How to Prepare and Pass JAMB 2020 – Powerful & proven tips

According to our research and the reactions that we got from our aspirant community. It’s proven that JAMB is the most disconcerting examination that makes students discomfited. Passing JAMB excellently, is always a major concern for everyone, and i believe it is the reason you are here today.


I am happy that you are here anyway ☺ the steps that you have been taking these days is a prove that you are ready to achieve your aim and be among the next set of students that would be matriculating.

Let me show you how to PASS JAMB in 2020 easily and excellently.


In this article, I will show you some necessary things to do in order to effectively prepare for JAMB 2020 Examination.


It’s time to put your past behind, the worries of having to sit for JAMB would end this year.


From genuine secrets, I will share in this guide you will discover that passing JAMB easily is a thing of just pressing one button then boom you are there.

Student Succeeds in JAMB
Passing JAMB is not as difficult as it’s portrayed.


I mean it when I say, Jamb is going to be your past. I want to take you through a safer bridge that will lead you to your desired destination, yes whichever school you so desire to be in this year, you will find yourself there, all you have to do is to follow all the guidelines we outline, it works and no doubt.


You may want to watch this video where I shared some more key truths about JAMB.



Now, I am going to let you know both the big and small secrets of performing well in JAMB once and for all.


Understanding everything about JAMB is the first step.

understanding jamb better
The first step to ending your Jamb night mare is to understand some key things about JAMB.

Let me share these secrets with you, i may not emphasize much on them but I want you to get the major key here.


I promise that your time spent reading this article would not be in vain.


Your can dramatically score above 250 in fact 300+ this year if you work with these secrets I am about to share, i have talked about how to pass Jamb many times in various blogs and forum.


Today, I want to let you in some secrets.


Many of those students you hear of, who score 300+ are students like you are.


They are not cheating, they prepare with the same Books available to the public, but their preparation strategy may be quite different from yours.


We have seen that many of those who scored as high as 300+ and i can tell you they keyed into these things I want to share right now.


Believe it or not, they are the real secrets of getting a perfect score in JAMB.

3 Secrets of students that score 300+ in JAMB.


1.  Students that do well in JAMB are 90% focused and they have long term memory.

I always tell students that JAMB is not difficult, but only few tends to believe.


I know you are going to argue this with me.


Get this straight and clear, your amount of preparation is equivalent to what you will score in the exam.

Student preparing for jamb
A student preparing for Jamb.

If you only spend 2-3 months preparing for JAMB. Then the best you can score is around 250 no matter how intelligent you are.


See, you can be very confident of yourself now but when you get to the examination hall, you will find it difficult to access most of the things you once knew. It’s very common.


First, you don’t have all the time in the exam to start recalling as much as you would want.

According to Psychologists there are two kinds of memory.

A). Long Term Memory.

B). Short Term Memory.


Let me talk about short term memory.

When you start your learning it’s most impossible for you to fully perfect what you have learnt in your first 2-3 months.


It takes time for a Long-term memory to be built according to a neurologist.


You would have a short term memory if the information you are trying to store in your brain you have only studied it for 2-3 months.


Many a time, such learning is called cramming like memorizing some definition and formulas.


Such memory will fade away easily, you cannot access all of it when you are faced with a real exam.


Most people will be able to remember few, but majority of people cannot access more of those things they have only mastered for 2-3 months.


Well, my point is this, people who score 300+ in JAMB are those with the long term memory.


Now Let’s talk about the long term memory.

If you want to do so well in JAMB like be among those that scores 300+.


The secret is, you need a Long term memory.


You will find yourself answering questions without wasting time.


Long term memory only comes when you have been studying for around 6-months to 14 months nonstop, frequently updating your knowledge.


That is the time it takes to build Long term memory


That’s is what you didn’t know about those that scored 300+.

KEYPOINT: To be among those who score 300+ you need 90% focus.

I don’t know how many months you have left to sit for JAMB just know that your amount of preparation is equivalent to what you will score.


4 months – 12 months (average) of non-stop preparation is my recommendation if you want to score 300+.


2. Students that do well in JAMB understand the examination structure.

If you don’t have all the time now to read this guide on how to pass jamb excellently in 2020, please bookmark this guide.


You can come back to it anytime, it would be better if you take time to read it, only then would you really get to understand and apply the secret truths and tips i am sharing.


Every examination has it’s own structure.


The structure of an exam deals with the following.

a). How questions are set

b). How each questions and the whole exam is graded.

c). How many questions and time is allocated to students.

b). What the examiner wants from you.


This is why i have been making it clear that being the best student in English, Economics, Government or Physics class is not enough to score high in JAMB.


I once answered to a student who asked me the secret on how to score high in JAMB. I told him to study the examination structure.


He went ahead and studied carefully how JAMB sets their questions, how often JAMB repeats questions, what style of questions they set!


According to what i asked him to do, he also went ahead to study how JAMB scores/grade each question and subjects.


