List of 29 Federal Polytechnics in Nigeria with Full Details

A lot of persons are interested in studying in a federal polytechnic in Nigeria, owing to most of the federal polytechnic have cheaper tuition than private and state polytechnics.  They offer high quality programs and wide range of Programs. 

Nigerian polytechnics offer practical oriented Programs, compared to universities where theory forms majority of their curriculum and less attention is paid to practical.  They also provide a wide range of practical courses with hands on experience, which will help them in pursuing a successful career. Certificate provided by polytechnic differed from that awarded by universities. The certificate awarded by polytechnics are Ordinary National diploma (OND) and Higher National Diploma (HND). Which take two and four years to complete. 

The first two years is used to complete the ordinary national diploma, while the next four years is used to complete the higher national diploma. HND. Holder’s of HND can go to pursue their master’s degree and still further to Doctorate, after doing their post graduate diploma. 

While universities teach her students theories, polytechnics teach her students practically, which prepares them for the future, which is why polytechnic breed the best engineers because these polytechnics teach practical work, students are equipped with useful knowledge, skills, and experience that will aid them in life after school.

Due to the numerous experience students’ gain  from polytechnic, they’re easily assimilated into the job market without much training, Compared to their counterpart from the University who will need to go for upgrading. 

What is the difference between a polytechnic and a university in Nigeria?

  • They is a huge difference between a polytechnic in Nigeria and university, they include
  • Certificates awarded to university graduate differs  while universities award Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree etc, polytechnic award National Diploma and Higher National Diploma.
  • Polytechnic uses more practical approach to Teaching while universities uses theoritical approach to teaching.
  • Graduates from polytechnic gain hands on skills and enjoy real life experience, while University graduate have more of theoritical knowledge.
  • Polytechnics in Nigeria are cheaper than their university counterparts
  • Science and Engineering programs are best studied in a polytechnic as they focus on practical and polytechnic is solely on skills training, while programs in the field of Humanities and Health Sciences are best studied in a university. 

Which Polytechnic is the best in Nigeria?

The Yaba  College of technology popularly Known as the Yabatech is the best polytechnic in Nigeria,  asides from being the best it’s is also the oldest polytechnic in Nigeria. While Federal polytechnic Nekede is projected to being the Second Best.

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How many federal polytechnics are in Nigeria?

Currently in Nigeria they’re more than 29 federal polytechnic in the various states in Nigeria,  thou Nigeria has federal, state and private polytechnics, and when they’re counted, the number will be summing up to 100. 

The list of the federal polytechnic in Nigeria include

  • Yaba College of Technology (YabaTech)
  • Federal Polytechnic Idah
  • Federal Polytechnic Damaturu
  • Federal Polytechnic, Nekede
  • Auchi Polytechnic
  • Federal Polytechnic Ilaro
  • The Polytechnic Ibadan
  • Federal Polytechnic Oko
  • Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic
  • Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti
  • Federal Polytechnic Oil and Gas, Ekowe
  • The Federal Polytechnic, Nasarawa
  • National Institute of Construction Technology
  • Hussaini Adamu Federal Polytechnic
  • Federal Polytechnic Bida
  • Petroleum Training Institute Effurun
  • Federal Polytechnic Ede
  • Federal Polytechnic Offa
  • Federal Polytechnic Oil and Gas Bonny
  • Waziri Umaru Federal Polytechnic
  • Nigerian College of Aviation Technology
  • Nigerian Army Institute of Technology and Environmental Science
  • Federal Polytechnic Ukana
  • Federal Polytechnic Mubi
  • Federal Polytechnic Ile-Oluji
  • Federal Polytechnic Kaura Namoda

Yaba College of Technology (YabaTech)


This Institution was established in 1947, as Yaba higher College and it is the oldest higher education Institution in Nigeria.  This federal Institution has a student’s enrollment of 16,000 including part time and full time students’.  Yabatech has eight schools and thirty-four academic departments, YabaTech, and it offers about sixty four different Academic program across ND, HND and post ND levels.

It produces knowledge graduates, and her graduates are worthy of character and have made impact in the country. 

Federal Polytechnic, Nekede


This polytechnic is the second best polytechnic in Nigeria, and it was established in 1978,  it has five schools namely School of Engineering Technology (SET), School of Industrial and Applied Science (SIAS), School of Business Management Technology (SBMT), School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS), and School of Environmental Developmental Technology (SEDT).  It has developed he ND and HND students’ with skills.

Auchi Polytechnic


This polytechnic is among the first four federal polytechnic to be established in Nigeria, it was established in 1963 and located in Auchi Edo State. Her students’ population is 10000, and it has produced highly skilled and well-trained graduates that hadl contributed to the growth of their respective communities and the nation at large. 

Federal Polytechnic Ilaro


Being a popular polytechnic, it was established in 1979 and it has 6 faculties which offer programs in management and they award ND and HND. Her six faculties include School of Management Studies, School of Environmental Studies, School of Engineering, School of Pure & Applied Science, School of Communication, and School of Part-time studies.

The federal polytechnic illaro has produced many technically skilled graduates who are market leaders for Nigeria and the global competitive economy.

The Polytechnic Ibadan


This popular polytechnic was established in 1970, and it provides her students an alternative education through her different skill acquisition programs which involves hands-on research and creative interdisciplinary approach.

Federal Polytechnic Oko


This is one of the popular polytechnics in the east and was established in 1979, it is the fastest growing higher education Institutions in Nigeria, her programs are offered in 8 schools which includes engineering, business, arts & design, and applied sciences, and they have affiliation with many international universities. 

Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic


This federal polytechnic is located in uwana, Ebonyi state and it was established in 1981,  this Institution has Programs in five schools which are sciences, engineering, and humanities leading to the National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND).  Her graduate are trained and developed with vocational skills in various fields that will help them in developing careers after school. 

Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti


Federal polytechnic Ado-Ekiti is dedicated to providing excellent education and producing quality graduates that will move the country forward. This Institution offers and awards National Diploma, Higher National Diploma, certificate, and professional programs . 

Federal Polytechnic Oil and Gas, Ekowe


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This federal polytechnic was established in 2007 and it is located in Bayelsa. This program offers and awards Higher National Diploma, and diploma. With aims of producing skiled and competent workers in the area of oil and gas.

The Federal Polytechnic, Nasarawa


This polytechnic was established in 1983, and it is aimed at training students’ to acquire skills, especially vocational and technical, it offers her program in 6 Faculties.

National Institute of Construction Technology


This is one of the newest federal polytechnic established in 2014, at uromi Edo State. It awards ND and HND, and it promotes technological and socio-cultural advancement through research, creativity, and entrepreneurial strides.

Hussaini Adamu Federal Polytechnic


This federal polytechnic was established in 1991, and it is located in Kazure Jigawa State. It has two campus Kazure and Hadeija.  It awards ND and HND. And empower her students to be part of the workforce required to build a nation.

Federal Polytechnic Bida


The federal polytechnic Bida was established in 1977, the Institution offers programs in business, environmental, information, and applied & natural resources. Students’ are trained to be technologically skilled, morally sound, and entrepreneurial empowered. 

Federal Polytechnic Ede


This Institution was established in 1992, and it provides quality education and trains her students in research and equip them with technical manpower that the nation requires to move forward and which will help students establish themselves in the workforce.

Federal Polytechnic Offa


 This federal polytechnic was established in 1992 and awards HND and ND, 

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