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7 Top Smallest Universities in Canada

Lots of persons are always wondering why some universities are termed to be among the smallest, thinking they’re very poor, but this university are classified as regards their land mass. They provide world class education to students in the few degree options it offer’s.  The list of the 7 top smallest universities in Canada was prepared to provide you with useful information and  how to apply them. 

What’s the benefit of studying in a small university?

Small university offers her students the opportunity to make close friends and gain academic mentorship, as her faculties always have time for their students, this universities are not competitive as they admit all her students who are qualified.  This as a result of they’re not popular. 

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  • Bishop’s University

Location: Sherbrooke, Quebec


This university was established in 1843, it is ranked among the smallest universities in Canada with a students population of 2,867,  comprising of both undergraduate and graduate students.  This university offer’s her graduate degrees  in 5 academic divisions which are Williams Business School, Division of Humanities, Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Division of Social Sciences, and School of Education.  Through her league of renowned professor’s it has impacted to her students through hands in learning, mentorship and practically. It accepts international students to her programs as well.

  • The University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI)

Location: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island


This university is among the smallest universities in Canada, and was established in 1860,  it offers wide variety of programs from undergraduate, graduate and doctoral.  It has about 8 faculties and a school of mathematics and computer studies.  Her 8 faculties includes Arts, Education, Veterinary Medicine, Nursing, Science, Sustainable Design Engineering, Business, and Graduate Studies. 

  • University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC)



This university is a research intensive university and was established in 1990, it is among the smallest universities in Canada,  it offers a wide range of programs to undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree students.  It has the following faculties Faculties are Arts, Commerce, Education, Health Sciences, Science, Applied Science, Nursing, Planning, Social Work, and Graduate Studies. 

  • First Nations University of Canada (FNUniv)

Location: Saskatchewan, Canada


This institution is among the smallest university in Canada, and was established in 1976. As a federated college of the university of Regina.  It offers wide range of programs in Social Sciences, Humanities, Sciences and Business and a wide range of programs with focus around aboriginal practices. 

  • Acadia University

Location: Wolfville, Nova Scotia

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This is one of the smallest universities  in Canada,  it was established in 1838,  and has a students population of 4000,  it has a wide range of undergraduate students and 17 rigorous graduate level programs. It has the following faculties Arts, Pure and Applied Science, Professional Studies, and Theology.  Despite her size it is an innovative institution and pioneered the use of Mobile computing device.  It helps her students develop skills and team spirit.

  • St. Francis Xavier University

Location: Antigonish, Nova Scotia 


This is a small university that was established in 1853, with students population of about 400,  in her graduate and undergraduate programs. Her programs are divided into faculties of Arts, Science, Education, Gerald Schwartz School of Business, and graduate studies.  Offering her students and faculties a unique academic environment, her professors impact the research and innovative skills to her students. 

  • Mount Allison University

Location: Sackville, New Brunswick


Despite being the smallest university in Canada, it has always found its way to be among the top undergraduate universities in Canada.  It offers programs in Arts, Social Sciences, and Science faculties. Where it prepares them with skills to lead and positively contribute to her society.

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