Remember the argument that came in sometimes back that Jamb uses Negative marking in grading students, he dived deep into that topic to know exactly how JAMB works.


To some students, JAMB’s structure is of no business to them, you might be on that category.


My dear aspirants at the very least if you don’t care about other information, care about how JAMB sets their questions and how often questions are repeated (which year they revisit).


It will help you know how best to study past questions for JAMB and where to focus on your textbooks.

You can watch this video to know exactly how JAMB works.


3. Students that do well in JAMB are usually super good in Use of English.

This is something you may have not really known.


Get it straight and clear, Use of English is the father of JAMB.


Many student place more focus on other subjects especially Science students and they give little attention to Use of English.

Also read: How to gain admission in Nigeria

That is the Mistake, Use of English should be the major focus for every Jambite and of course, other subjects should be prepared for.


Without performing up to average in Use of English, you would not even score up to 220 in JAMB because what you need to boost your score is Use of English.


Still on our research, many of those that score 300+ in JAMB are super good in English as well as other subjects.


So make sure you give it all the attention it deserves.

3. Students that score 300+ in JAMB usually have good educational background.

There is no magic or spirituality involved in scoring high as 320 in JAMB. Students who score 300+ actually did not fall from the sky.


We have traced most of their educational background and we discovered they actually had adequate background knowledge.


These are the students who attend good secondary schools, many of them attend expensive private schools. The parents of these students invested heavily in their learning, most of them had private tutors.


That’s not all, truth is, not all of them attended good schools or had private tutors.


Many of them prepared on their own, yes a lot of them sacrificed their time studying at night, anywhere they find themselves.


They go online and look for resources to prepare with and they made it.

Note: The reasons i am sharing these is with you is because i want you to make up your mind, if you want to be among those who score as high as 300+ and i want you to take the same steps.

It’s fine to aim around to 250 – 290 but if I were you i would aim 300+ you can do it all you have to do is to convert all the secrets i am sharing now into your plan.


Now let me tell you why it’s important to score 300+.


Why it’s important to score 300+ in JAMB.

I have just said in this article that most students would be very comfortable when they score 210 – 250.


Yes, it’s indeed a nice score.


But, look at the competition in most Universities in Nigeria, do you really think scoring 210 -250 guarantees you admission?


Well, you would be mistaken for thinking 250 in JAMB means you will most assuredly be admitted.


Your chances would still be slim especially when you are hoping to study a competitive course in a competitive school.


But believe me, when you score 300+ in Jamb then you have 85% chances of gaining admission, if you have other requirements then your chances would be 100%.


Nigeria Universities will from 2020 admit students strictly on Merit, so the higher you score the better chance of admission you will get.


Now let me share some tips on how to score high in JAMB.

5 tips on how to Pass JAMB excellently in 2020.

How to score high in Jamb
One of the highest Jambite in 2018 – You can be among the highest scorers in 2020.

The tips i will share with you now on how to Pass Jamb in 2020 excellently (like 300+ ) will be all you need.


Remember we are placing focus on 2020 because JAMB as body changes her policies occasionally.


Most of these tips i am sure they are not new to you.


1. Start spending 90% of your time reading recommended materials.

I have recommended some books for Candidates preparing for JAMB, if you don’t have those books ensure you get them now.


Most importantly you need to have The Invisible teacher of JAMB’s Use of English by Dele Ashade.


And A-Z of Jamb’s Use of English by Dele Ashade.


These books are not so expensive they are available in Bookshops nation wide.


In all, you must give enough time to studying your books in general.


Don’t prepare casually, prepare like you have never prepared.


Wherever you go, go with your books and any time you find, study.


2. Join a UTME tutorial or form/join a group of students preparing the or same Subjects as you.

It’s very good to join a UTME tutorial, but Is not the only way to score high in JAMB.


But if you have the opportunity please don’t hesitate to join a UTME tutorial.


It would boost your initial knowledge. You will meet other students that will challenge you to do more.


3. Read Sweet Sixteen Novel (All of it) at least two times before the exam.

The third tip i have for you on how to pass JAMB is one that you should not joke with.


The recommended novel for UTME 2020 is sweet sixteen.

Sweet sixteen by bolaji abdullahi
Sweet Sixteen Novel

To have a perfect understanding of the Novel and be able to answer any questions that may arise then you need to have a very good picture, read the book at least twice before the exam.


Trust me, you will do well.


4. Study At least 5 – 10 years of past questions before the exam with a focus on the syllabus.


Past Questions is the most important material for any student preparing for JAMB.


If all you have is past Questions you will still do well.


Do make sure you prepare with past Questions.


5. Remember to be mind conscious of your desired score.

Always prepare your mind for success not only your brain.

Jamb student
Student thinking about what she hopes to score in JAMB.

I hope this article was helpful. If it was i would be grateful if you just share. Remember to leave a reply.

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