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Top 9 Richest Universities in Canada Currently

Lots of students always search for the richest universities in Canada owing to the endowment per students they have, and provide her students with several facilities. Financial aids, and their  students research are fully funded by the university.  This university is equipped with modern state of arts facilities, and always upgrading her facilities. 

Most of this richest universities are very expensive to attend, especially for international students. And it is very competitive. We have provided you with the endowment details to aid your planning as an international student.

What is an Endowment Per Students?

This is what makes an institution unique,  this comprises of the  financial funding each university receives for her research, the business each institution is involved and all her sources of revenue generation. Most of the oldest universities are always the richest owing to her endowment’s,  it involves the amount each university can devote per each of her students.

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How Can One Get Financial Aids in Canada

In Canada most of her students gain financial aids from non government organizations, government and the university, and students always wants to get this help to carter for their pocket money.  They’re different ways to access a financial aids. 

  • The University of Toronto

Location: Toronto 


This university was established in 1827,  it is the richest university in Canada and has an endowment of  CAD $2.84 billion,  this university has contributed to the world and society at large, through her innovations, such as insulin, stem cell, first electron microscope. It is a member of the U15,  being the top most research university, it receives the highest research funding and it is a place for those seeking research funding in their graduate studies. It also offers her undergraduate students scholarship, this university is a competitive university especially for international students. 

  • The University of British Columbia

Location: Vancouver Canada

Website: www.ubc.can

This university is a public research institute,  founded in 1908 and currently it is among the richest universities in Canada, with an endowment of CAD $2.182 billion,  it is the oldest university in the province, this university is the home to the largest cyclotron in the world and the largest research library in Canada and has international reputation.  This facilities is well funded for her undergraduate and graduate students, with aims of enhancing their experience and inspiring them to innovate. It has produced 4 Canadian prime minister and Nobel laureates.

  • McGill University

Location: Montreal Québec


This university is one of the oldest and richest universities in Canada, and was established in 1821, it has an endowment of CAD $ 1.73 billion,  it is a research intensive university with international reputations, her undergraduate and graduate students are involved in several research’s,  it provides her students with an enabling environment to cultivate their potential and bring their innovation to fruition.  It has received several Nobel prize from different disciplines. 

  • The University of Alberta

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Website: https://ualberta.can

This university was established in 1908, it is a public research university and part of the comprehensive academic research university, I.e offering wide range of courses leading to award of undergraduate and graduate degrees with strong focus on research. It is one of the richest universities in Canada, with an endowment of CAD $1.3 billion.  It offer’s several scholarships to her students both national and international.  It has equipped her facilities and faculties with modern state if arts facilities to help them innovate and experience a practical learning. 

  • The University of Calgary

Location: Alberta


This university was established in 1966 and is among the richest universities in Canada, it currently has an endowment of CAD $1.2 billion,  which is used to fund and finance research, financial aid’s,  her 85 research facilities and center’s.  Which is aimed at helping them to gain innovative skills. 

  • Queen’s University

Location: Kingston Ontario


This university having an endowment of CAD $1.152 billion is considered as one of the richest university in Canada,  it was established in 1841. It has a strong research focus with state of arts facilities. Her libraries are equipped to focus on current trend’s to aid her innovative skills and spirit. 

  • The University of Western Ontario

Location: Ontario


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This university was established in  1878 as a research intensive university, it among the richest universities in Canada having an endowment of CAD $803.7 million. Where it provides her students with grants, loans, scholarships and research funding.  It has 11 faculties equipped with modern state of arts facilities to enhance learning and innovations. 

  • McMaster University

Location: Hamilton, Ontario CA


This university is one of the richest and oldest Canadian university and was established in 1887,  through her innovations it has received several awards especially in the science’s. It has a strong research focus and her library is updated owing to her age long research. And her professors are renowned. It maintains affiliates within and outside Canada. It has an endowment of CAD $727. 4 million.

  • Dalhousie University

Location: Halifa, Nova Scotia


This university is old, research focused and ranked among the richest universities in Canada, it was established in 1818,  it support’s students through funding their research, fellowship, Grant’s,  awards and financial support.  It has an endowment of  CAD $ 481.4 million.

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