How to prepare and pass Unilorin Post Utme 2020

For all candidates hoping to sit for the University of Ilorin Post-Utme this article will greatly be of help, the aim of this article is to show you how to prepare for Unilorin Post-Utme in order to pass.


We have covered a lot of topics that has to do with how to pass Unilorin post utme, our aim is to ensure that you score high this year in order for you to stand a better admission chance.


You can start by reading our earliest article on:  How to gain sure admission into the University of Ilorin in 2020, in that article we mentioned that the University of Ilorin number one criteria for admission is Post-Utme score.


For that very reason, it’s important to score high in post-utme. In this article, you will first learn all the procedures of effective preparation, and some relevant tips that will make you score high in the exam.

Summary of this post: How to prepare and pass Unilorin Post-Utme 2020

The post will show you some important step by step procedures to get yourself prepared for the University of Ilorin 2020 Post-Utme exam.


Also it will show you some ideal things to do that will make you score up to 80% in the University of Ilorin Post-Utme.


When we talk about passing Unilorin Post-Utme we are talking about scoring very high that is getting above the requested minimum cut-off mark being 50%.


It’s possible that this would be the first time of you sitting for Unilorin Post-Utme, in this case you will definitely need the best guidance that you can get in order to pass it once.


Otherwise, if this is not your first time of sitting for Unilorin Post-Utme, you will definitely not want to let this year pass you by.


It’s therefore left for you to use the information and tips shared in this post to make it this year.



How to prepare for Unilorin Post-Utme [Step by step]

how to prepare for unilorin post utme
A student preparing for an exam

I believe you are ready to put in all it takes in order to pass Unilorin Post-Utme, below are step by step procedures to prepare yourself for Unilorin Post-Utme; however, you must start your preparation early. It’s wiser to start preparing early because the earlier the better and the more prepared you will be.


At least, start preparing one month before the exam even commences, the tips below should help.

  1. Get very acquainted to the structure of the exam
  2. Grab all necessary books needed to get you prepared.
  3. Set up a reading schedule, alone or with friends
  4. Join a Reputable Post-Utme tutorial center.
  5. Download the Unilorin Prep App


Get very acquainted to the structure of the exam:


The first step that you should take is to know everything about Unilorin Post-Utme. This will help set a pace for your preparation; you must be fully acquainted to the structure of the exam.


It’s unwise to start preparing for an example you know not much about, you need to know the exact system of the exam, only then will you know what you are preparing for and how best to get yourself prepared.


Also see: Unilorin Portal >>> How to access Unilorin Undegraduate and Post Graduate portal


We have covered everything about the University of Ilorin post Utme structure in another article which is : How Unilorin Post-Utme looks like.


Kindly read that article in order for you to know everything about Unilorin post utme.


Now let’s move to the next preparation step for the Univeristy of Ilorin Post-Utme.

Grab all necessary books needed to get you prepared.


The next thing to do is get materials that are required for your preparation; you need to get Textbooks that will help you get fully prepared for the exam.


Without books your preparation for the University of Ilorin post-utme would not be effective. So get all the books that will help you.


The good thing for you is we have covered all the books that you should read for Unilorin Post Utme in another post.


Read this article: What to read for Unilorin Post Utme


That post will show you the right materials to get yourself prepared for Unilorin post utme


Set up a reading schedule, alone or with friends:



The next thing on how to get prepared for Unilorin Post-Utme is to set a reading schedule. Plan your study time.


You can choose to be studying alone or study with your friends, all the same ensure that you plan a study time.


Discipline yourself that you are going to take your study time seriously. Most people like studying alone while some like studying with friends, either ways you need to make sure that you are serious about reading, using all the materials we shared in the article we linked to above on what to read for Unilorin Post-Utme then you are very close to getting prepared for the test.

Join a Reputable Post-Utme tutorial center

The next step on how to get prepared for Unilorin Post-Utme is to join a standard Unilorin Post-Utme based tutorial.


There are standard Post-Utme lecture center in Ilorin that can get you prepared for the exam .


Yes, you can do without this, you can be effectively prepared without attending a tutorial, but your chances of scoring high would be more stronger because physical lectures would help you become much more prepared for the examination.


You don’t have to worry about finding a reputable and solid lecture center. We recommend Unilorin Prep Tutorials; it’s an advanced lecture center that can get you prepared for the exam.

Click here on how to apply for Unilorin Prep Tutorials.


Download the Unilorin Prep App


The last preparation tip that is recommended for you is to download the UNIPrep App; the UniPrep app is going to fully get you prepared for Unilorin Post Utme. The App contains all the tools and materials that you need to get prepared for the exam.


