How to Gain Admission in Nigeria – 2020 [Detailed guide]

how to gain admission
A Happy girl who successfully secured admission in Nigeria

Come to think of it, the first step to commence your life’s goal is to secure admission which will lead to your second life goal of securing a degree which will then lead to your next goal of getting a Job! And then you begin your life in full. But then, you know that achieving your first goal (which is to gain admission) is not quite easy or a direct thing especially in a country like Nigeria.


Okay! Why it is very well that securing admission into Universities in Nigeria, especially the so-called First-class Universities in Nigeria is not a cakewalk relating to the larger number of admission seekers in Nigeria.


So today, we have decided to show you how to gain admission in 2020. This article is well concise and once you take your time to read this article, you will find it easier to gain admission into any University in Nigeria.


Securing admission in Nigeria into first-class institutions is so strenuous, you need to go through a lot of hell as an admission seeker, the hell of passing Waec/Neco (O’level), the hell of passing Jamb, the hell of obtaining A’level certificates (for those using Direct Entry) the hell of passing post-utme for institutions that write post-utme.


For those who relate well with all these, you should know that gaining admission in Nigeria is hell.

admission difficulty in Nigeria
A sad student who failed to gain admission in Nigeria

Why is admission so difficult in Nigeria?

Before I show you some recommended steps to take on how to successfully gain admission in Nigeria, let us iron a very important question which is the foundation of this topic.


I know you can guess the answer to this with me having to say anything, but here I want to draw an important line to keep reading with me let me reveal some things to you.


Remember this: Admission is not absolutely difficult in Nigeria, admission is only difficult in most Federal institutions or simply put Universities that are regarded as first-class such as the University of Lagos, the University of Ilorin, the University of Benin, University of Nigeria, Obafemi Awolowo University, Covenant University and a few more.


Now you get the gist, the reason admission is hard to get in these institutions is not far-fetched, of course here are the 5 reasons admission is hard in Nigeria.

3 Reasons admission is hard to get in Nigeria Universities

  1. The population of students seeking admission:

    problem of admission in Nigeria - Population
    The University of Ibadan

The number one cause for admission in Nigeria is population. According to a 2018 Jamb statistics,  1.7 Million candidates applied for admission into various institutions in Nigeria, unfortunately, no more than 400, 000 thousand candidates can be admitted according to the various quota of admission allotted to each institution in Nigerian.

A lot of students who pass the qualifying exams will have to compete for a very slim space of admission in their particular choice of admission and this has increased the difficulty of gaining admission in Nigeria over time.

2. The difficulty of passing qualifying exams:



student writing exam for admissison
Students writing Neco

The second cause for admission issues in Nigeria is the problem of passing qualifying exams like Jamb, WAEC, NECO, and Post-Utme.

These are compulsory examinations that institutions in Nigeria require a student to first sit for and obtain a certain grade before such a student can be considered for tertiary admission in Nigeria.

Many students obviously fail these exams, and that is one of the major requirements for admission which as a result hinders students from being admitted.

Knowing these will give you more understanding on how to gain admission in Nigeria, right now, we are trying to eliminate the problems before we talk about the solutions.

3. The Mistakes made by students during their application:

mistakes jambite make
Jamb students – Jamb CBT Practice hall

There are many students that fail to gain admission due to insufficient information or admission mislead.


As a matter of fact, many students make mistakes in many occasions, such as the process of applying for JAMB, the process of applying for post-utme, mistakes with the name they use in their documents. These mistakes are the very cause of admission issues that most students face.


The first advice I have for you on how to secure admission in Nigeria is to eliminate the above mistakes i have outlined above, and deal with the problems I shared above, once you are sure of removing those roadblocks then you are set for admission this year.

How to gain admission in Nigeria – 5 things to do


Now let us talk about some of the important things to do to ensure that you gain admission into any Nigeria University this year.


Admission is free, a lot of folks believe the most important way to gain admission in Nigeria is to be connected to authorities who are in those particular institutions in order for one to easily secure admission.



Well thinking about the population in most Nigeria institutions which poses difficulty in admission pursuit it just might make sense if we say you need to know someone who in authority in order to gain admission.


But in a way, to gain admission, there is no rule that you need to know someone, in fact even if you will have to meet anyone at all to support your admission wise, you must first fulfill the seven things I am about to show you now, the fifth tip will enlighten you more about ever having to be connected for admission purpose.

So let’s dive right in.

  1. Understand the admission process of your desired school
  2. Score very high in Jamb or have a solid direct entry qualification.
  3. If post-utme is required, score very high in it.
  4. You need to fulfill the basic requirements and have the required Subject combinations
  5. Sometimes you don’t have to wait for it, get and go collect your admission.

