International Students and the Post-Pandemic Education

COVID 19 Pandemic took the world by surprise,  as nobody was prepared for any of the remedies that was imposed to remedy it. Most countries had to  impose lockdowns, community quarantines, and physical distancing policies.  Many companies  had to lay down their staffs, in order to go online as less number of staff were now needed and international students were affected as well, especially those who were into part time jobs. 

Thou majority of those facing the consequences of the impact of COVID 19 Pandemic are international students, many of them refused to leave their Institution of study to their home country.  While those who traveled back after the pandemic hit  decided to remain and further their program online. Owing to the challenges of Visa processing.

Effects of COVID 19 on learning and teaching

The COVID 19 Pandemic had a strong  negative and impact on our Education sector,  many persons lost their jobs in the Education sector owing to most Institution went remote and in middle income and low income countries they was a total closure of schools.  Some countries weren’t able to add features like online classes where students’ can apply their theories to laboratories work. Despite every effort to improve the education sector,  learning retarded. 

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In a research that was conducted by  human rights watch and was submitted to the African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child (ACERWC)  where a remote interview was conducted across Burkina Faso, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Madagascar, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, and Zambia. With students’, parents, teacher’s and education official serving as subject, they concluded that the school closures caused by the pandemic exacerbated previously existing inequalities, and that children who were already most at risk of being excluded from a quality education have been most affected

Top countries hosting international students

A lot of countries play host to international students, and especially those looking for a high class Institution and quality Institution to attend. top countries preferred by international students include the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, and France. 

  • United States of America

As at 2020 fall semester enrollment by international students in the United States universities fell by 16%, thou blames are pushed to the past US administration inability to handle the COVID 19 Pandemic and their hostile attitude towards strangers or foreigners.  Currently the US is working on easing travel restrictions in order to bring back international students.  Thou most universities like The University of Pennsylvania is doing her best to discourage international students from going back.  Online options are available currently for them to further their studies.  Thou policies affecting international students haven’t changed except on health 

  • United kingdom

In order to help her international students who couldn’t go back to their  countries, the government provided them with fund’s thou limited.  Thou the United kingdom has moved majority of her programs online, currently they’re struggling to fix their laboratories into the online classes.  Currently most colleagues are struggling to fix and make their Programs  flexible and at the comfort of their home.  Admission conditions still remains the same.

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  • Australia 

Australia having been able to efficiently control the effects of the COVID 19 Pandemic,  still maintains her admission policies.  Thou currently health conditions have been modified so to help control spread of the virus. 

  • Canada

Currently students’ who wish to study in Canadian Universities are currently on wait list owing to modernization occurring in the processing of Visa and application processing changes. Students’ planning to travel to Canada should be ready for a 14 days quarantine apart from health protocol and travel restrictions. 

  • Switzerland

The Swiss has specific restrictions starting from the airport arrivals,  currently international restrictions on travel has changed a little in the country.  As long as you meet the Education requirements of the institution and her Finacial responsibility you’re free to go.

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