UniPrep contains past questions, Video tutorials and more so take your chance of success now and download the UniPrep App to start preparing for the exam.



Bonus Tip: Focus your study around the topics mentioned in the University of Ilorin Post-Utme syllabus:


Using the Unilorin Post-Utme syllabus, you can rightly prepre yourself for the University of Ilorin Post-Utme.


How to Pass Unilorin Post-Utme


We have talked about how to prepare for Unilorin Post-Utme, now let’s talk about how to pass Unilorin Post-Utme by sharing some tips with you.


Remember that what we intend by passing Unilorin Post-Utme is making you score high in the post utme test.

So in this section I want to share some sure tips that help you passing Unilorin Post-Utme.


But first, I need you to build your confidence as you read thus post, I need you to tell yourself that you’re ready to make it this year, I need to bring up the passion in you, I need you to be ready because it might not be an easy journey but if thousand other aspirants could make it in the previous year, then can’t you make it.


I know you can make it, all you need is proper information and that is what we are providing for you right now.

So the following are some tips that can make you pass Unilorin Post-Utme apart from just preparing.


  1. Be positive about success and stop thinking the exam is hard:

The first loop hole of students that tend to later end up scoring low are those that never believed so much, these set of people have been fed with the mindset that Unilorin post utme is difficult.


They go to the exam hall with that same mindset that the exam is going to be difficult, this is the very first problem that students face, stop and think.

It’s difficult, yet thousands of students wrote the exam in the last post utme exam and passed. We had records of students who scored, 70+, 80+ and so on.


These are humans like we all are, so stop making it look difficult by yourself, the first step of succeeding in this year’s exam is looking away from fear. Don ‘t  let what others say to you weak you down, be ready to deal with any circumstance no matter what people say, your own  turn would be different.


Believe that you will make it this time no matter what and you surely will make it.


  1. When you get to the exam hall, remember that time is not going to be your friend, be fast as possible.

The second vital point I want to share with you on how to pass Unilorin post utme, is this very tip.

A lot of candidates tends to think that 30 minutes would be enough for them to really answer all the questions, to inform you it might seem like a lot of time, but once you get to the hall you will know how time flies.


Time will be your biggest enemy and your worst fear on the day of the exam, while you try hard to rack your brain and remember some of the answers to the questions, the time is going to be dropping.


Dear aspirant, this is what you must fight, you must not let time be the cause of your failure, this is why we have developed the Unilorin Prep App, this is an App that will not only prepare you for the question, it will prepare you for time.


You will be given difficult but similar questions to try yourself for 30 minutes on each of your try, this can help you become very time conscious even while you are learning.


But don’t forget what I told you today, time is not going to be your friend, so prepare for this.


  1. Don’t skip any question; answer each and every questions as you meet them.

It could have been wise to say that whatever question you don’t know skip them and come back to them later.


Please don’t for any reasons try this on the exam hall, you might not have the time to revisit those questions and you might end up forgetting t answer some.


Please be cautious of time, and you must not do otherwise, answer every question as you see them, if you prepare well you wouldn’t have an hard time knowing the exact answer to any question that you come across.


Above all, please don’t waste so much time in a question, whatever question you don’t know please don’t guess, you can use the elimination technique. I reiterate, don’t guess, you are very much subject to guessing everything wrong.


I know you might now know everything,  but in cases like that use the elimination technique, eliminate the options which are negative and most likely not to be the right answer one after the other and you will arrive at the correct option.

  1. Don’t let the environment distract you and be entirely focused on the day of the exam.

Remember this, a lot of things would come around to steal your focus or weaken you before you even get to the hall.


We are talking about the University of Ilorin, in case no one has told you; it’s a school of stress. On the day of the exam you would surely be stressed before you even enter the hall, the officials there would definitely be one of the cause of the stress.


You mustn’t be taken away by those, don’t let friends or events around distract you refuse to be distracted.


Dress well before going there or you might end up not writing the exam or even delayed as a result of your dressing, Unilorin does not joke with dressing so please don’t let anything distract you on your exam date.


You must by all mean s be focused, even when get to the CBT hall, let your mind reflect on everything you have read, don’t for any reason think about anything or anyone that does not relate to the exam, all your mind must be on the exam, it’s just a matter of hours and you are done.

  1. Remember that prayer still works; it creates a room for luck.

There is still luck I believe, once you pray and commit your exam to the God you serve he will take you by heart, in cases of luck you might be very lucky to see similar questions to what you prepared for, questions that wouldn’t look so difficult.

So remember to be prayerful.


All the tips I have shared above on how to prepare for Unilorin post utme and how to pass Unilorin post-utme are sure tips, try to read them over and over so you will not miss any vital information from what I have shared, wishing you the very best this year.


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