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How Training And Education Aided The Frontline Workers During The Pandemic

How Training And Education Aided The Frontline Workers During The Pandemic

The world has continued to survive many pandemics, from cholera, plague, Spanish flu to the recent COVID 19, many  persons never imagined a deadly pandemic with no cure existing in life especially in this our modern and technology driven generation. 

The most surprising scene about the pandemic is that no country was ready for it,  the situation that arose during the pandemic was beyond the expectation of the world.  The death counts and increasing number of the infected made it possible for the world to keep track of the infection and treat it.  COVID 19 has drastically affected every profession, which the healthcare industry is not an exemption.  Frontline Workers  had a drastic change in their lives and career. 

Many healthcare workers left their jobs, due to increasing workload, burnout issues, lack of force,  and as a result many of them couldn’t adapt to the new demands of their profession.  Those who stayed developed ways to cope with difficult situations. 

The pandemic called for lots of training and physical stamina, and crisis management. And crisis management.  This made many paramedic and technicians to give above their limits in the fight against the Pandemic.

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How are Companies Training Employees During Covid-19

The Covid 19, period helped companies adapt better and more efficient ways of training staff, without the stress of assembling in Hall’s.  Most of this training helped reduce spread of the virus, Avoid work related accident  and injuries. 

Many companies currently are training their staff to work offline, many companies trained their staffs to adapt easily to the dynamic needs of the profession. Companies are now training their staff to develop a cognitive and digital capacities.  Innovative skills were developed.

This article is aimed at x-raying How Training And Education Aided The Frontline Workers During The Pandemic. They include the following

  • Digital Transformation

In order to limit the spread of the virus, many hospital’s had to shut down their wards and go telehealth they by reducing the spread of the virus.  This helped digitalize the healthcare industry where the research being made on prescribing to patients online, was realized.  It helped redefine the healthcare industry as many enthusiast joined the paramedics and technicians to  aid healthcare staffs, and many staffs were able to enroll in  or career refresher courses.

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  • Crisis Management

This stage involved an increasing death toll, unemployment rate, and losing a loved one were no less than a nightmare for anyone, including the frontline workers,  this stage made healthcare workers to learn how to cope with  extra working hour’s, additional stress and emotional instability.  Through the help of hospital administrator’s many health care workers were able to attend course’s on how to handle emotional and mental stress.

  • Collaboration and team work

Due to the limited number of healthcare professionals, many health care fields needed the help of their sister profession to attend to the ever demanding patients needs. This they achieved through training them to know the basics required of them.

  • Communication

Hospital’s staffs were trained to see to the best way to communicate, and relay information to the appropriate quarters faster. This helped the global community to be at alert.

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