List of less competitive courses in Unilorin – (Lucrative)

Today, we will look at a very important topic, the list of the most competitive courses in Unilorin. We shall base our listing on the current system.

Please note, in this post we want to show you the course that are less competitive and at the same time lucrative.

We believe that this article will help many, we have come to realize that a lot of students don’t know the difference between competitive courses and less competitive courses.

Of course, many will get affected; i.e not admitted because they actually never knew the weight and competitiveness of the course they applied to and may have taken things likely .


As a candidate applying to any Institution in Nigeria, you need to know how competitive the course you are applying to is, for instance assuming you are applying to Law, you should have already known that your chances of admission would be tough, so if you are not ready for what might be required of you then it would be wise to switch to a less competitive course.


We have shared the list of Most competitive courses in Unilorin in another article, there we outlined all the tougher courses and their requirements so that whomever choose any of those courses, they will brace up and stand their ground.


Now, before we dive into the list of the less competitive courses in Unilorin. Let us quickly talk about the major differences between courses that are competitive and those that are not, as it concerns the University of Ilorin.


Summary of this Post: List of Less competitive courses in Unilorin

In this article, we are going to show you the list of less competitive courses in Unilorin, assuming you scored a not too good score in UTME, then it would be wise to consider changing to a less competitive course in order to stand a better admission chance.


Regardless of scoring above 200, please sure that your course meets the required cut off mark for whatever course you initially applied for, otherwise it would be wise to switch to a less competitive course once you have the opportunity.

So, in this post we will list some of the courses for you, but it shall not be in orderly manner, just bear in mind that you will have a better admission chance if you apply to any of the courses mentioned here.


What you need to know about less competitive courses and most competitive courses in Unilorin

Remember that admission chances lies on the course you applied to, a lot of candidates apply into the University of Ilorin yearly.

From the information we ealier conveyed in an article “ How Does Unilorin give admission ” we can see that one of the criteria that affects admission is course competitiveness.

If a lot of candidates choosed a particular course compared to others, it’s therefore obvious that those courses will be competitive.


Also, when a course is lucrative, i. e there are lots of employement and huge pay on the arising career of a course, then that course will certainly be competitive.


Erstwhile, there are other courses that are less competitive, those courses actually don’t have lots of candidates applying compared to the competitive courses.


Thereof, when a course becomes competitive, it results to a more tougher admission chance, you will have to compete with alot of aspirants to be admitted othewise, you won’t be admitted.

The University of Ilorin is that institution that will offer you another course rather than the one you applied to, this happens if you choose a competitive course and they probaly reach the admission quota or you didn’t perform well enough in the school entrance examination outside off your UTME score.


So therefore, to be admitted into the University of Ilorin, it is wise to choose a less competitive course if you are not ready to work so hard for the competitive courses.


One more thing to note:

The fact that these courses are less competitive those note mean that they are not good courses, in fact many of the courses here are very much lucrative and they pay really much, you would end up having a very good career in these courses, no course is bad, it depends on your interest.

Courses like, Agriculture, Anatomy and some others are hot cake in the Industry, so do not underestimate any course.


A course that might be competitive for one school might be less competitive in another school and  course which is a less competitive in a particular institution might be competitve in another institution. It all drives down to the facilities available an a particular institution and it varies by department.


An institution not having so much facility for students in her Pharmacy Department  instance does for instance will decide to make the course less easier to gain admission into, it doesn’t mean that Pharmacy (as an example) is not a good course.

So that is how competitive and less competitive works. There are some good Engineering courses in the list that you can apply to.


Below you will find the list of less competitive courses in Unilorin so you know your stand.


List of the Less competitive courses in Unilorin

Below is a list of the 35 less competitive courses offered in Unilorin (University of Ilorin) 2020.

  1. Chemical Engineering
  2. Aquaculture And Fisheries
  3. Agricultural Science And Education
  4. Agriculture
  5. Anatomy
  6. Applied Physics
  7. Architecture
  8. Biochemistry
  9. Biology
  10. Economics
  11. Agricultural And Biosystems Engineering
  12. Arabic Studies
  13. Biomedical Engineering
  14. Chemistry
  15. Common & Islamic Law
  16. Comparative Religious Studies
  17. Criminology And Security Studies
  18. English Language
  19. Estate Management
  20. Computer Engineering
  21. Food Engineering
  22. Food Science
  23. Geography And Environmental Management
  24. History And International Studies
  25. Industrial Relations And Personnel Management
  26. Industrial Chemistry
  27. Information And Communication Science
  28. Library And Information Science
  29. Marketing
  30. Performing Arts
  31. Optometry
  32. Quantity Surveying
  33. Veterinary Medicine
  34. Surveying And Geoinformatics
  35. Telecommunication Science

BONUS: Educational Courses

Listed above are courses you are 35 good less competitive courses in Unilorin that you can apply. It is very certain that of you chose any of the courses listed above you will be admitted


1. Chemical Engineering:

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is one of the less competitive Engineering courses in Unilorin that you can apply to. It has few applicant but a bit of high UTME cut-off Mark.


