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How to Keep Health and Well-being During Stressful Exams

It’s every students’ dreams to have a healthy and sound mental health during examination. In order to achieve this a positive decision is needed,  as your attention is always focused on your studies, and achieving your aims as a student, that you have little or no time to take care of yourself. Being healthy doesn’t mean better Academic performance but your ability to be healthy and avoid illness like malnutrition etc. 

Many students in their bids to pass exams ignore their self’s,  examination related stress ends up making your body vulnerable to infection, and you Develop inability to fight infection. 

what is Exam Stress

Exam stress is the feeling of tension and worry that comes from test-taking situations. It is normal to feel some stress about upcoming tests, exams, papers or presentations. Some of this stress comes from trying to make your family proud, and to satisfy  family pressure,  and  fear of not getting to the next level.  Exam stress can cause one to feel anxious, forgetful, depressed and loose sleep.

What are the healthy habits before exams

Owing to how stressful examination preparation is normally and how students’ end up in unhealthy habits just to pass. And end up falling sick during or after the exams we have decided to compile a list of how to stay healthy during exams.

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  • Avoid Excess Caffeine
  • Take Breaks
  • Catch Plenty of Z’s
  • Eat Your Greens!
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Exercise!
  • Pace Yourself

They’re tips that can be applied as a student to keep healthy and well in an examination setting

Stress Management

Examination related stress  sometimes leads to sleep disruption,  headaches and excessive consumption of junk food, and all these affect your test performance in school. Stress affects your immune system and  thou stress is inevitable as a student, but it’s good you find time to rest. It’s advised you keep journals, spend quiet time with friends and mediation help in relieving exam related stress. 

Take Proper Nutrition and Diet

Find time to eat what is right during examination, a balanced meal is  needed during examination, eating of junks is a good idea as it will not give you the right diets needed.  Your dietary composition shou comprise fruits, and vegetables as they contain the essential vitamins needed for you to assimilate well.  Even if you can’t have time to cook, it’s nice you share your cooking time with friends and  you may cook once a week but reheat them.

Good Night’s Rest

Spending much of your time having a good night rest will help you and  this will help you assimilate, deprivation of sleep may not be a good idea for you, study but have  enough time to rest.

Keep your lungs open

Good breathing exercises will be of great help to you, breathing exercises  help  calm your stress response and bring your attention back into the present moment. This exercise will help you bring back your anxieties, eliminate unhelpful thoughts patterns to a halt.

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Regular Physical Activity

It’s good you have time to exercise regularly,  this will help you to reduce stress and negative  effects on people,  your brain will benefit from moderate aerobic exercise, which improves blood flow and cardiovascular fitness.  Exercise will help you improve your mental concentration, memory recall which is crucial to getting high school.

Study With a Friend

It’s a  great way to  socialize and sometimes you will discover that you will be motivated to study more and you will be guided by them to understand difficult course’s, sometimes you will be able to  have time to get answers to questions which are likely to come out in examination. 

Realistic Goals

It’s good you set realistic goals and be sincere to yourself, Know your limits and be able to work with your limits will help you maximize your time, and achieve realistic goals.  This will help you and avoid putting yourself at risk.

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