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How To Become A Medical Assistant

Getting into the Medical field is one of the hardest thing to do, as every year many people aspire to become Medical doctors or practioners but not everyone succeed in getting admitted or doing the program. Medical schools are highly competitive to enter and tuition as well is on the high side. This two factors sometimes is the major reason people don’t get admitted into the Medical field. 

you can enter the medical field without having to go through the competitiveness or expensive tuition cost. Being a medical assistant is an excellent option and the quickest part to becoming a medical assistant. They is no much competition in this field and they tuition is affordable. Duration for this program is low, as you can get admitted and you can finish up in 2-3 year’s. 

medical assistant offer direct patient care such as performing routine diagnostic procedures, helping attend to patients, recording vital signs, and administering medications and first aid. They’re licensed and certified to be in the healthcare field. 

How much does it cost to become a medical assistant?

The cost of becoming a medical assistant varies depending on the choice of Institution, tuition costs can range from around $5,000 to $15,000. But it depends on choice of Institution, private Institution pay higher while public pay lesser.

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How hard is it to become a medical assistant?

In order to become a medical assistant you need to take an exam that tests you for the skills and knowledge you’ll need to serve as a medical assistant. If you study and prepare for exams you want find it hard. 

What are the roles of a medical assistant?

The job description of a medical assistant varies depending on the state and place of work,  Some places their work is more of clinical while others it’s more of office. Their roles include

  • They perform simple lab tests
  • They explain treatment procedures to patients
  • They Take patient medical histories
  • They help instruct patients about medication and diets
  • They help collect and prepare lab tests
  • They assist  physician during the patient test
  • They help take and keep records of patients’ medical histories
  • Preparing patients for tests
  • Filing of patient medical records and adding written accounts from physicians to nurses based on exams and any lab tests

They’re steps you need to follow in order to become a medical assistant, and they are listed below.

Steps On How To Become A Medical Assistant

The following steps are well detailed and they will help you in your quest to become a medical assistant.

Step 1: Get The Necessary Education

To become a medical assistant, you need to have studied in a community college or Institution offering program in Medical assistant and the Institution must be accredited for the program and, internships and entry-level jobs will further develop your skills in the profession. 

Thou before you gain admission into a program as a medical assistant, they’re certain pre requisite you must follow. 

 They include completing a high school and earning a GED with strong focus on science and maths course’s. Apply to a community college or vocational College. Medical assistant program usually take two to three years to complete.

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Step 2: Build Your experience

Getting the right education is as important as getting an experience, this can be done through  internships and medical volunteer jobs. Real life experience is very important to being a medical assistant,  this can be done through  healthcare volunteer group, do internships at clinics, medical offices, or hospitals. 

Most of this experience can be gained  as a student, through volunteering and summer holidays externship, and it will add to your CV.

Step 3: Earn Certification

In order to be on the safer side you need to be certified as a medical assistant, many states through their legislation requires Medical assistant to be certified and licensed before practicing, which is why most employer’s prefer to employ licensed Medical assistant.

Passing your certification exams shows you have skills and Knowledge.  They’re currently two major certification available to Medical assistant they include Certified Medical Assistant CMA (AAMA)® exam and the Registered Medical Assistant (RMA)® exam.  

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