things that you must always ask, if you fail to ask these questions and get answers you are certainly risking your chance of success, because information when it’s genuine will save you any challenge and make you pass Uniben’s Post-Utme.


To answer the question:

In the University of Benin Post-Utme, English Language usually carries the highest number of questions and the highest mark, yes i believe you must have heard that before now, among your subjects English which is a compulsory Subject will determine if you will succeed or not in the University of Benin Post-Utme.

English Language questions are usually between 35 to 50 out of the 70 to 90 questions Uniben sets in post utme yearly.

That is for English, the three or four other subjects the University of Benin will set in her Post-Utme are usually called general subjects and they carry less than 15 questions each.


The University of Benin in the past had always set questions from Dandy English textbook and other topics are prior to the ordinary level knowledge.

It is usually difficult to predict where exactly they will present their questions from because the system can change at anytime..


What a serious student does is Search for reliable past Questions and study them broadly.

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Note: The University of Benin may also set current affair questions in addition to your four subjects.


How does the time in Uniben Post-Utme Looks like?

This is where a candidates needs to be worried, because the time the varsity gives to students in the examination is always around 1 hour and this time will certainly not be enough for a CBT exam especially for those that are writing subjects that deals with calculation.

The best we have is to practice time usage before the exam.


Does Uniben Allow calculator in the Post-Utme?

The University of Benin will also not allow you to take calculator into the exam premises and they won’t provide one for you, and you should know this contributes to why a lot of students fear the exam.


It’s not that such students are not intelligent, the problem is the school uses strict protocols to conduct the examination, you will not get all the things you need to make a huge pass on the exam, you are mainly required to be smart.


So how do you Pass Uniben Post Utme exam in above conditions.

First thing is to believe in yourself and don’t allow fear take over you, what you think of success matters, and you will get success if you think success.


There are people who will still pass the exam and if you wish to be among those, you have to prepare your mind that you will make it no mattee how difficult, and you must start by preparing for the exam.


With the little information we have given you, i will encourage you to do the following.

  1. Search for a reliable group, either on WhatsApp or Facebook (it’s necessary especially in this season of covid-19) Join a study group and study questions with them.
  2. Get a reliable post-utme past question for Uniben, get Dandy English textbook and any other materials that you have bee advised to get.
  3. Study always and ensure that you prepare your mind body and soul and you will surely scale through the exam with excellent pass.

The above is the concise answer to your question “How does Uniben Post-Utme” looks like.


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