How to Summarize an Article in the Best Way

The purpose of summary is to give a concise, clear objective of the original text.  Summary highlights the main points of a text, seminar or Lectures without giving examples or details, such as dates, numbers or statistics. It paints the beauty of the article in a way that reader will understand the information without going through the stress of reading the whole work.  Summary is the main message of the article,  it is a skill developed that is used in every phase of life  and necessary. 

A reader can summarize an article in a way it can be attractive and less demanding, summarizing an article requires you to thoroughly read,  an adequate understanding of the main text is the key to a successful summary.  In order to achieve this adequate understanding of the writer’s point of view is needed. 

To summarize article,  at least the first line should be able to attract a potential reader,  if you can explain the main points of the article you have succeeded in passing a message. 

What is an example of summarize?

In order to give a good summary, the writer should not include selected examples, details, or information which are not relevant to the piece of writing taken as a whole. It’s good you go straight to the point,  a good summary should be able to select an idea from the piece of writing, reject some irrelevant points and substitute.

Example of a summary is

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Original text:

America has changed dramatically during recent years. Not only has the number of graduates in traditional engineering disciplines such as mechanical, civil, electrical, chemical, and aeronautical engineering declined, but in most of the premier American universities engineering curricula now concentrate on and encourage largely the study of engineering science.  As a result, there are declining offerings in engineering subjects dealing with infrastructure, the environment, and related issues, and greater concentration on high technology subjects, largely supporting increasingly complex scientific developments. While the latter is important, it should not be at the expense of more traditional engineering.

Rapidly developing economies such as China and India, as well as other industrial countries in Europe and Asia, continue to encourage and advance the teaching of engineering. Both China and India, respectively, graduate six and eight times as many traditional engineers as does the United States. Other industrial countries at minimum maintain their output, while America suffers an increasingly serious decline in the number of engineering graduates and a lack of well-educated engineers. 

(Source:  Excerpted from Frankel, E.G. (2008, May/June) Change in education: The cost of sacrificing fundamentals. MIT Faculty Newsletter, XX, 5, 13.)

Summary text

In a 2008 Faculty Newsletter article, “Change in Education: The cost of sacrificing fundamentals,” MIT Professor Emeritus Ernst G. Frankel expresses his concerns regarding the current state of American engineering education.  He notes that the number of students focusing on traditional areas of engineering has decreased while the number interested in the high-technology end of the field has increased.   Frankel points out that other industrial nations produce far more traditionally-trained engineers than we do, and believes we have fallen seriously behind.

Your summary should include  the following:


You can start the summary with an overview of the  article, starting from the author’s name and title of the article. 

You can end with a thesis or short statement pointing out the writer’s main ideas

Body paragraphs

The size of your  paragraph will be determined by the length of the original articles, at least it should be 1/3 of the original article. 

 A concise explanation of the supporting points will be needed. 

 Each body should start with a topic sentence

Each paragraph should focus on a separate main idea,  and at least the most important details of the article. 

Try to put the ideas in the essay into your own and avoid copying phrases, and sentence from the article.

In order to make the paragraph flow,  the use of transitional words and phrases to connect words  is advised.

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Concluding part

In order to give a perfect picture of the article, in the summary , summarize the main idea and the underlying meaning of the article. 

Application or tools that can be used in summarising

The major  tools used in  summarising an article are 

  • Preposteo-textsummarizer
  • Eidtpad-textsummarizer

This tool is one of the best application for tool used in summarising articles,  this artificial intelligence application helps you to summarize articles  using her AL,  in order to get a good summary you have to put the main points. This tool is free to use, you just paste your article and it reads and gives you the summary. This application doesn’t have a text limit you can paste as many words as you can, it has unlimited word’s. 

This tools summarize the  article without loosing the main,  this tool summarize the whole article in a manner that is will be competitive and effective.  Rapidity is one of the features of this article. 

Prepostseo – Text Summarizer

This tool is user friendly and it has extraordinary features,   it makes her article concise and easy to use.  The article is summarized into bullet’s and used in lines. 

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