7 things every Admission seekers in Nigeria must know in 2020


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Welcome to NgUniversities blog, one of Nigerian’s top universities platform. Today, we are going to shed light and properly educate you on the things you must know about Jamb 2020 but in general the things I am about to share are the things every admission seekers must know.


A lot of folks will obviously be sitting for the forthcoming Unified tertiary matriculation examination which is a prerequisite for University admission.


As on every other occasion, our primary purpose at NgUniversities is to give all admission seekers adequate information to facilitate ease of admission.


So today let me reveal to you 7 things that you must, I repeat, 7 things you must (unless you don’t want to succeed) know if you are an admission seeker.


It’s obligatory to know and act accordingly otherwise you will find yourself sitting for JAMB each year.


People that fail JAMB or fail to secure admission is most times due to little faults.


Well informed people have greater chance of success, and you must be informed in due time. The list I am about to show you, are the things you must know before writing JAMB, put it in general; the 7 things every jambite admission seeker must know.


Wait, the information I am about to share is for every admission seeker in 2020, it isn’t only meant for those sitting for JAMB.


Below is the list of 7 things to know about JAMB 2020 or the things you must know as admission seeker in Nigeria.


7 things every Admission seekers in Nigeria must know in 2020

Without further ado, let me tell you that, information keys you into success, this is why you should check that you would walk in the lime light of the information i am about to share.


Obviously, these are genuine information and we are sharing them for the interest of every admission seekers especially those sitting for JAMB in 2020.


Here are the 7 things you must know as an admission seeker in 2020.

1. There would be no catchment area policy for admission in 2020:

The federal government of Nigeria have abolished catchment area admission policy starting from 2020.

things every admission seekers must know

The problem of indigenization has affected thousands of students. Where a student who scores very high gets denied as a result of the various policies of admission held in high esteem such as the catchment area policy.


This is to say, admission favors those who comes from the catchment area pertaining to an institution in Nigeria, and yes; this has been one of the greatest criteria outside qualifications earned by candidates seeking admission, i.e catchment area in line with the merit ratio on fixed admission quota which various varsities deploy to select candidates fit for admission.


Let me spell it out straight, let us use the University of Ilorin as a case study.

Admission system in Nigeria

Assuming you (Mr. A) scored 302 in Jamb and choose the University of Ilorin as first choice, Medicine and Surgery; however your state of origin is Edo State.

Then there is someone else (Mr. B) who is from Kwara State and have likewise chose the University of Ilorin, same course but scored 270 against you who scored 302.


According to the catchment area policy, the other person ( Mr. B) who is from Kwara state being Unilorin’s catchment area will be admitted before you provided he/she meets the minimum requirements.


Also the post-utme cut off mark for University of Ilorin will be lower for those in the school’s catchment area.


So, if they favor all those from the catchment area it means admission chances for those not from catchment area would be slim.


Reverse would be the case if Mr. B who is from Kwara state chose to study in the University of Benin. University of Benin would first favor those in the catchment area before others who are not.


For years, the Catchment area policy has been a major determinant of admission in Nigeria, but this will no longer be the case in 2020.


The President of Nigeria in November 2019 have warned all institutions that they will be sanctioned if they go against his directives commencing 2020.


He (federal government) also called the attention of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board and the Nigeria Universities Commission (NUC) to ensure all institutions stick to the instruction therefore banning in totality Catchment area admission policy.


With more emphasis, admission is open to all regardless of your indigenous status.


2. There would be no multiple registration in JAMB hence 2020.

Erstwhile, candidates are usually given opportunity to apply for admission for just UTME, Direct Entry or both UTME & Direct Entry.


Unfortunately, the current JAMB Registrar, Professor Is-haq Oloyede has of 2020 banned multiple registration.

no multiple registration in JAMB

A candidate can no longer apply for both JAMB & Direct Entry.


This new policy has been put in place to check and stop any form of impermissible means of admission.


According to the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, a candidate is at his own risk if he/she tries to enrol twice in 2020.



The board have made arrangements of various systems that would be used to carry out this policy.


So one of the things every admission seekers in Nigeria must know in 2020 is there would be no multiple registration.


You definitely won’t be allowed to apply for both UTME & Direct Entry.


However, assuming you apply for UTME, it’s allowed to upgrade it to Direct Entry.

3. JAMB would be using the Sweet Sixteen Novel in 2020.

Just as usual, the board has approved the compulsory reading text to be used for 2020 UTME which is Sweet Sixteen.


This novel is compulsory, questions would be set in the Use of English section for every candidate who would be sitting for the 2020 UTME exam.


However, it is pertinent to caution you, take into consideration that the sweet sixteen sold in Bookshops is obviously different from the one given by JAMB.


So you must prepare absolutely using the Sweet Sixteen Novel by Bolaji Abdullahi.

Sweet sixteen by bolaji abdullahi

You should study critically the part of the book as you would be thoroughly tested.


4. Direct Entry Candidates must note that UTME & Direct Entry form closes the same time.

As usual UTME & Direct entry form are fixed to close on the same date.


There is hardly any further extension, for either UTME or Direct Entry Examination.


We advise every candidate to make sure they register on time.


5. You must choose your Jamb & O’level combination in consideration of special waiver remark base on your desired course & school.

There is another thing you must take note of as an admission seeker.


Before choosing your JAMB subject combination, we advise you to check if your desired institution have special waiver remarks before putting in your subjects.


Special waiver remarks are the special requirements such as the JAMB subject combination required by most instiutions in Nigeria.


There is a generals requirement in the JAMB Brochure for all courses.


But it’s mandatory to check if your school of choice wants a different combination other than the one listed on JAMB Brochure.


Subject combination can affect your admission so ensure you chose the right subject combination.


6. UTME & Direct Entry registration must only be done in an accredited center.

UTME & Direct Entry candidates should visit the right CBT center for their registration to prevent issues.

There are many accredited centers for JAMB registration. Please do aks the people around you in order to be sure.

7. Join a reliable social media platform to accelerate your preparation.


Lastly, social helps in a way, joining social media will increase your chance of getting genuine information about JAMB or your desired institution.


But ensure that you join relevant groups only.

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