How To Write A Scholarship Winning Essay To Study In Canada 

How To Write A Scholarship Winning Essay To Study In Canada 

Often times many students who wish to study in in Canada are often seen wondering on how to write a scholarship winning essay to study in Canada, as lots of persons with potentials and intellectuals lose scholarships yearly owing to their inability to write a compelling scholarship essay.

When writing a scholarship winning essay to study in Canada,  it will be nice if you consult the online, for sample’s. You need to thoroughly introduce yourself, remember the impression you created in the essay will go a long way to determine your success in the securing the scholarship. 

Scholarship essay, involves you trying to convince the scholarship body to invest in you, through showing them how your experience, skills, life story and academic history can be daunting.  The most essential factor in writing a scholarship asides grammar, structure, grammar and professionalism is the ability to transfer your life experience into a meaningful way to best display your best value. 

Doing this will take time, practice,  and several drafts but it will greatly improve your chances. Thereby helping you to lower your tuition, making room for none essential spending, like travel’s, shopping, 

When drafting your personal essay,  Start by writing down an outline,  where you will  write a couple of important and memorable experiences, you’ve had.  Your experiences needed are those that set you apart from others and those that defined your life.  Try organizing the works into idea’s,  by explaining them in details, then you revise the work, and it will be nice you continue refining your idea’s,  sharpening your idea’s.  Read your work aloud to get a feel  of its tone. You can share with trusted friends and family, as second opinion count’s. 

You need to strike a balance between professionalism and personal anecdote, can be quite tricky. Remember your first draft is not going to get you, the scholarship. Keep improving it and you will get a killer essay.

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Some international students are always fond of asking questions like, especially those who wish to know how to write a winning essay to study in Canada,

What are the Requirements to Get Scholarships in Canada?

To get a Canadian scholarship, you must get the following requirements, 

A letter of recommendations,


full academic transcripts,

a passport,

letter of admission, 

it is also necessary you apply for scholarships within the application window period. 

Scholarship Opportunities for Asian Students to Study in Canada

 They’re several scholarships opportunities for Asian students to study in Canada,   and we will be listing on the various scholarships available. 

  • Canada-ASEAN Scholarships and Educational Exchanges for Development (SEED) 
  • David Johnston – Lebovic Foundation International Experience Awards In Canada 2021
  • University of British Columbia Neporany Doctoral Fellowship in Canada, 2019 
  • Aspire – Canada Scholarship Program, 2017 
  • HKADC Overseas Arts Administration Scholarships
  • National Arts Council Arts Scholarships in Singapore, 2021
  • University of Toronto – Petro Jacyk Visiting Scholars Program in Canada, 2019-20 |
  • NEADS National Student Awards in Canada, 2020 
  • Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship Program, 2020
  • Royal Society International Exchange Programme, 2020 
  • NWO Rubicon Scholarship, 2018

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Scholarships For African Students to Study in Canada

Lots of African students who have been asking questions on how to write a winning essay to study in Canada. May also be interested in scholarships available to them, the under listed scholarships are available to students from African countries who wish to study in Africa

  1. MasterCard foundation scholarships 
  2. University of Alberta undergraduate scholarship for international students 
  3. The Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund (MMMF)  for women from developing countries 
  4. Vernier Canadian graduate scholarship  at the university of Alberta 
  5. Trudeau Foundation Doctoral scholarship in Canada for developing countries 

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