How does Unilorin give admission?  [Criteria]

Variably, over a hundred thousand candidates fights to be admitted into the university of Ilorin yearly according to the data given by the Joint Admission and Matriculation board. Meanwhile, the goal of every candidate is to gain admission into the University of Ilorin. That is your goal per se.


The problem faced is, majority of the candidates don’t know anything about the admission system so in this post we shall answer the question “how does Unilorin give admission”.  It’s important to know the current criteria that the University of Ilorin looks out to give a student admission.


I have been asked this question several times in forums, “how does Unilorin give admission?” What one would want to know here is, what does the school looks for In a student for them to admit that student.


The University of Ilorin is one of the most popular Universities in Nigeria; there is no doubt about it.

The school has always been the most sought for in JAMB, there are many reasons for this, first the University of Ilorin is still one of the Universities in Nigeria that does not go on strike, they have a very fast academic calendar.


The school is also one of the most disciplined schools in Nigeria with a very low cultism rate; the campus is very tranquil and welcoming. For many reasons students would always prefer the University of Ilorin.


The high number of students aiming to get admitted into the University of Ilorin has been one of the major causes for admission difficulty.


How does Unilorin give admission [summary]


The University of Ilorin uses three major criteria to give admission which are, Jamb score, O’level score and Post-Utme score.


The three criteria mentioned above are just the major ones, whilst the school might look at other factors in determining admission.

There is this debate that have been on air for long, a lot of aspirants would always tend to ask, especially when the question how does Unilorin give admission get puts out in a public forum.


Students usually get to think that Unilorin majorly admit Muslim students or those students who are indigenes. It’s true that Unilorin always admit a lot of her indigenous candidates which is the norm for all federal schools in Nigeria.


But it’s false that Unilorin admits only muslim candidates, admission is open to all race and cultural background.


In this post, I will reveal to you all that is involved in the admission of candidates including the ones you may have already known.


Major Requirements to gain admission into the University of Ilorin

unillorin admission
Unilorin admission criteria


I am going to show you 7 major requirements that a candidates who wants to gain admission into the University of Ilorin must fulfill, once you fulfill does requirements, securing admission into the school would be easy regardless of the high number of applicants.

  1. High UTME or your direct entry score.
  2. Credits in five relevant subjects in O’level
  3. High Post-Utme score
  4. Catchment area { additional boost but nonobligatory}


So to answer the question “How does Unilorin give admission?”

It’s base on what qualifications you have in line with the competitiveness of the course you want to apply to.

If the course you are choosing is competitive then the school will strictly require more from you. To that effect, you have to ensure that you do not just have the above criteria mentioned but you must have them in a sufficient way.


Practically speaking below is a better explanation to how the school takes each of the criteria for admission as mentioned above!


  1. High UTME or Direct Entry score.

Talking about the UTME candidates.

80% of aspirants hoping to gain admission into Unilorin are all UTME candidates while the rest are Direct Entry candidates.


As for the pre-degree candidates (Remedial) they are under the 80% of candidates. So, it’s means the competition would be very high especially for UTME candidates.

Even while the UTME candidates fighting for admission are more, the truth is the University of Ilorin admits more of UTME candidates, base on the quota system.


The surest and easiest mode of admission into the University of Ilorin has always been applying as  UTME a candidate.

Of course, they admit a lot direct entry aspirants, but the school admits even times 3 of UTME candidates.


If you are a UTME candidates reading this, you need get a high JAMB score, it’s not just about meeting the required cut mark for the course you hope to study. You need to score really higher than the required cut off mark because it helps pulls you out of the crowd.


Asumming Nursing cut off mark in the University of Ilorin is 235 and you scored 240.

You still have little or no chance of admission, first reason is Unilorin have a liitle quota (space) for the number of nursing students they admit, they admit really few


Again nursing is a competitive course, there are many candidates who will score really better than you did, many will score 270, 280 and even 290.

The point I am passing is, meeting the required cut off is not the main deal, you need to score very high

I am using Nursing as an example, this practice is quite similar to other courses, I just need you to get the main point because this is why a lot of students struggle for admission.


Sometimes, this is how how it happens, that student that scored 240 but applied to nursing whose cut off mark was 235 for example, can get admitted to other lower courses.


The school will favour such candidate if he/she meets the remaining criteria for admission.

“Remember, course competitiveness is a factor for admission”


Talking about the Direct Entry candidates:

Tthe kind of Direct entry qualification you use matters greatly, the school would consider, JUPEB, IJMB, OND\ND, NABTEB A’level all differenty.


The way IJMB is perceived by the school is not equal to how JUPEB and the others are seen. In a nut shell, the key is this.


