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Tips For Getting an International Degree

Every students dream is to study in a country beyond his own country of birth,  to some it’s a life goal.  To some who had the opportunity of studying abroad,  they build their careers upon return to their country to an enviable position. While some build their careers in the country as international citizens.  The world we know currently is a global village, it gives you the chance to study, live and work anywhere. 

How do I prepare for international university?

Preparing to study in an international University is not an easy task as it requires you to have an eagles eye,  preparation helps a lot as it helps you save last minute rush.  Many students fail to understand that starting early to process your passport, will help you save stress.  Getting your health certificate on time helps, and packing light, if possible check for the cost of living in your place of studies.  Then booking your plan tickets with Skyscanner and students’ universe will help you. 

 The steps for preparation is as follows

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  1. Apply for a passport and Visa
  2. Visit a travel doctor
  3. Get travel insurance
  4. Buy a plane ticket
  5. Research your destination Local culture, customs,  people 
  6. Refresh your language skills

Is it hard to get into an international university?

Getting admission abroad is the easiest thing any person can do as regards education,   many countries are so flexible when it comes to admitting international students.  Thou once you have your complete documents you’re eligible to get admitted into any international universities, most institution offer them scholarship to help their studies.

Basic Documents required are

  • Transcript from previous studies e.g undergraduate, or high school
  • English language proficiency exams result
  • Letter of motivation
  • Reference letter
  • Passports 
  • Health certificate
  • Police report

This article will greatly help you, if you’re attracted to international studies, as it has helped millions of students’.

  • Paying for graduate level study

Thou not everyone desires to get his college degree abroad, they’re many places to get a graduate degree abroad, with several opportunities available to you.  Sometimes getting a private lender is the best options, most private lenders offer you, competitive options and interest rate aimed at serving your needs.  For transfer international student, it’s good you arrange your finance before applying for the students Visa.  

  • Apply for scholarship and Grant’s

They’re thousands of scholarships and grants available to students,  you can pay a fee to  an agent to do an in depth scholarship search on your  institution of choice.  But remember most Grant’s requires lengthy essays and an application.  It’s good you focus on Grant’s associated with your chosen career. Many overseas program set aside scholarship for their international students’.  And most scholarships are based on Grades and accomplishments.

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  • Speak with program Alums

 The fastest and easiest way to know the merits of a program is to speak with her alumni, or graduate.  You can do an internet search for alumni of any institution or ask admission office and contact them through the email.  Once they were able to give you a positive feedback, it’s a good sign.  It’s another way to network.

  • Check on Accreditation

It’s great if you dig dip about international universities, find out which of their programs is recognized by the international community, and accrediting agents. It’s a nice idea if you will look for online reviews of any program you’re considering and investigate overall reputations, job placement rates, total fees, degrees held by faculty members, and most especially how long the school has been granting degrees.

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