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Top 10 Cheapest Universities in Australia  with their Tuition Fees

Australian universities are one of the best Universities in the world. Every year , Students tend to apply  for a University in Australia, knowing full well that the are making the right decision, because Australian  Universities offers the best quality Education you deserve. 

In this article, we have come up with a list of top 10 Cheapest Universities in Australia with their tuition  fees. Tuition fees ranging from $23,200 -$27,400. 

We have also provided the list of cheapest degrees in Australia for you. 

 What are the cheapest degrees in Australia? 

The cheapest degrees in Australia that you can study are the masters degree program and MBA programs, you can pay for these degrees annually (two semesters). 

What is the cheapest University in Australia? 

University of the sunshine coast is the cheapest university in Australia, International Students  only pay $23,200 for Undergraduate study programs. 

Is Australia cheap to study? 

Australia is a diverse destination for International Students, that is student- friendly . Australia is  very affordable for both domestic and International Students. Their tuition fees are not that  expensive for Students. 

What University has the cheap tuition? 

University of the sunshine coast has the cheap tuition fee of $23,200. 

In this article ,we have cheap Universities in Australia that offers low tuition fees in  Undergraduate study programs and post graduate study programs. Below are those Universities  with their tuition fees.

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Top 10 Cheapest Universities in Australia With their fees For low tuition universities that offers undergraduate study programs 

  • University of the sunshine coast : $23,200- $28,600 
  • University of the southern Queensland: $24,400- $32,000 
  • Charles Sturt University:$24,800- $29,760 
  • Federation University Australia:$25,200-$30,800 
  • Southern Cross University: $25,200-$30,800 
  • Australian Catholic University:$25,248- $22,936
  • Charles Darwin University:$25,500-$33,480 
  • University of New England:$26,760-$29,400 
  • Western Sydney University :$27,760-$31,440 
  • Victoria University:$27,400-$31600 

These universities in Australia with their tuition fees, also awards Bachelor degrees in different Courses. 

Top 10 Cheapest Universities in Australia For Postgraduate study programs with their  fees

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If you want to do your Masters in Australia, these are the Universities in Australia with their  tuition fees. 

  • University of Wollongong: $29,484-$29,712 
  • University of New England:$26,250-$36,768 
  • Charles Sturt University: $16,000-$29,712 
  • University of Southern Queensland:$27,680-$31,920 
  • Federation University of Australia:$25,400-$28,800 
  • Australian Catholic University:$22,720-$27,960 
  • Southern cross University: $25,200-$30,800 
  • CQ University: $27,120-$29,520 
  • Edith Cowan University:$26,950-$31,100 
  • University of Sunshine coast: $26,600-$25,600 

In Australia capital cities, we also have Universities with low tuition fees. Check them below. 

Australia Capital Cities with Low Tuition fees 

  • Australian Catholic University( Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne) 
  • Victoria University(Melbourne) 
  • University of Canberra (Canberra) 
  • Finders University(Adelaide) 
  • Western Sydney University (Sydney)

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