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Scholarships In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a home to evolving culture,  due to her warm reception spirit,  being a developing nation’s, it has placed her  citizens welfare and development, having about 95% literacy rate.  This country is renowned for having so many tourists, who are often seen wondering to know if they are scholarships in Costa Rica. 

  Some applicants looking for scholarships in Costa Rica are find of asking the question listed below

Is University free in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has five public universities, and about 18 private universities,  each of this universities  offer their program according to their speciality and law, are in charge of managing their day to day activities, like the central and regional campus. This country has a law which bars two universities from offering same degree program. Most of her universities are focused in research, and has several journals where they can be published freely, thou education is free and compulsory in Costa Rica, for elementary and secondary schools.

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How much Does it Cost to Study in Costa Rica?

Tuition fees in Costa Rica varies per university, and living costs are likely to cost around US$500 and US$ 700 per month depending on your lifestyle. Education in Costa Rica is affordable, despite it having one of the best educational sector in the world. 

  • UCI  online master scholarship in project management in Costa Rica

This scholarship is open to OAS members who wish to study in the University for international cooperation in Costa Rica for an online master’s degree program. This master’s degree program is designed to develop and strengthen your project management skills. 

This program is designed for all professional from any field,   who wish to develop core competencies and creative thinking skills in order  to successfully implement projects, while leading multidisciplinary teams and delivering positive results in today’s complex multicultural environment.  

 Click here for details

  • Toyota international teacher program 

This program allows and sponsors dozens of teacher’s, educator’s ,  from public school to visit Costa Rica and observe their educational sector.  To be selected for this program you must be physically fit and be a keen observer. Click here for details on the program 

  • The university of South Florida Costa Rica Globalization and Community Health Summer Field School program

This program is designed to  sponsor students from the anthropology department,  who wish to observe the dramatic influx of their healthcare system.  This program takes place in high rain forest preserve. It is offered through the study abroad program. Click here for details 

Fully Funded Scholarships In Costa Rica

  • Sol Education abroad scholarship 

This scholarship is aimed at helping students who wish to improve their Spanish language skills, and be able to give back to the international communities across the world. To be eligible for this scholarship you must have written an essay with a strong letter of recommendation.  Click here for details 

  • Fund for education

This scholarship is awarded to students planning to study abroad for 30 days,  it awards between 30 and 40 award’s.  It awards up to $10,000 to her applicants.  Click here for details 

  • Vaya a America Latina Merit Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded from AFS USA, for international students from latin America including Costa Rica, to be eligible for this scholarship, applicants are required to get an essay topic which they request from sending a mail to [email protected] and this scholarship values for $2000. Click here for details 

  • Robert B Bailey scholarship

This scholarship is aimed at helping minority students who wish to study in Costa Rica,  the competition is usually lower for this funds and to apply you must have letter of recommendation, personal essay and proof of financial need. Click here for details 

Medical Scholarships In Costa Rica

  • MSc Internal Medicine Masters Scholarships

This scholarship is awarded to students of Costa Rica and those from across other less developed parts  of the world who wish to study in the  University of Edinburgh,  it offers up to eight partial scholarship, for a master’s degree in internal medicine, and this scholarship lasts for one year.  It values around £2,500. 

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Eligibility and selection criteria for the Msc internal medicine scholarship

This scholarship selection is based on merit and to be eligible, you must have 

  1. You must have submitted a personal statement,  describing your contribution to the primary local healthcare organization. 
  2. Applicants must come from a less developed country
  3. Must have been admitted into the university

Application Deadline: the last day to apply for this scholarship is on 28th June, 2021

Application Details

This scholarship is applied online, click for more information 

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