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How To Apply For University In Canada Step by Step Guide

When applying for a University in Canada, some of these frequently asked questions pops – up .This  page have been able to answer those questions because we are here to solve your problems.

How do I apply for University in Canada?

Canadian Universities are among the best Universities in the world. 

 To Apply for a University in Canada is very easy, all you have to do is to follow the step by  step guides ,we have listed below in this article, as you read further. 

What are the requirements to study in Canada?

Each University in Canada, have their general requirements that they request from you  ,before the admit you. If you’re not able to come up with the necessary requirements, your  chances of been admitted and becoming a full- fledged Canadian Students might come to an  end. Read further to the Know the basic requirements for each University in Canada, so that  you won’t make mistakes. 

What is the age limit for Canada Student visa?

To get a Canadian student visa ,you must be of age ,at least you must be able to finish from  a high school before you can apply for a Canadian student visa. Without a Canadian Student  visa ,you won’t be able to study in any University in Canada.

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How much is Canada visa fee?

Canada is among the best countries in the world that is affordable for international  students, they take care of Students financial aids and makes it comfortable for them. To  access a Canada visa ,you will have to pay a minimum of $150. 

Here, is a full article on how to apply for a University in Canada and the step by step guide  you have to follow.

Canada certainly is the best country ,for your education adventure as a student. With a  suitable weather, beautiful landscapes and prestigious Universities ,you get the quality  education you’ve always wanted in life. 

Canadian Universities have an international prestige than other Universities the world . A  student from any prestigious Canadian University is recognized more than any other student  from any regular University in the world. 

Below ,is the step by step guides on how to apply for University in Canada for both foreign  and domestic students, in order to become a full Canadian Student. 


  1. Select a University of your choice 

 Canada is a country with Universities that have International prestige ,all you have to do is  choose any Canadian University of your choice, that have the course you want to study. Here, is  a short-list of the 5 best courses in Canada to study 

  • Business management 
  • Computer science 
  • Law 
  • Engineering 
  • Dental courses 
  • Hospitality courses 

With list of the top Canadian Universities you can choose; 

  • The University of Toronto 
  • The University of Alberta 
  • The University of waterloo 
  • The University of British Columbia 

Visit here, if none of the these courses or Universities certifies you. 

  1. Get your application ready

After ,you must have selected your preferred Canadian University ,you move over to the next step  ,which is getting your application ready. You must apply for admission into the chosen Canadian  University 

There are also certain documents you need to provide ,which will help you in getting admission into  your preferred institution. You will have to submit those required documents on the school’s website  before the application deadline reaches, otherwise your chances of getting admission might slip out of  your hands ,which you won’t want to happen. 

  1. Eligibility requirements/ Criteria 

There are eligibility requirements needed of you to provide or possess before been admitted into any  Canadian institution. 

Although ,each eligibility requirements vary by Universities, they request for good academic excellence  from your past school examinations. 

You’ll also need to find out whether your preferred Canadian University , uses Entrance examinations in  giving a go- ahead for students , because some Canadian Universities don’t request for Entrance  examinations. 

  1. Documents required 

Some documents will be requested from you to provide, to help in processing your admission: 

  • Your transcript from high school 
  • Your student visa(you must be 18 and above when applying for one) 
  • Recommendation letter 
  • Your complete application form 
  • Proof of your English proficiency test scores, TOEFL, IELTS test scores will be requested for Intent letter on why you should be admitted by the school 
  • Your curriculum vitae (CV) 

Many Universities in Canada request for these documents while some do not . It is your duty to  Know the required documents of your preferred institution. 

  1. Language requirements

Each Canadian University, have their English language test scores whether is IELTS or TOEFL test  scores ,it is your duty to check on the school’s website and know the one they need , so that you  will be able to provide them.

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  1. Application procedures 

The application procedures for all Canadian Universities are the same ,you’re to gather the  required documents requested for and submit all documents in the school’s portal, because  each University in Canada have a school online application portals where you can apply for a  course that interests you. 

After submitting all the required documents via the school’s portal, you will receive an  acceptance letter from the school to show that you have been admitted, the admission offer will  be mailed to you through the E mail you provided , at the course of your application process. 


A student visa is a permit that allows International Students to stay in Canada and study for a very long  period of time and become full-fledged Canadian Students, without your student visa you can’t study in  Canada, because it is among the necessary documents needed in your application process. 

How To Get a Canadian Student Visa

It is very easy to get a Canadian Student Visa, all you have to do is follow these step by step guides below: 

  • Apply and receive an acceptance letter from any Canadian University 
  • You need to show proof of your English test  
  • You shouldn’t have any criminal records when applying for a student visa 
  • Proof of your financial support and assistance 

By following all these guides, you’re good to go in getting a Canadian Student Visa.  

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