We have got calls and texts from a lot of candidates especially from the University of Ilorin,  about pressing issues on Admission and this has been written to address them.

First we love to restate that we are not directly part of the University Senate nor are we reporting for the Vice Chancellor, and we do not force students to consent to information communicated through this platform, on the other hand we do not speculate nor post self opinions, we are well informed and only post confirmed information, as we have gathered. We are well-versed with Admission processes which is why we give more admission related information, in respect to the organization’s goal.

The NgUniversities team is a large team which comprises most of University of Ilorin 300-400L students, Alumni and Lecturers and for every information we communicate, we make direct findings and clarifications from the designated offices and we report them to our candidates who have chosen the University of Ilorin.

Let us make reference to the controversies spreading on social media regarding the date the institution is expected to commence her Admission Process.

  • February 5th as rumored online, is not the date for which the University of Ilorin will begin Placement of Admission for the 2020/2021 Session, we can not say this is a speculation but we can confirm to you that the University of Ilorin, will not begin Admission process on this date.
  • The University Management has not mentioned to us that it will begin Admission by May or June, this is incorrect.
  • What we can confirm to you, we have information from official staffs of the University of Ilorin, through the office of the Vice Chancellor on a letter after consultation with the designated office dated 2021/01/19 that, the school will not be commencing Admission any time soon, it was emphasized that it can’t be earlier than May/June. Please pay attention to the detail, the information does not read that the school will start admission by May/June, rather, it will not be earlier than May/June.
  • We further went ahead to seek reasons for the above information and it was made clear to us that the University was in her first semester of a session before the lockdown/ASUU strike and the school must end that session before the commencement of another.
  • A lot of candidates ended up more confused after we reported this information, a lot of question arises from this, such as when the school will then begin or conclude admission session for 2021/2022 session if this be the case. We do not have information for that yet, but we will ensure that we continue to consult the school authority and report in order to keep you posted. We have reported this information only to keep students updated and not to cause coarse, be rest assured that we will continue to consult the school, the University has plans and prospective for her candidates, you are to remain calm and hopeful why waiting for the period the school deems it fit to begin admitting candidates, we believe this information will suffice.
  • From information we also gathered, candidates should expect that immediately after the period of admission, resumption of academic activities will follow next.
  • The school has also not revealed its modalities for 2020/2021 Admission and there is no information that it will release a screening score which will determine the placement of candidates yet. Hence, the school is expected to prepare the list of candidates they want to offer Admission after an internal screening process which the school will deploy (Meaning that, your presence would not be required), after this, the school will forward the list to JAMB when they are satisfied, the Joint Admission and Matriculation board then verifies if those candidates merit the Admission. JAMB then uploads the list to CAPS for applicants to accept.
  • The University Management has not made any information known yet concerning the 2021 set of candidates, rest assured we will notify you once there is information.

The above information we believe should clear many doubts, please consult any of the NgUniversities Team members for further questions and confirmation.

Thank you!

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