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How to Get Student Loans for Studying Abroad

How to Get Student Loans for Studying Abroad

The cost of studying in the United States of America USA, alone can be so frustrating to many of her students who wish to get admission but can’t afford to pay them.  Many students end up throwing their towel, as a result of many are not aware of other options available for them to find their education.

Whether you’re studying abroad  for a week or months options like scholarship, Grant’s, students loan exists for you to find your studies.  Due to the competitive nature of Grant’s and scholarship many students now go for loans.

Students loan can go a long way in funding your education, this loan will go a long way in funding your education bills, and make your studies a memorable one. 

Can I Get a Student Loan When Studying Abroad?

 Yes, they’re several loan options available to students who have financial support, but one of the problems most students face is poor planning, they’re several paper work available to students.  The process involved are as follows

  • Be in good academic standing 

Students loan especially study abroad is normally very competitive,  this requires you as an international student to have a good academic standing.

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  • Prepare a cosigner if needed

This requires someone you can trust,  it must be a US citizen or a permanent resident with a good credit history, they agree to pay the debt if you can’t. 

  • Apply for your students credit card

This will help you to build up  your credit and will greatly help you get loan’s. 

  • Research your study abroad program 

Your program will greatly assist you in getting your study abroad loans, when you research and contact them.

To be eligible for students loan, you must be enrolled to receive a student’s credit card at an approved University in US and check if your institution is eligible for loan options.

Which Loan is Best for Studying Abroad?

It is always advisable to go for Federal students loan, as long as your University is already approved for this loan, this loan option offers  students one of the best repayment options, where  they’re required to fill out the free application for federal Student Aid, FAFSA.  It is advisable for you as a student to enquire from. Your financial aide department for which students loan you can apply as a student.

How Can I Get Funding to Study Abroad?

As was mentioned in the early paragraph of this article they’re several ways an international student will get a funds for his or studies,  they include

  • Scholarships and grants

To be eligible for scholarship you must know the types of scholarship available like need based scholarship, merit scholarship, etc. This will help you apply for it, thou scholarship is always very competitive.

  • Students loan

This is the most common means of funding your education if you can’t afford to join the competitive nature of scholarship. 

Type of program

 Short term programs costs less than long term programs,  thou the formats now makes the program cost to vary,  here are types of available programs  available in Universities.

  • Affiliate program:

A university approved for affiliate program pays tuition, meals and other minor payments but it’s normally cheaper.

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  • Instructor/Faculty led programs

This program tuition is paid to the university that gets approved,  your classes and program is overseen by the approved University, here you may not pay any fees except tuition. 

  • Exchange program

This program your home University gets the tuition fee,  this program is different from the instructor/faculty led programs,  this program is an individual program not a group like the former. 

Finally your location of study should be well chosen,  to avoid countries with low tuition fee but high cost of living, countries like Norway and Iceland while cities like London and Paris have high cost of living.

  • Know the type of study abroad students options available to you

Loan options like federal student aid or private loan agencies including banks or credit union to fund your studies abroad. 

  • Federal Student Aid

Depending on your program of study the US department of education  offers loans to US citizens depending on their income level and type of program. This loans depends on some programs approved by them or you can fill a FAFSA . 

They’re different types of students loan which includes

  • Direct Subsidized students loan:  this type of loan is available to undergraduate student with financial needs.
  • Direct unsubsidized loan:  it is  available to both graduate and undergraduate student, it’s not reliable on financial needs.
  • Direct plus loans:   it available to parents with dependent undergraduate can use this loan to support their children.

Each loan has yearly limits and interests but you can use various loan repayment options to pay back, 

  • Private students loan:

 This options is available to those who have used up their federal loan limits or are out of options. Before you get this loan your credit history is taken.  If the checks is not good you can look for a cosigner.  Remember they’re no much options in private loans, you need to speak with expert’s before undertaking one. 

  • Repayment options

 Never default in your loan repayment, various agencies including the government gives you various options to use and repay your loan, some can be   income driven options, thou for Federal loans options like public loan forgiveness and teacher loan forgiveness can be used. 

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