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How Much will it Cost to Study at Caribbean Medical School

The archipelago or Caribbean region  is made up of about 700 islands, islets, coral reefs, and cays, it is majorly surrounded by Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic ocean. This region is  famous for her economic diversity, growth opportunities and her medical school.  Thou carribean universities is gaining popularity especially among their medical schools,  it promises a better return on investment.

Is it Cheaper to Go to Medical School in the Caribbean?

Whenever you hear of carribean the first thing that comes to your mind is it’s  interesting beach, stunning coasts and their exciting culture. Caribbean countries are known for their   their authentic and diverse communities with people of a wide range of ethnicities living together, medical school in Caribbean nation’s are of standard, they’re affordable and with the right facilities,  their medical school are sometimes affiliated to medical school in the United States, this universities support her students gain experience and provide them with financial aids as well.

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Is Caribbean Med School More Expensive?

Canadian medical schools are more affordable than any of the medical school in Canada and USA, their tuition fee is between US$21000-24,000 for basic science and between US$24,000 to US$27,000 for clinical studies, as against about US34,000 paid in other America countries. The cost of living in this region is affordable. Making it balanced for international students. 

Is it Bad to Go to Medical School in the Caribbean?

Many Canadian universities are good when it comes to areas of internal and family medicine,  due to that they accept anyone, at times they end up accepting students who are unprepared for the rigors of medical school. As a result, they tend to have high attrition rates, poor USMLE pass rates, and poor residency match rates, which is one of the reasons people are discouraging people from applying to any of their universities, but they’re good, and most are affiliated to universities in the United States. 

The United States association of American medical college,  estimate that the average cost of attending medical college is around $37556, in US. While US citizens spend like $60000 to attend private medical college.  Compared to Canada and the United States,  Caribbean region offers the most affordable  to everyone who wish to study medicine. 

An insight into the Caribbean medical school cost

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Medical schools in Caribbean requires her tuition fees per semester,  thou they have an affordable tuition fee,   their tuition fee is as low as US$17,325 for their basic science and their clinical science they will pay as low as $22,150-24, 150.  They also pay miscellaneous fees, including malpractice insurance, health insurance, transcript request, letter of reference, national board fee, graduation fee, background check fee, information technology fee, and white coat ceremony fee or administration fee etc.

Scholarship and finacial Aid

Many students who can’t afford to pay their tuition fee are awarded, scholarship or finacial aids by different agencies with hope of helping them realize their Vision of being world class medical professionals.  Examples of Canadian scholarship are U.S Academic Scholarship, Canadian Scholarship Program, Cayman Islands Scholarship, and Jha Family Scholarship. 

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