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The Importance of Prime Numbers in Daily Life

The Importance of Prime Numbers in Daily Life

Mathematics is a science of pattern,   despite the numerous patterns in existence,  they’ve been an intriguing and interesting, pattern of Prime Numbers. Which have been a subject of interest to many ancient mathematicians,  mathematics has its own language, with it’s rule and it explains natural happenings. 

In terms of integers, many subset, even numbers and odd Numbers. And are exclusive, they’re sets of numbers of the prime,  the prime Numbers are infinitesimal, it’s uniqueness makes it only divisible by 1 or itself.  Examples are 3,5,7,11, 13,  17 etc. 

 The most important thing about prime Numbers is that it doesn’t follow a definite pattern,  this has been a puzzle to great mathematicians,  works are currently ongoing to get the algorithm for ways to generate it

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What is a Prime Number and Why is it Important?

Prime Numbers are of utmost importance to us, because they form the building blocks of the whole numbers, and their role in odd Numbers makes them instrumental to the society, mathematicians use proaic and practical terms when using or researching on odd numbers. The large numbers used to encrypt a file is normally a prime Number. 

What are the Applications of Prime Numbers?

The concept of a prime Number, can be applied in the area of  corrections of error correcting code’s, used in telecommunication to ensure, that messages can be received, without being tampered with, this same principle is applied in credit cards to ensure they’re not decrypted.  Prime Numbers are applied in cryptography. Modern screen use it to define color.  In field of mathematics it is applied in the area of LCM and HCF. 

Why is the Prime Number Theorem Important?

This theorem provides ways to approximate, the number of  prime less, this theorem was employed to  prove formulas , through the help of prime Number theorem, great mathematicians were able to get or build up the number theorem using this method over the years. This theorem has  established a  culture in which mathematicians worked on proving and re-proving theorems not just to verify the statements, but also to improve their skills at proving theorems and their understanding of the math involved.

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Why Largest Prime Number is Important?

Several research into the prime algorithms themselves, being able to find large primes is needed for most canonical encryption schemes, larger primes are harder to factor and therefore more secure. Its also a research field in number theory.  They’re many potential algorithm that will be gotten from combination of large prime Numbers. 

The importance of Prime Numbers are

  1.  With the advancement in the field of business  , online marketing is gradually taking over in order to pay for transactions, credit card numbers are uses, but in order to prevent hacking and encryption, it has employed the principle of prime Numbers.  
  2. Once you’re involved in the mathematics, you’re going to  be dealing with prime Numbers, making it the bedrock of mathematics.
  3. Musical chairs, scale’s and harmony, can be represented mathematically as rationale prime number suspect. 
  4. In nature prime number exists just like  circad that comes out after 17 year’s


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