OPEC Fund Internship program

OPEC Fund Internship program

Lots of students are always asking and searching online to know if internship opportunities exists for those in courses whose outline of study requires a lot of practical or laboratory experience, some persons who can’t find international firms end up frustrated and end up doing their internship in a local establishment, where they will have little or no experience, this is the reason behind us writing on the OPEC Fund Internship program. 

This internship opportunity is dedicated to international students who are from diverse backgrounds with aims of helping them to have experience of work in an international firm.  It prepares them for their postgraduate life, and helps them to develop their professional capacity.  This opportunity helps  her interns to achieve the following 

  1. This program helps her interns  by providing an environment  to them as they work in different OPEC department, to enrich her students knowledge.
  2. It also aims at giving you an immersive experience, for students to gain a rich practical experience

The focus area of this internship will be the following public sector operations, private sector and trade finance operations, grants, financial management, risk management, strategic planning and economic services, internal audit, human resources, administration; communication, legal services, and information technology.

About OPEC Fund Internship program

This organization was funded in 1960, and has her headquarters in Vienna Austria,  as a permanent intergovernmental organization of petroleum exporting countries,  with aims of uniting and developing this countries. They set the oil price and her membership strength is 13 countries, which are Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, Qatar , Indonesia , Libya , the United Arab Emirates , Algeria, Nigeria , Ecuador , Gabon, Angola, Equatorial Guinea  and Congo.

Internship Value

This internship has the following areas to cover

  •  Financial assistance  
  • Reimbursement of visa costs
  • Travel costs
  • Accommodation and living expenses
  • Transportation while going to OPEC headquarters

Eligibility for the OPEC Fund Internship program

To be eligible for this internship you must have fulfilled the following criterion’s

  1. You must be between the ages of 19 and 25 to be eligible, enrolled in a university
  2. Must have completed two years of program 
  3. Recent graduates within 1 year of their graduation and within deadline are free to apply
  4. Must have a proficient knowledge of English,  also having a little knowledge of French, Spanish or Arabic is an added advantage. 
  5. Must have a knowledge of computer in Microsoft office
  6. Must demonstrate the OPECS core aim which is Integrity, Empowerment, Excellence, Innovation, Community

Documents: C.V,  a copy if diploma or university certificate, undergraduate must show a letter of confirmation, certifying the student as an undergraduate of that institution, a copy of university transcript showing cumulative GPA or equivalent,  a written statement of 150- 250 outlining motivation for study. 

Deadline: The scholarships is still ongoing

Application Details: 

To apply for this internship  you must fill the application forms online,  click  here for more information, 

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