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How to Edit PDF Documents for Free

How to Edit PDF Documents for Free

Lots of students and researchers are always at the cross end when editing their works, which has resulted to many of them asking questions on how to edit PDF documents for free,  most online PDF file allows her users to edit, add text, images, or draw boxes, circles or arrows on your PDF page.  Water marks and PDFs can be added to the PDF file to be edited. 

And most of this file while converting to word document, gets corrupt easily or messed up, which frustrates most students, and the easiest way to edit a PDF document is to look for an editor, because it has a protected editing technology. 

What PDF Editor is Actually Free?

They’re several PDF editors, thou many of them, don’t have the whole features of  a paid PDF. But they share majority of the features, needed by an average user the  list of the free PDF editors, will aid students especially undergraduate to get their works done at faster Pace.

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They include

  • PDF candy
  • PDFescape

  • Apple Preview
  • Formswift
  • Smallpdf

It is not easy to choose any of this PDF and  it requires you to know what you want, and check the features of each, to know if they fit into what you want to achieve with a free PDF.  You’re required to pay attention to what is required at the free tire, questions like are they restrictions to the size of documents you can edit or are certain tools looked behind a paywall.  At this point you need to figure out if it’s worth paying for those features.  Then if you’re using a computer,  check if you’ve got a software that can handle the Job. 

How Can I Edit a PDF in Adobe Reader for Free?

To  edit any file document, in Adobe reader for free you will have to  follow the following steps,

  1. Open a file in Adobe Acrobat DC
  2. Click on edit PDF tool
  3. Using the Adobe Acrobat reader editing tools you can do the following
  • Add new text’s, edit texts, or update fonts using selections using selections from the format list 
  • Add replace, move or replace, resize, on page using the object size 
  • You can chose other tools to get water mark, and annote PDF

Click on save and name your file. 

How to Edit text in PDF

Many persons are always worried as regards editing of PDFs but we will guide you on step by step system involved in editing a work in PDF format especially text’s.

  1. For creating, addding, formatting, deleting or highlighting, a text

Follow the steps listed below

  • Set the default font for  adding, and editing text
  • Edit text , change and replace text or delete text
  • Format  text,  change font, line spacing, horizontal spacing etc
  • Add new 
  • Move rotate resize textbox , 
  • Highlight, strike through or underline text
  • Add or edit a numbered text

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The common procedures involved in editing PDFs online are listed below, thou we will be focusing on PDF2GO

  1. Upload the file you want to edit
  2. Click on page thumbnail on the left 
  3. Choose an editing from the menu above the preview, 
  4. You can Draw or  write,  on the full size of the PDF file, you can zoom in or out. Using magnifying glass, buttons,  undo changes, reset whole page,  
  5. Change the color, font, stroke size, etc by opening the options, menu on the left. 
  6. Click on save, and sometimes the save button to receive your file. 

The following steps can be followed, and they include. 

 You can drag and drop your file, into the box to above to upload it,  browsing from your computer or using a document from cloud can be possible.  PDF editors will always afford you the opportunity to choose any PDF you want to edit, and to redo, undo, and zoom is also available.  Options like stroke size, font color can be gotten through the options menu. 

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