Top 10 Free Online Cooking Courses with Certificates

If you are interested in improving your cooking skills, then this article is for you. Finding an online cooking course or learning material is quite difficult (and rare) let alone a free one with certificate.

There is a wide range of career in the cooking industry. From chef, head chef, sous chef to cook, baker and others. If you are aspiring to be a cooking professional, you can give yourself a head start by taking up free online cooking courses.

In this article we have compiled some of the best cooking courses available online. The best part is that these courses are free. Even if you are new to cooking (a beginner), you will find the right course to elevate you to the next level in cooking.

Institutions That Offer Free Online Resources on Cooking

If you want to learn how to cook and in search of learning resources, you will do well to check out the institutions and websites listed below. They have free online resources.

  • British Broadcasting Corporation

The BBC (as it is often referred to) is well known for its shows on cooking and baking. As a matter of fact, the number of recipes on its websites are numerous.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Popularly known as MIT, this institution offers a wide range of cooking courses through its online source known as OpenCourseWare. One of such courses offered by MIT is the “cooking chemistry” which handles cooking topics like bread, cheese, pancakes, etc.


This is a website where you can enrol in an online cooking school. However, this website offers a 1-month free trial which you can take advantage of. Also, its YouTube channel features a lot of cooking contents.

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  • Delia Online

Delia Smith, an English cook and TV presenter, has a personal website where you can find recipes and enrol in cooking contests. Also, if you are a beginner with cooking, you will find instructional materials to guide you every step of the way.

  • The New York Times

There is a cooking section which offers a wide range of recipes. Also, persons interested in learning how to cook can find instructional materials on cooking.

How Much Does A Chef Make?

According to statistics from US Bureau of Labour, jobs in the cooking industry is projected to have a 5 – 10% from 2019 to 2029.

The median salaries of cooking professional is listed below. Note that this statistics is as of May, 2019.

  • Cook $26,300
  • Baker $27,700
  • Chef/Head Cook $51,500

10 Free Online Cooking Courses with Certificates

  • Indian Culinary World: Master the Art of Indian Cooking

This is a course hosted on the Udemy online learning platform. In this course, you will be exposed to the amazing flavours of the Indian cuisine. No doubt, this course is really popular, and has over 3000 students enrolled. As a matter of fact, it has a 4.3 star rating.

To participate in this course, you do not need to have any prior experience. In other words, this course is also for beginners. In this course, the instructor, Jyoti Sawant has made available 78 educative lectures of which some of the topics cover the top spices which add flavour to the Indian dish.

  • Inspired Cooking: Creating Dishes from Art

A lot of folks are yet to see the kitchen as a place where you can get creative. In this course, Paul Liebrandt, a chef who also owns a restaurant, will teach you how to prepare a dish from scratch. In other words, he will guide you on how to discover ingredients, prepare the ingredients and also create the dish of your choice. However, this course is not suitable for beginners.

To get the best out of this course, you must have prior experience in cooking. There are just 7 lessons in this course. All you need to complete this course is a low time commitment of 30 minutes. Also, this course is hosted on SkillShare, an online learning platform. Here, you will have access to this course, and several other cooking courses, on your free 1-month trial.

  • Easy, Healthy Crockpot Cooking! Cooking Lessons for Dads!

It is funny how some folks assume that cooking is meant only for women. This is just a myth. This course is designed with Dads in mind. Also, anyone who wants to make delicious meals whilst cooking with a crockpot can grab this online cooking course.

The instructor, Karen Breyer, will guide you on how to use recipes which have been tested and tried. This online cooking course provides 27 lectures which can be completed in less than 3 hours. Here, you will learn how to select healthy recipes, as well as the basics of crockpot.

  • Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking

If you are familiar with cooking, then there is a chance you’ve seen, heard or read about Gordon Ramsay. I say this because he is like a demigod in the cooking industry. In this course, Gordon Ramsay shares his cooking experience and genius over the course of 20 videos.

Furthermore, you will learn some technical skills such as holding and sharpening knives: as taught by Gordon Ramsay. Other benefits of enrolling in this course is that you will bonus resources such as downloadable cookbook with lesson recaps and recipes.

  • Kitchen Chemistry

This is a course offered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology popularly known as MIT, and is taught by its top instructors. This course is designed for persons who want to understand the science (chemistry) behind cooking. Recipes covered in this class include cookies, pancakes, bread, ice cream, jams and jellies, just to mention a few. 

  • Grilling Fundamentals: Cooking Chicken over Live Fire

This is yet another free online course hosted by SkillShare. Anyone who claims to be an amazing cook must be familiar with grilling. This course, which is taught by Zakary Pelacciochef – a renowned chef and restaurant owner, provides you with the foundation of grilling which includes setting up a great fire. Furthermore, this course contains 11 lessons with some class projects to help you follow along. In addition, you will taught how to separate your chicken, season your chicken, as well as other techniques you can use to grill your chicken and other red meats.

  • New York Times Cooking

In the New York Times website, you will find amazing resources full of different recipes and tons of cooking guides. Also, this website is updated regularly. Thus, there is always something new and inspiring. One of the topics covered in this course is how you can make yoghurt from scratch.

  • Essential Cooking Skills

This course, which is offered on the Udemy learning platform, comprises of 18 lectures spread across an hour. In this course, the instructor, Viorel Copolovici, will show a wide range of kitchen techniques and skills. Some of the things you will learn include how to chop an onion, herbs, vegetables, etc. personally, I will recommend this course for every beginner.

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  • Cooking Techniques I: By Thomas Keller

There is no more qualified person to handle a master class course in cooking than Thomas Keller himself. This online cooking course kicks off with Thomas Keller teaching you basic kitchen setup and essential tools. Furthermore, he exposes you to the essential ingredients and how you can source them locally. Upon completion of this course, you will be equipped with an amazing set of culinary skills. In addition, this course is made of 36 videos which you can watch and follow along with what is being done.

  • Think Like a Chef: A Beginners Guide to Cooking with Confidence

This is one of the online cooking courses hosted via SkillShare: an online learning platform. This course is made of 15 lessons which can be concluded in less than 45 minutes (precisely 38 minutes). This course is specifically designed for cooks interested in cooking with local ingredients. I personally recommend this course to anyone who does not have any prior experience in cooking. This is quite a popular cooking course with over 7,000 students enrolled.

The fact that cooking is a form of art cannot be overemphasized. Thus, you must ensure you have fun while learning. Part of learning includes making mistakes and lots of it. The courses or classes listed above are not a one-size-fit-all so feel free to experiment.

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