The Differences Between Live and Online Poker

Game plays  online and live differs in  great ways and the strategies used in playing them has a big difference.  Thou poker started live in casino tables but it’s popularity started with the Advent of internet.  Currently varieties of options exists for  pokers  like live and varieties of online sites offering unique poker services.  Most persons prefer going for the two options. And due to convenience many persons spend more time on poker online.  Online Poker games like Beat The Fish has a good review on Ignition. 

What is Live Poker?

 A live poker as seen by pokers are real not virtual, played in casino’s and the players interact with each other and work at their own pace.  Thou the major difference that exists in live poker and online are in the following

Bet sizing, in online you can bet 1.5x, 2X but in live you can open  bet from 5X,  6X  and this sometimes helps them in overbearing inexperienced players struggling to learn the game making it fun.

Multi way vs heads up pot

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Calling vs fold up

This article will guide you on how to handle online Poker sites and how to still play live poker and still win in the both sites.  Having a knowledge of the different strategies to be used is important as this article will give you a knowledge of similarities existing in the both. 

Reasons to move to online pokers in 2023

Currently the best time for one to enjoy online Poker is now, owing to since the Advent of COVID 19, Pandemic lots of firm’s have gone digital.  And currently online game apps are working on making their sites to be user friendly and reality. 

 Online Poker affords you the privilege of having varieties of choice and game options to play,  and currently with social distance in place and face mask culture, the fun of poker is restricted owing to you can’t get live reads which is the fun of the game.  And currently with the experience of live pokers you can win with a wide margin online as most people online are currently novices. 

Currently poker tournament like WPT,  WSOP are held virtually online and  a prize worth $100 millions was put on stake.  

Difference between online and live poker

This game has the same rule for both online and live at casino’s,  the game is played clockwise and chips are being bet.  Options exists only for cash games and poker tournament, and it is common to have both full ring or six max table’s.  Skills applied to life pokers like bluffing, pot odds and range of hand can also be applied to online pokers as well. 

Thou, minute differences lie in the speed of play, the tells, the level of aggression, the variance of the game and the presence of multiway pots in live poker games versus heads up in online Poker games.

  • Speed of Games

The difference in dealers affects online casino, as in live casino human dealers play a vital role, and a human can’t be as fast a computer. Unlike in live casino where you can buy time to check their cards, count out their chips and read other players.  Due to limited timing, decisions must be made in a Jiffy, the cards are counted automatically  and chips are counted manually.  Online players due to how fast their  speed of 100 hands and only 30 hands if they were played live.

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  • The Ability to Multi-Table

 Ability to multi table,  is utilized in online Poker against live poker where you need to be a PRO to develop that skills.  This helps you to stock up tiles in a table.  Allowing more hands played per hour  this also means that the ratio of strong to weak players can be thrown off when players who are strong multi-table. 

  • Physical Tells vs Timing Tells

Webcam options are available for player’s to view each other in some websites.  As the major fun of live poker is seizing opponents by watching their behavior, and looking at their eye movements. Unlike in online where hand ranges play a significant role.

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