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Should you Choose a Global MBA Program or a Master of International Business?

The global MBA program was established with the intention to build workforce who can develop business strategies and incorporate the global perspective of practicing organizational values. This program incorporates  decisive business management skills including leadership, analytical, statistical modelling, evaluative skills, decision making, risk management, ethics, digital marketing, problem-solving skills, and excellent communication skills etc.  Students’ are exposed to have a basic understanding of the difference between a globally operated business and a locally operated business.  It also incorporates business planning and management, helping you explore diverse business options.

Global MBA salary

The estimated  salary of a global MBA graduate in the United States of America is estimated as $92, 519 per year,  thou pay differs per company and the highest company that pays global MBA is Webster University, thunderstorms school of global management,  in some organization an intern global MBA staff earns around $68,384 per year.

What is international MBA

This program is an MBA is designed to develop the leadership abilities of young professional with little years of experience in global business context, through her course’s focused on international and bussiness relationship. This program will teach you the global challenges facing companies, foreign markets, global economics, and cross-border relationships. As well as leadership challenges  and communication skills that can help you strive in a business Environment.

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This article was written to provide you with the various information needed in choosing an area of specialization between the international business and global MBA, in order for you to chose an area of interest while considering your passion. 

The following career opportunities are available to those who studied a global MBA

  • Global Supply chain manager

Currently supply chain Managers are one of the most in demand people in the E-commerce industry, as they play a vital role in this industry.  They help coordinate teams from different countries and region’s to ensure goods have been delivered to it’s final destination and the customers. They oversee  and ensure smooth running of warehousing facilities,  transportation and negotiation with customers.

  • Global trend analyzers

In order to keep up with the competitive nature of the E-commerce industry and market every organization is hiring Trent analyzers,  this professional are marketing experts that research and compile reports  and provide ideas that can be incorporated into the organization marketing strategies. 

  • Master of International Business

Master’s in international business  is  very popular amongst students’ as  they’re skills are needed by employer’s to exclusively evaluate  skills needed to   scrutinize marketing strategies, and  providing solutions by devising efficient business strategies. This professionals suggest ideal models for improvising policies governing the business operations and  key aspects of key aspect of this program involves accounting, marketing, law, and other relevant concepts of business.

Career opportunities available in Master’s of international business

The following career opportunities are available to graduates of master of international business

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  • International Marketing Manager

Currently marketing strategies are evolving at an exponential rate, this professional develop marketing strategies,  through consulting of research firms, product reviews and expert consultation before coming up with a new product or improved service. 

They incorporate different analytical tools and skills to collect data for developing organizational policies and develop business operations. This experts focus on how to get the target audience and get their preference and interest.

  • International trade policy Advisor

In order to build a reputable multi national organization and corporation, many organizations wants the services of the international trade policy Advisor where they help develop business strategies suitable for each countries after having thoroughly studied their policies on business. They provide their clients with legal documents and how they can market or trade in a country without infringing into their business policies. 

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