How to Save Money on College Textbooks

How to Save Money on College Textbooks

How to Save Money on College Textbooks

The cost of studying in college has increased drastically,  students don’t only have to curtail the cost of the tuition fee but also the cost of textbooks, accomodation, transportation and often times this students often forget to plan  for textbooks,  which takes up a higher percentage of your whole expenses.  Which is we wrote this article to help you in your choice of textbooks. 

Do College Students Use Books?

With the recent rise in technology, many students are now keying into E books, and losing interest in textbooks reading, the average students now reads less than two hours a week, this trend gradually is making academia’s seek for ways to engage students to use textbooks better, many  persons have discovered the recent push in download of textbooks or course notes of lecturers downloaded online.

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How do People Afford University Books?

In order to stop sacrificing your feeding money for textbooks we have decided to compile a list of ways to save your textbook costs, and ways you can afford textbooks as a college or University students, they include but not limited to

  • Borrow from the library
  • Join a reading group or mooch
  • Apply for a Grant
  • Go for second hand books or older editions

How Can I Save Money to Buy Textbooks?

As a college student most times the cost is normally expensive and keeps on going higher everyday, not only the cost of tuition fee, room and board,  and the cost of textbooks is going higher by day. Which calls on the student to seek for alternatives to save textbooks money.

  • Look beyond the campus bookstores,

Most students find it hard getting to  book’s at affordable price at the campus bookstores, so it’s nice you get  books from online like amazon, chegg  etc

  • Buy used when you can

Many students opt out for fairly used textbooks whenever they can because they want to save themselves cost.  Used books are scattered allover the place, you can also get them in chegg, amazon, 

  • Swap with friends

They’re odds you will end up doing same course’s with your friends in a year, whether you have similar majors or just need to fulfill similar general education requirements, so it’s easier to get  your books from them.

  • Rent instead of buying

They is a possibility  of not ever using your school books,  it’s easier to buy books you will still use while practicing your course, or Books you can consult during your leisure hours or as reference materials during  your thesis.

The tips on how to save money on college textbooks are listed below 

  • Check your Syllabus for books in public Domain

Even if you’re going to be regular in class all through the session, you may still get away without buying textbooks, but in order to build your knowledge and engage in further research in that course and subjects taught, you can search for books in Public Domains i.e online or from public libraries,  thou this procedure is more effective for those in Art’s but must science course’s you can still see related works. 

You can browse for information from virtual shelves like , you can also search for books in Amazon for low priced or free. Finally you illegal download of books is illegal, thou this way saves much money.

  • Share textbooks with classmates

Instead of spending on buy a course material, you can half the cost with a friend or get a colleague and share custody of the books. Form a study group, to easy your classmates on the study material. This will give you free access to study materials.

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  • Visit the Library

Follow the Hermione Granger theory when in doubt visit the library,  many University library always have recently acquired books in stock,  you need to get to the library on time in order to get access to the book because you may be competing with other frugal students. 

  • Use the Older Edition

Most times you can get older editions of  textbooks for free, at garage stores or sometimes at low price in bookstores.  The easiest way to use this material is to consult the index, they is always a discrepancy of page.  If they is any material not in it, then you can use the strategy 2 for it. 

  • Rent your Books

With the increasing availability of textbooks to rent,  many students now save 90% of their  textbook cost and use for other basic expenses.  Renting the textbook is a way cheaper. Online stores like Campus books, Amazon etc give students chances of renting book’s.

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