How is Unilorin aggregate score calculated? Admission Screening

In this post, we will  be talking about how Unilorin calculate their post-utme screening aggregate. So take your time and read this post because we will give you an in depth information that many students are not aware about. So that you can be able to secure admission to the University of Ilorin easily?


Before we give you the real answer to the question, there are other information that is very important for you to know, so let’s start with that.


Does unilorin do post Utme or screening?

The University of Ilorin as of 2019 conducted post utme examination as the mode of screening, a lot of Unilorin applicant have been asking if Unilorin conduct post utme or screening.

Now am going to give an answer to this base on various years, the truth is that, Unilorin have always conducted Post Utme yearly for applicant. That has been the tradition of the school from the very onset until the year 2020.

It is worthy of note that Unilorin is the first tertiary institution in Nigeria to conduct Post Utme CBT exercise in the year 2015, whilst other tertiary institutions saw that it was an effective method of screening and they adopted it.

The same would have been the case in 2020 for the University ( conducting Post-Utme examination for her applicants) but unfortunately the school substituted for using simply a screening method which involves the grading  of O’level and Utme  result for applicant rather than the usual Post Utme examination screening method.

In 2020 Unilorin did not conduct Post Utme examination, yes it appeared shocking to many students, this move raised an eyebrow for many of those who were expecting the school to conduct Post-Utme examination being the most trustable means of insuring one’s admission.

That way many would know their faith, and change institution if they see they have not met the department total aggregate or consider variably other options available to them.


Why Unilorin did not conduct Post-Utme Exam in 2020? Detail Answer.


An estimate of 40,000 candidates were to be screened in the year 2020 according to the management.

The school could not risk conducting a physical examination in the midst of global pandemic. Who could have expected that the better by far University which is very known for a strict process of admission? We never saw it coming, and this even had being a decision subject to change, it started as a tentative decision, but later on the Vice Chancellor made it known that the school has decided not to do any form of physical screening.

But we would expect the school to conduct Post Utme CBT examination in 2021 using a well planned system.

By well planned system, there was no time for the school to make arrangements and proper planning for how the Post-Utme exercise would be conducted in 2020 because more than half of the year was spent on Lockdown and no institution could operate, when the Lockdown was eased, there was barely time for the school to prepare for her yearly CBT Examination such that would not look so weak looking at the number if students on ground that had to be screened.

That was why the University Management disclosed that there wouldn’t be any form of exam. However, 2021 the University could make proper plans, and choose to conduct online screening examination just has most schools did.


Now before we get to talk about the system of screening in  Unilorin, let’s discuss what other schools do when calculating their screening aggregate.

Let’s first talk about how Unilag calculate their Post Utme screening aggregate. The University of Lagos, calculates their screening  aggregate scores of applicants by weighting 20% to O-Level results, 50% to the UTME score, and 30% to the post UTME score.

In this system of scoring: A1 = 4.0 points; B2 = 3.6 points; B3 = 3.2 points; C4 = 2.8 points; C5 = 2.4 points; C6 = 2.0 which the Grades must be obtained at ONE SITTING.

Now secondly let’s talk about how Uniben calculate their Post Utme screening aggregate. It is easy to calculate the University Of Benin aggregate score, the school uses the 50:50 system to calculate their aspirant score. To better understanding of the grading system.

Let’s assume Aminah has a JAMB score of 205 and a Post UTME score of 50. To calculate her aggregate score;

JAMB score = 205 / 8 = 25.63

Post UTME score = 50 / 2 = 25

Total = 25.63(JAMB) + 25(Post UTME) = 51 approximately, so Aminah aggregate score is 51% .

So various institution have different system of calculating their aggregate, why some institutions have  similar grading system .

As for the University of Ilorin it can be similar to how other schools calculate their aggregate, but they do not reveal it to the public.


Now that you know Unilorin screening aggregate score, may or may not be similar to other schools system, let’s see reasons why Unilorin might not want you to know.

Well, this has been the tradition of the school for years and they have maintain that system of regulating their admission, that way they have a unique system used in scrutinizing their students, always remember that the number of people choosing this school every year is high, this is one of the reasons, the schools uses a unique system of admitting students, and there intents is to catch students unaware and curious, only the fittest gets in the track.


The University management wants the assessment of her Admission to remain special and intentionally hidden from the applicants. The reason for this can not be over emphasized, candidates who wish to get in have the option of not asking why this is done by the school, but rather embrace the system.


Let’s try to give you an idea of how Unilorin calculates their admission screening score?


This is not far fetched for the UTME students, your JAMB Score, O’level score and number of sittings is evaluated for the case of 2020.

For 2021, Post Utme score could be part of the screening criterial. Always remember that catchment area will have positive or negative effect to the screening score.

To make this clear to you, let me give you an example.


If the school sets 66.8% for example as the minimum cut off mark to secure Admission to her Nursing Department, those that comes from Catchment area could have the opportunity of having it reduced to 66.2%.

Summary is that, there is special preference for candidates who are indigenes as this is the norms in many Federal institutions in Nigeria.

In addition to this, your O’level result would weigh differently and the body for which you are representing your O’level result would determine the weight of your result, such as WAEC, NECO, NABTEB and WAEC GCE. That being said, there is also consideration on the the number of sittings that the candidates have obtained their O’level on.


And finnaly, the overall grade will be determine by the UTME Score of the applicants, the school did not make known the specific system used but you can do a lot with the above information we have given you.


How Unilorin Calculate their aggregate for Direct Entry?

For the A’level students, there is a very important information that you must know when seeking Admission into the better by far University.

So take note of these;

  • If you are using JUPEB, the weight of your result will depend on the center you wrote your exam. If you wrote your Jupeb examination in the University of Ilorin, you will be given special preference for Admission more than those that wrote in other centers.
  • If you are using IJMB, the case is likewise different, the grading system is different from those coming in through ND and other A’level qualification.

Summary of how Unilorin calculate their aggregate.

For now, the University of Ilorin may a have pattern of calculating their screening score, but in general they do not want the public to known this pattern yet. We did well to mention, the criteria that will be used even if it remains hidden, there are special factors that will surely determine how much qualified you are and you will see those factors in the post you just read.

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