List of 20 Blacklisted Colleges In Canada

List of 20 Blacklisted Colleges In Canada

Many students dream of higher education in Canada. It has become a global destination for international students to study and earn a degree. With a wide range of courses to choose from, Canada is host to over 600,000 foreign students.

We’ve all heard numerous reasons why an international student should study in Canada, but rarely do we hear the other side of the story – many students unknowingly join blacklisted colleges.

Thus, it is vital to understand the term “blacklisted college”. This term can be quite misleading. Most educational institutions and foreign students use it to describe universities that do not have credible accreditation or universities that accept students with average or low grades. A blacklisted college, simply put, means fake university.

Why Would A College Be Blacklisted?

There are several reasons why a college would be blacklisted or suspended; major reasons being their questionable recruitment practices and financial irregularities. There are colleges in Canada that have been convicted of criminal activity, fined for violating civil law or statutes.

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Let us take a case study of CDI College. In November 2020, it was declared one of ten colleges under investigation for their questionable recruitment practices and financial irregularities. Subsequently, CDI College was suspended by the government of Quebec from processing CAQ applications required by international students to study in the province.

What Are The Consequences Of Enrolling In A Blacklisted College?

As stated earlier, some educational institutions lack credible accreditation. Students unknowingly enroll in some colleges just to find out later that these colleges are blacklisted. Enrolling in a blacklisted college can have a negative impact on the student’s life – personal and professional.

For instance, when a college is blacklisted by a company, the college will not be considered for placement or recruitment on campus. In worst case scenarios, students who graduate from these “blacklisted” colleges may not be considered for jobs in some companies, government institutions or corporations.

In most cases many students are forced to complete another degree in a different college to stand a chance in their job search. This will involve spending thousands of dollars all over again.

Again, most international students plan to live in Canada upon graduation from college. It is expected that you have studied in Canada for years, but because the college is blacklisted and not recognized by the Canadian education system, it could be difficult to obtain a residential permit.

So, How Do I Identify Blacklisted Colleges?

You can simply identify and avoid blacklisted colleges by conducting a thorough research on various Canadian colleges before submitting your application. Ensure you browse various guidelines offered by the experts.

Note also that not all colleges listed on a website as “blacklisted” are actually blacklisted. There are several rogue websites that list credible colleges as blacklisted. Thus, you must verify the authenticity of the website.

Another way to identify if a college is blacklisted is to contact the alumni and present students of the institution to know more about these claims.

Can I Get Blacklisted By A College?


A college blacklist is created, not for students, but for universities by organizations or government agencies. However, a student can get affected personally and professionally.

How a student can be negatively impacted has been discussed as “the consequences of enrolling in a blacklisted college”.

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List of 20 Blacklisted Colleges In Canada

This article has been written to provide you with a comprehensive list of blacklisted Canadian colleges to avoid in your application. Not to waste a lot of time, let us look at a list of 20 blacklisted colleges in Canada; in no particular order.

  1. Canada College Inc.
  2. Institut supérieur d’informatique (ISI)
  3. M College of Canada
  4. TAIE College of Arts, Science and Commerce Inc.
  5. Everest Colleges of Canada Inc.
  6. Montréal College of Information Technology
  7. CDE College
  8. Universel College— Gatineau Campus
  9. Montréal Campus of Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles
  10. Collège CDI
  11. Upper Madison College
  12. Herzing College (Institute)
  13. Toronto College of Technology Inc.
  14. Falaknaz Babar known as Grand International Professional School
  15. Matrix College of Management, Technology, and Healthcare
  16. Guyana Training School for International Skills Inc. operating as Academy for Allied Dental and Health Care Studies
  17. Education Canada College
  18. Huron Flight College
  19. International Language Academy of Canada Inc
  20. Canadian Language Learning College Inc.

So, amongst the numerous challenges you’d face as an international student moving to Canada – which includes the cost of living, tuition fee, and delay in getting your IRCC, there is also the challenge of not enrolling in a blacklisted college which can be detrimental while studying or in the future. Thus, you are advised to make thorough inquiry before applying to any college in Canada.

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