Understand the admission process of your desired school.

This is one of the key reasons a lot of students get denied admission, I don’t have enough words to emphasize more on this.


Take this from me, if as at now you still don’t understand the exact system of admission that your school utilizes, then you are really not set for admission.


A lot of you that truly want to know how to gain admission into [put your school here], you need to take this very tip to your head and see how you can use it to achieve your goal.

Now let me ask you, what school do you want to apply to?



Now, that’s a rhetorical question, but again let me ask you.

What are the major criteria for gaining admission into [put your school of choice here]?


If you are to stand before me and answer that question, how much can you really say about the admission process of your desired institution?


Now you have something to do, it’s time that you find out the A-Z process of admission that your desired institution deploys.

How to find information or know about your school of choice?

There are many people to seek this information about the admission process of your desired institution, below are a few tips I recommend.

  1. Doing your research on Google: There possibly different resource online which you can find by searching on Google. This is one of the ways of getting information. You can search for queries like, how to gain admission into Unialg, how to gain admission into Nigeria, admission grading system of Unibadan, by so doing you should get direct information about your school of choice.
  2.  Meet a student who is already admitted:  If possible you can search for any student that is already admitted. let’s say those already in 200 Level. They can provide you with some useful information, no matter how little or maybe the process they passed through.
  3. Ask in forums: You can ask questions on any major forum like Quora, Nairaland or Students forum. For these platforms, you can find out how specific questions about your school of choice, you will surely get replies from people who know about the school you want to apply to.


Some of the things that you should find about your school of choice are the admission cut off mark, the quota of admission allocated to your desired departments, how your they grade post utme if available and maybe if they admit students using the direct entry qualification you have (That is if you are a direct entry student).

Score very high in Jamb or have a solid Direct Entry qualification

Another tip you need to know on how to gain admission in Nigeria is to have a very good and high JAMB Score. But if you are planning to use the direct entry you need to have a very reasonable qualification.


Remember the female student apart from the overall male best that was denied admission due to age in Unilag, then there is this female also who emerged as the highest scorer in UTME 2019? She was literally offered admission into institutions she never applied for, and even her school of choice, Ahmadu Bello University wasn’t hesitant to offer her admission.


Admission would be so much easy for you if you have a good score.


So make scoring high in Jamb or having a great D.E qualification your prime effort. It is the number and easiest way of gaining admission easily in Nigeria.


If they have to admit despite the limited quota of admission, you would be considered base on how well

you score in jamb or what kind of Direct Entry qualification you are presenting.

If Post-utme is required, score very high in it.

Another thing that is


very important in your admission pursuit is post utme, if the school you plan to gain admission in requires post utme, you need to prepare for just the way you will prepare for Jamb.


For institutions like the University of Ilorin and the University of Lagos, they value post utme qualification more than anything else. Apart from passing Jamb alone, you will need to meet the requirements for the particular institution that you are applying to.


Take this from me, if you are able to prepare well for post utme, your chances of gaining admission would be high provided you have the rest requirements which are minor alongside.


In essence, prepare for post utme the way you would for Jamb.

You need to fulfill the basic requirements and have the required Subject combinations


Again, the nest thing you need to know on how to gain admission into any Nigerian University is to have all the Basic Requirements.


Speaking of which is, your O’level result. And that being said, your O’level subject combination must be exactly what is requested by your school of choice.

To know the exact combination you need to secure admission into the University visit Jamb Ibass


By the time you get all this in place, then nothing should prevent you from gaining admission. And you might not need to beg for admission once you meet all of the tips I am sharing with you now.

Sometimes you don’t have to wait for it, get and go collect your admission.

The fifth tip I have for you. Read this tip carefully.


Assuming you fulfill all the requirements that your school needs, the only way your admission can be very sure is when you have at least 30 points above the normal cut off mark for your desired institution.


If you score so well both in JAMB  and post utme (if applicable) you don’t need to go to anyone to beg for admission, you will be among the first set of students that would be admitted.


But then, if you only pass the requested cut off mark with just 1 – 15 points, both in JAMB or post utme, trust me there are still chances that you won’t be admitted.


But of course, you can be admitted if you force your way in. This is where you need to look for persons in authority in your desired institution that might push you in.


Admission in Nigeria is like 5000 student’s fighting to pass through a tiny bus that can only contain 500 students, the only way to be among the 50o students is when you fight and push yourself instead of waiting to be added into the bus by the conductor. Don’t be casual this year for admission, fight your way in.

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