JUPEB is more preferred by Unilorin, IJMB too is accepted but if you must use IJMB please don’t choose a very competitive course, choose a minimal course so that you can be considered.

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In general, you need to have a very high score or qualification as a direct entry candidate, when you get to fulfill other requirements admission could be sure for you.


  1. Credits in five relevant subjects in O’level

The next criteria the school looks out for is your O’level result. This is just as important as other of the criteria mentioned.

Unilorin will give you admission if you are using one sitting or two sittings.


Take note, it doesn’t matter if you have grade “C” throughout your O’level as long as you have credits in five relevant subjects you will be admitted.


Unlike most schools, Unilorin does not allot a particular point system for O’level in giving admission to students.

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In some schools like Unilag and Uniben, when you A you get a particular point, when you have B, you get a particular point.


This is not so for the University of Ilorin, they will admit you irrespective of having ‘C’ parallel in your O’level result.


What the school is concerned with is, you must ensure that you have the exact and correct subject combination, they usually do not accept substitutes, if you do not have a required subject even if it’s a special consideration (waiver) you will automatically loose admission.


Many students fail to gain admission into the University of Ilorin because of their O’level result, don’t apply if you know your subjects are not complete unless you plan to reset another O’level exam otherwise your time spent hoping for admission would be wasted.


  1. High Post-Utme score

The third criteria to balance the question, how does Unilorin give admission is a very key one. The University of Ilorin places post utme score as the most important criteria for admission.

The higher you score, the better chance you would have, the lesser you score the lesser chance you would have. That is how it works.


Other criteria I have mentioned are important but post utme is super important and could be the only reason why the school refused to admit you.


The school basically have a fixed cut off mark specifically for post utme, but this is kept within the varsity and is not let out.

“What I want you to take home in this is, you need so score at least 60% and above to have better of chance of being considered for admission without much struggles”


You do not have to worry, this is where you need us we are ready to prepare you to score high in Unilorin Post Utme.

First click here to download UnilorinPrep app, the App is going to be very useful for preparing for the post-utme exam so download it now.


Next, click here for Unilorin post utme tutorials, attending tutorials is likewise going to help you in preparing for unilorin post utme test.

  1. Catchment area { additional boost but nonobligatory}

This is the last major criteria that Unilorin uses to consider students for admission.


But let me inform you of this, as always, Catchment area does not limit your chances of admission.

If you are not from any of Ilorin Catchment area it does not mean you are disqualified for admission.


Catchment areas are those states approved by the Federal government; those states are considered higher for admission.

Catchment area does not however limit your admission; it’s just an additional ingredient.


But in 2019, the federal government instructed Nigeria Institutions so stop using Catchment area as a signal of admission, schools were instructed to cancel it in totality, every candidate are therefore to be admitted base on quota system and merit.

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I have mentioned this to inform you, we are yet to know if schools will follow such directives in admitting students in 2020 especially the University of Ilorin.


How does Unilorin give admission? – Conclusion

I have shared the major factors that determines your admission into the University of Ilorin, there is nothing more to them whatever factor that the school may use that is not mentioned above will still revolve around the four major criteria above.


But then, let me share more information with you below regarding Unilorin  admission.


Unilorin admission list

Now let’s talk about Unilorin admission list, I am sure you want to know how many admission list Unlorin releases?


Today, I want to formally reveal that you so that you know what to expect.

Unfortunately, admission list no longer exists in Unilorin before; we could have Merit list, second merit list, supplementary list and VC. List

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Well the system has changed! All names for admission are under caps, the school now admits randomly through the central admission processing system so there would be nothing like, first or second list.

CAPS is now the center of admission, the school will upload the names of students who are qualified for admission gradually to CAPS.

But take note that it is not going to be on batches.

How does unilorin calculate their aggregate?

Now, let us talk about Unilorin aggregate. Just like other schools, using Uniben and Unilag as a case study, they have a way of calculating the total aggregate of admission.


Just like dividing the JAMB Score by two, adding it to the post utme score and then dividing by 8. Getting two points for one sitting in O’level, blah blah blah.


This so called system of calculating total aggregate may exist within the management of the school but it does not exist in the public as far as Unilorin is concerned.


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The only thing the school does is rank you according to how you perform in post-utme, they may have an hidden system or grading your Jamb score along with your O’level but such practice or formula for  calculating the aggregate is never made known.


So bother less about that.

Unilorin cut off mark

The last thing to talk about is Unilorin post utme cut off mark. Well, you can find the full list of cut off mark on the University of Ilorin Portal for all courses.


I hope this information helps you, if you have further inquiries to make leave a comment on this article thanks for reading.

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