How does Unilorin Post Utme looks like?

Have you tried to imagine how unilorin post utme looks like? Well this question came from a student in our forum? The student asked “How does Unilorin post utme look like”


I have reasons to believe that you would ask me this same question just to be sure so you know how to restrategize your focus and prepare for the exam, of course one of the reasons is you are here simply because you also want to know how unilorin post utme look like.


If we are to rephrase the question, it would be “What is the style of Unilorin post utme?” “How does unilorin set her post utme question?” “How many subjects does unilorin set in her post utme?”


How does Unilorin Post Utme Look like [Summary]


Unilorin post utme is a computer Based Test set aside by the University of Ilorin to test students who are aiming to gain admission into the University of Ilorin.

As it always being, the school sets 3 subjects, English , mathematics and general paper to try the students; whilst only those who score 50% and above stand a chance for admission.


That was the straight answer I provided in the forum, instead of the short information on how Unilorin post-utme looks like that I provided above, I want to us to deeply look into the topic. By the end of this article you will know virtually all there is to know about the University of Ilorin post utme test.


Remember that knowledge is the foundation of every growth and achievement, so you need all the information you can get in order to fully prepare yourself for this year’s exam.


Your success is our top priority at NgUniversities, and it’s our duty to provide you with every little bit of details.


Univerist of Ilorin is our main field, among all the schools that we tend to provide information for at NgUniversities, so do well to learn all you can learn from the information we share with you.


Sometimes back, we published a post where to talk about what to read for Unilorin post utme, we have also talked about how to pass Unilorin post utme.



Today, we are simply talking about how unilorin post utme looks like, below are the various sections we shall carefully scrutinize.

  1. How many subjects does unilorin set in post utme?
  2. How many questions does unilorin set in post utme?
  3. What time is allotted to answer Unilorin Post Utme questions?
  4. How does unilorin calculate her post utme result?
  5. Is Unilorin post utme difficult?



Now let me answer the five questions above, I am certain that by answering these questions you will have a better idea of how unilorin post utme looks like. So here we go.


How many subjects does unilorin set in post utme?


Unilorin sets 3 primary subjects in her post utme test which are English language, Mathematics and General paper.

Okay, this is the first question that comes to mind while trying to provide an answer for how unilorin post utme sets her question.


For a candidate to effectively get prepared for the exam, he/she must know which subjects to prepare for, those subjects are not the same subjects with the subjects that you wrote in JAMB.


In some other schools, they set the same four subjects that the students did in JAMB in their post utme exam, example of such schools are, Uniben, UNN and some other schools.


The University of Ilorin however takes an exception in that style of setting questions for her post utme, rather the school presents 3 compulsory subjects; English, mathematics and General paper which mostly comprises of current affair questons.


The reason for the school to be using this style of writing post utme is not far fetched, English language is the base of the University of Ilorin post utme.


As you may now understand from this phenomenal, all candidates regardless of course must all take these three subjects, there are no other variations and no one takes an exception.


I think this sets an advantage for the students because it is much easier to prepare for those three subjects than having to prepare for others subjects within the short time that candidates have to prepare.


How many questions does unilorin set in post utme?


Unilorin sets 50 questions in total in her post utme.

This is same for every candidate regardless of departments. Well, as you must have guessed wrong, these 50 questions would not  be shared equally among all the 3 subjects that Unilorin offers candidates sitting for her post utme, no! no! they won’t be shared equally.


In fact there is no particular ratio of sharing the questions in Unilorin post utme, whoever gives you a particular ratio, like 20 from English, 20 from mathematics and 10 from current affairs is only sharing hiss or her own opinion.


Questions are shared randomly across student. It’s very possible for student A to see more of Mathematics questions and few of current affair questions, it’s also very possible for student B to be given more of Current affair questions and few of mathematics questions so there is no exact ratio.


But one thing that I can guarantee you about the number of questions Unilorin sets and the ratio which it’s being shared is; there are always more of English Language question, as it has been In passed you are going to be getting over 50% English language questions and sometimes 60% or just around this figure.


In a nut shell, you are definitely going to be given more of English language question in the University of Ilorin post utme test and this applies to every candidates. As for the other two subjects; you must as well give your whole effort to prepare for them, study as many mathematics questions as you can and study many current affair questions as you can.


