Top 10 Aerospace Engineering Schools in the World

Many persons are looking for the best aerospace engineering firms in the world. Some persons will sometimes wonder what an Aerospace Engineering program is, or what they do, this persons are specialist who design and construct aircraft, they also repair it.  This program are offered in undergraduate, master’s degree and Doctorate degree. Some institution offers this program in the department of mechanical engineering, while some as an independent field. 

Which university is good for aerospace engineering?

Many countries offer, aerospace engineering and they put emphasis on the two major fields of this profession which is aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering,  However the United States of America is the best when it comes to any field, owing to her research,  and state of Arts facilities.  Thou countries like Canada, India are also good in this field, but their counterparts in the United States outshine them. 

Who is the best aerospace engineer in the world?

In the field of aeronautical engineering, it is helping realize the age long dream of man which is flying on space, and the solar system.  In order to motivate aspiring aerospace engineer, we  will be mentioning the greatest aerospace engineer of all times, Neil Armstrong, Elon musk, Wener Von  Braun.  

Who is the richest aerospace engineer in the world?

In the field of Aerospace engineering,  Jeff bezos is seen as the richest owing to how he has invested in the field, and how much he continues to fund in his  space X city.  They’re many engineer but Jeff makes close to $112 billions from the space. 

The top 10 universities are listed below

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  2. Georgia Institute of Technology
  3. California Institute of Technology
  4. University of Michigan–Ann Arbor
  5. Purdue University–West Lafayette
  6. Stanford University
  7. University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign
  8. University of Texas–Austin
  9. Texas A&M University–College Station
  10. University of Colorado–Boulder

Massachusetts institute of technology, MIT

Location: Cambridge, MA

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This University is ranked by QS as the best institute for one to study engineering,  through her department of Aeronautics and astronautics, it trains her students in the fields of Aerospace engineering. The MIT Aero Astro is the oldest, and is dated back to 1914.  This program is known as course 16, it prepares her students for a promising career in Aerospace Engineering and related field, and it prepares her Alumuni for a career in this field, making them the most employed.  Her tuition fee is Tuition: $17,800/year (Summer 2019); $26,725( Fall-Spring 2-19-2021)Master’s Tuition Per Year: $51,520. 

Georgia Institute of Technology

Location: Atlanta, GA


 This University is one of the oldest universities to offer a program in Aerospace engineering, about 1200 students’  are admitted into this program yearly.  This institution gives her students the opportunity to participate in self development programs, especially those were they develop an understanding of aerospace vehicles and their sub system. Internship and research.  This  people finish their program in a senior capstone program in any of this 3 areas, which includes rotorcraft, fixed-wing, or spacecraft. They also participate in interdisciplinary research with other fields. Tuition in this field is $13,788/year Master’s Tuition Per Year: $28,568.

California institute of technology Caltech

Location: Pasdena, CA


This institute has a mission of addressing the fundamentals of engineering, especially the transformative science and technology in Aerospace engineering, this it does to  educating and training future leaders for academia, government and industry. 

University of Michigan

Location: Ann Arbor


This University is not only the center of Academic and research, and training of global leader’s. It is also an institution dedicated solely to the formation of the brightest  and enterprising academic,  it is a world class research institute,  this institution allows her students to customize her education to meet their own set objective and interest.  Her tuition fee is  $15,850/yearMaster’s Tuition Per Year: $10,330 per year (in-state, full-time); $29,132 per year (out-of-state, full-time).

Purdue University West Lafayette


Location: West Lafayette

This University is  proud alma mater of Neil Armstrong and the  astronaut of NASA,  and has produced many aerospace engineer who laid the foundation that helped put those men in space.  It gives her students a chance to choose between a major and a minor, giving her options in Aerodynamics, Structures and Materials, Propulsion, Dynamics and Controls, and Aerospace Systems Design. 

Stanford University

Location: Stanford, CA


 This University from inception 1957-2017 has been a graduate only department,  this major prepares her students for a career in aircraft and spacecraft engineering, space exploration, air- and space-based telecommunication industries, autonomous systems, robotics, commercial space transportation, teaching, research, military service, and many related technology-intensive fields. Currently it has an undergraduate program in aerospace engineering.

University of Illinois- Urbana Champagne

Location: Champaign, IL


 This University has state of Arts research facilities,  renowned faculty and  it is committed to excellence leadership in teaching, research and service.  Her students and faculty are active in Interdisciplinary research centers like Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, Coordinated Science Laboratory (CSL), Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory, National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), and Information Trust Institute.  This institution recognize outstanding students’ during the summer.

University of Texas at Austin

Location:  Austin Texas

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 This University is highly ranked in graduate Engineering program, interdisciplinary department with teaching and research activities in astronautics, earth-space engineering and scienceaviation, energy, robotics, theoretical and experimental mechanics, and computational engineering.  Students’ work with faculty to create, Develop and apply Aerospace  technology to solve the immediate world and societal problems, through her research centers and laboratories.

Texas A & M universities

Location: College station, TX


This University provides a unique opportunity for providing unique cutting-edge educational and research opportunities, including space exploration, national defense, air transportation, communications, and sustainable energy.   This program is in 3 discipline which are Aerodynamics and Propulsion, Dynamics and Control, and Materials and Structures. 

University of Colorado, Boulder

Location: Boulder, CO


Colorado is the hub of aerospace in the United States of America,  and this has positioned this University to the centre of the ecosystem,  this faculty has pushed the limits of aeronautics and astronautics research, designing next-generation unmanned aircraft, expanding the possibilities of remote sensing, and building space instruments and satellites for orbit around Earth and beyond.

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