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9 Top Research Universities in Canada with their Full Details

Lots of students who are curious and innovative are always searching for the best Canadian universities, that are research oriented, especially the top research universities in Canada, and wants to know their full details but quite unfortunate little or no information exists about them. This ranking was carefully researched and written to guide you. 

What is U15 ?

This means a group of 15 Canadian universities, whose major aim is to represent their members interest in areas of research and enterprise, government and public enterprises  supporting research and development.  And her members contribute $36000 to Canadian economy yearly. Memberships are Dalhousie University, McGill University, McMaster University, Queen’s University, University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, University of Calgary, University of Manitoba, University of Ottawa, University of Saskatchewan, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, University of Western Ontario, Université de Montréal, Université Laval

What is the Hardest University to Get Admitted in Canada?

Smith bachelor’s of commerce at the queens university of Kingston, it has an acceptance rate of 7%, 

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And as a result makes her rank among the hardest university and program to gain admission in Canada. 

  • University of Toronto

Location: Toronto


This is a top research university located in Toronto,  this university was founded in 1827 as the top Canadian research university,  it among the world’s top research-intensive universities, driven to invent and innovate. Through her multi disciplinary network of academics it offers her students the opportunity to learn from and work with preeminent leaders. Having more than 560000 graduates it has impacted the general society at large. It has a students enrollment of about 90,077 and a faculty of 21556, with a research funded award of 1.1 billion. And has contributed about 15.7 billion to Canadian economy. 

  • McGill University

Location: Montreal Quebec


This is a top research university in Canada founded in 1821,  it has a students population of about 40,036.  It offers degrees and diploma in over 300 fields. Majority of her students population are enrolled in her five large faculties namely  ArtsScienceMedicineEducationEngineering, and Management, due to her research reputation it attracted students from about 150 countries which majority are involved in any medical doctoral university.  Notable researchers in this university are Ernest Rutherford who discovered atomic nucleus. This university invented the first artificial cell,  web search engine. Charge couple device. 

  • University of British Columbia

Location: Vancouver Canada

Website: www.ubc.can 

This public university is among the top 20 universities in north America recognized for her teaching, research and learning,  it was established in 1915,  this university has her students, faculties and staff embracing innovation, challenging the status quo and has placed thinking, curiosity and innovation they by encouraging innovation. 

  • Université de Montréal

Location: Quebec, Montréal


This a public French research university, established in 1878 this university has more than 13 facilities and 60 departments, were it offers more than 650 undergraduate courses and graduate programs.  It is member of the U15, most of her research works are cited by many universities, and houses with the world’a largest research institute which it works in partnership with McGill university.

  • University of Alberta

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Website: https://ualberta.can 

This is a public research university, founded in 1908,  it is considered as a comprehensive academic and research university, it has about 18 faculties, where it offers 400 different programs to her students population of about 39000,  it a member of the U15,  it has a sponsored research income of $513.313 million,  This university houses about 400 distinguished research laboratories and centres.   

  • McMaster University

Location: Hamilton, Ontario CA


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This university is a member of the U15, a group of intensive research universities in Canada, it was established in 1887, this university has about 27000 undergraduate students and 4000 postgraduate students.  This university has an average sponsored research income of C$ 434700 per faculty member.  It us currently the 7th largest research sponsorship in Canada, it also houses several research institute and centres like origins institute, Firestone institute for respiratory health, population health research institute, it operates a biosafety 

  • University of Waterloo

Location: Waterloo Ontario, Canada


This is a public research university,  her programs are divided into 6 faculties and 13 faculty based schools,  it operates one of the largest postsecondary cooperative education program in the world and is a member of U15,  it has a students population of about 36000 undergraduates and 6200 postgraduates. This university has her sponsored research income of $189.333 million.  It has about 41 research centres like Centre for Applied Cryptographic Research, the Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology, the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing, the Institute for Quantum Computing, and the Centre for Theoretical Neuroscience etc. 

  • Western University

Location: London, Ontario


This is a public research university, established in 1878 and it is a member of the U15,  it has 12 faculties and schools, her students population is around 30,655 undergraduate students and graduate students population of around 5,247.  It has a research income of $249.999 million, her research are cited in many journals, it has a brain and mind institute.

  • Queens University of  Kingston

Location: Kingston Ontario


This is a public research university in Canada founded, it is organized into 10 schools and faculties, in both her undergraduate and graduate programs. It has a students population of about 23000 students,  this university is also a member of the U15, institute, it has a sponsored research income of about $207, 034 million. This university operates 6 research institute and center’s. 

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