You can as well download Unilorin post utme syllabus here so you know which topics to set your eyes on.


What time is allotted to answer Unilorin Post Utme questions?


The total time allotted to candidates in unilorin  post utmee test to answer questions is 30 minutes.


Yes, you got that right; 30 minutes for 50 questions. It sure is fair if you think about it well.


Although, many candidates  complain that 30 minutes is usually not enough to candidates to answer the 5 questions that are given.


It’s actually enough if you are well prepared because if you are lucky you might not even see a question where you have to calculate and even if you do, it wouldn’t more than 5 or 10 in a worse case, and beside they would only be cheap mathematical questions.


What matters the most is how you prepare, you are supposed to just prepare for the questions, prepare for the time also.


One of the best strategies that you can use to prepare yourself for the time is preparing using our advanced CBT APP.


With UNIPREP post utme app, you can as well get prepared for the question but you will also be prepared on how to manage the time, you will get same 30 minutes to answer 50 Unilorin post utme past questions an d very similar questions In the APP, this will surely get you prepared and make you time conscious.

How does unilorin calculate her post utme result?


The school allots 2 mark each for each of the 50 questions that are set which makes a total of 100%.


This is quite simple, let’s see you get only 30 questions correct you will end up getting 60% as you score. There are no other special system or way of calculating Unilorin post utme result.


I see this question being asked a lot of times, how Unilorin grades her post utme test, now you know that there is no special style of hidden criteria deployed by the school to calculate the post utme score.


The calculation is usually done by the computer, the whole system has been programmed and of course, this births a new question.

How long does Unilorin take to release her post utme result?


The school releases the post utme result on the same day a candidates takes an exam, it is usually sent out as text message around 7pm or 8pm on  the exact day the candidate took an exam.


This however is always not fixed; it might get delayed to the next day depending on network and the total of number of results that gets sent out vs the capacity of what can be handled by the portal.



Is Unilorin post utme difficult?


Whether Unlorin post utme is difficult or not depends on your personal strength and how prepared you are.


To me, it’s a rhetorical question but I want to simplify the question and give you some instances of what might make the exam difficult for most candidates.


One of the major issue that we see students complain about is the time given, some candidates knowing full well that they have a limited time start rushing the question therefore putting lesser time to think through a question before answering.


For others though, they are not so good in English language of which much questions are often presented and this therefore sets a loophole for candidates therefore making the exam seem difficult.


Many students who score high in jamb find it hard to even get just 40% in the University of Ilorin post utme, this while many candidates think Unilorin post utme is hard, it is really is not hard.


All you have to do is ensure you prepare and prepare more for English, as I have informed you many people who score low are those that are very poor in English and many of them are Science students.


If you happen to be very good in English language, you would not have any reason to score below 60%


If any candidates fails, but not as a reason of the two major reasons outlined above then such students is ordinarily not ready to score high or is just off the track.


About the time issue that causes students not to properly think through a question before thinking; it’s is still not an excuse. Once you know something and you are sure of it, you don’t need so too much time to think it through.


We have presented to you an App that can build you up. It’s obvious that many students don’t answer all the questions before they run out of time.


You are ordinarily not supposed to waste time in any questions be fast as best as you can to respond to each and every questions that you would be given in the examination.


Conclusion of how Unilorin post utme looks like.

I have shared all there is for you to know about how Unilorin post utme looks like.


In conclusion I want you to know that the exam is not difficult as most people see it; if you prepare well you can scale through and score very high all you have to know is you really need to be good in English language, if you are so good in English language you wouldn’t have any problem.


Again you should study current affair questions you might not know the exact current affair questions to study that is why you need past questions if you study a lot of past questions before the exam nothing can stop you from scoring high unless you stop yourself.

The good nee is; you can finally be among those students that would be matriculating this year. Remember that there are many outdated and invalid past questions at there, with our Unilorin post utme CBT App, you are going to gain access to all the past questions that you need to fully prepare you wouldn’t need anything else to prepare and you can access to it for free right now.


Don’t let success pass you this year and don’t waste your time studying textbooks that might not even help you, sign up for Our Unilorin Preparation App and start a more advanced preparation.

We wish you the very best of success!

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