But remember what really matters is the number of students that choose Chemical Engineering in Unilorin in 2020.


The course is a very good course and there is a reliable and lucrative career opportunity under Chemical Engineering.


Chemical Engineering is one of the Engineering courses having only few applicants according to the statistics provided by the joint admission and matriculation board in 2017/2018. The number has been almost the same for other years.


Well, just so you will be well informed, chemical engineering is all about turning raw materials into useful products.

This area of engineering is very lucrative and there are a lot of Job opportunities.


Gaining admission into this course is not too tough, the UTME Cut off Mark is 220.


2. Aquaculture And Fisheries


Aquaculture And Fisheries

According to a report, Nigeria is currently the largest African aquaculture producer.

Your best bet would be to choose this course if you are in search of a less competitive course in Unilorin.


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Among the list of less competitive courses in Unilorin, this course is one of the most lucrative yet less difficult to gain admission in.


It has minimal applicant compared to other competitive courses.

The school will admit you if you meet the minimum cut off mark which is 180.


3. Agricultural Science And Education

Agricultural Science And Education

There is always ease of admission into this department, you will not have to worry too much because agricultural Science And Education is one of the less competitive courses in Unilorin that you apply to.

Agricultural Education is the teaching of agriculture, natural resources, and land management through hands on experience and guidance to prepare students for entry level jobs or to further education to prepare them for advanced agricultural jobs.


This course also a lucrative course in Nigeria.


The number of applicants is below 500, so provided you meet up with the minimum requirements for admission, you will certainly get admitted but within the University of Ilorin quota of admission.


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The minimum UTME Cut off mark is simply 180, that means you have a good and less competitive chance.

4. Agriculture


Agriculture as we should know is also one of the less competitive courses in Unilorin.

Having less down 1000 applicants, you will be admitted first if this is your initial course.

Usually since this field sometimes have only few applicants, what the school does is switch other candidates who performed well but could not be admitted into their initial course to Agricultural Department.


The course, however, is a very reliable course that is sure to be lucrative and your chances of getting admitted into this course would certainly be less tough compared to some other competitive courses.

The UTME Cut-off mark is 200.

5. Anatomy


Under the faculty of Health Sciences, Anatomy is known to be partially less competitive.

Although the school does not admit to many students in her Anatomy department, you will still get less tough chances of admission when compared to some other courses.

You can be admitted if this is your initial course chosen in JAMB and if you meet other requirements.


Anatomy is the branch of biology concerned with the study of the structure of organisms and their parts. Anatomy is a branch of natural science which deals with the structural organization of living things.

As of 2019, the UTME Cut off mark was 220, which makes it less competitive is the course usually few ( less than 1000) applicants.

6. Applied Physics

Applied physics

This is yet another less competitive course in Unilorin that you can study, Applied Physics is lucrative course that you can easily get admitted to, provided you meet the minimum cut off mark for this course in the University of Ilorin.


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Applied physics is the application of the science of physics to helping human beings and solving their problems. It differs from engineering because engineers solve well-defined problems. Applied physicists use physics or conduct physics research to develop new technologies or solve engineering problems.

This course falls under the faculty of Physical Sciences in the University of Ilorin.

The number of applicants choosing this course is below 1000, thus there are good chances of you getting admitted if you meet other criteria.

As of 2019, the minimum cut off mark to study this course is 180


7. Architecture


Architecture is also in the list of less competitive courses in Nigeria, the course is also lucrative and can land you a good career.

These days a lot of industries are so much in need of architects, indeed is an hot cake course. As an architects, you will earn a good living by designing building structures.

The course does not get so many applicants as would be opposed to other years, so we advise you to to choose this course if it is within your area.

However, the minimum cut off mark is 220. The good thing is once you meet this cut off mark or score above and you also get a good score in Post-Utme, you will certainly be admitted.

8. Biochemistry


Another less competitive course offered in Unilorin is Biochemistry.


Biochemistry is the branch of science that explores the chemical processes within and related to living organisms.


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As a Biochemist you will stand a very good career opportunities to in Nigeria.

I am goad to inform you that Biochemist is one of lucrative courses in the science field, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Gaining admission into Biochemistry Department of the University of Ilorin will not be so hard because the course is less competitive.

The cut off mark is 220.

9. Biology


Biology is s very less competitive course that guarantees you admission.

The Department of Biology gets less than 1000 applicants, there is a very good chance to fight your way in if you choose Biology.

It’s not at all Competitive but it required that you get the minimum cut off mark which is 180.

10.  Economics


This course is least sought for in Unilorin compared to some other courses, meanwhile Economics is a good course that can land you a good Job.

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You can easily be admitted if you meet the requirements for this course.

The cut off mark however is 220.


We have talked about 10 out of the list if 35 less competitive courses in Unilorin.

We believe you can now know your fate and make any change of course wisely if you have to.


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