How To get Free study Scholarship in Belize

How To get Free study Scholarship in Belize

Many international students who wish to study in Belize, are always searching for how to get free study scholarship in Belize, and this has continued to  bother international students, owing to the unique nature of this carribean and north American. Nation. Thou this country is between Mexico , Caribbean and Guatamala, it is the only country in central America that speaks English. Thou a small nation.

  This accounts for why many students are eager to know how to get free study scholarship in Belize,  you must be ready to fulfill the criteria listed below, thou they vary depending on the type of scholarship opportunities available.

  1. Must have the necessary education certificate necessary for the program you want to apply, like high school certificate for undergraduate degree program, bachelor’s degree or it’s equivalent for master’s students.
  2. Must have submitted a well written statement of purpose
  3. Must provide evidence of having gotten admission in an institution
  4. Must have  graduated with second class upper  to be eligible for master’s or 5 credits in school certificate to be eligible
  5. Must be willing to travel back to your country at least two years after studies
  6. Must submit two reference letter from two academia’s. 

Most applicants are also find of asking the following questions

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Which Countries Give Free Scholarship?

Many countries in Europe, give free scholarship to their students,  and this countries  you even pay any fees, while in some of those countries her students pay an administrative dues.  Some of this countries are Norway, Sweden, Poland, Germany 

What is the Easiest Way to Win a Scholarship?

They’re several ways of getting a scholarship as an international student, they include 

  1. Give the scholarship sponsor what it wants
  2. Get involved with your community
  3. Look professional
  4. Don’t ignore the optional question
  5. Learn more about scholarship odds
  6. Apply for every scholarship

Scholarship Opportunities In Belize for International Students

They’re several opportunities available to international students, in Belize, thou many international students are always frustrated while searching for them owing to limited resources.  The Scholarships are listed below 


  • Government of Belize Professional and Technical Scholarship Awards
  • Lex:lead Group Law Scholarships 2020
  • EIT International Excellence Scholarship
  • The Patriot Law Firm’s Annual Academic Scholarship 2020
  • British Council – IELTS Award, 2021
  • Education Future International Scholarship 2021
  • The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant, 2021
  • Berows International Scholarship Program Test (BISPT) 2021
  • IELTS Test Fee Scholarship, 2021
  • Trevor Prescott Memorial Scholarships, 2020
  • Toptal STEM Scholarships For Women

Government of Belize Professional and Technical Scholarship Awards

The Government of Belize,  provides a partial scholarship to distinguished international students and Belize citizens  who wish to,  Study in any of the Belize, or university of West Indies or any of the Caribbean institutions. 

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This is aimed at promoting nation wide access to holistic education,  the terms of award depends on the course the individual wishes to study,   click here for details 

Belize Scholarships Benefits for Foreigners

They’re  several  benefits attached to scholarships for foreigners in Belize,  scholarship will help you in  so many ways

  1. Tuition fees will be paid
  2. Accommodation is secured for you
  3. Monthly stipend 
  4. Textbook allowance
  5. Some scholarship take care of your research work
  6. Your Visa and airfare is covered
  7. Some even give you opportunities to travel round the country and to some international programs
  8. It will make you to focus on your studies

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