Top 10 Summer Jobs for College Students

Think summer jobs! Earn and save for your education or a passion project while on vacation, it is a general term used by students’ who work tirelessly during the holidays to take care of their university education, partaking in summer jobs will help you to have the experience of what working environment should look like. In the US labor laws apply to some States as regards jobs. 

The US baeurau of labor statistics reveals healthcare industry is the highest employers of persons between age 16-24 years. Other areas include business services, accommodation, and food services.

What is the best summer job for college students?

 They is no best summer jobs for college students, as each summer jobs is dependent on the type of students’, the top summer jobs or in demand summer jobs include

  • Web design
  • Graphics design
  • Social media page manager
  • Lifeguard
  • Online Tutor
  • Good server
  • House cleaning

This jobs are flexible and are among the highest paid, they also give you time to travel. 

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What is the highest paying job for college students?

They’re several job opportunities available to college students who are searching for side hustle, this job have develop your skills. Some of this jobs also add to your job experience, when you graduate from the University. The top highest paying jobs are 

  • Driver
  • Campus representative
  • Barista
  • Bar tender
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Resident Advisor
  • Library Assistant
  • Teller
  • Transcriptor

Top summer jobs include

  • Online Tutor

Tutoring is becoming digital, it has saved cost on the part of the tutor and students’,  this job is for students’ with desire to learn and impact knowledge to children.  Most sites offer you the ability to earn up to $18.15, this website has some basic features like, tutor me, brainfuse, prepnow etc. 

  • Swimming instructor

This job is for pool lover’s, they help children l, adults with the basics of swimming, minimum requirements including certifications in first air, CPR and Basic Swim Instructor from the American Red Cross. They help keep pool hygienic and healthy. 

  • Life guard

Summer is the best time for pools and beaches, which accounts for why they is always an in demand for professional swimmers who can serve as life guide.  They help prevent people from drowning and sharks attack.  You earn up to $10.26 per hour in this job and having a CPR gives you an edge in this job. the essential skills of being an effective lifeguard including jumping into water, swimming in various conditions in open water and swimming pools, and rescuing people experiencing difficulty while in water. You will learn treading water, climbing out of pools unaided, and first aid measures. You can still go for training in this program. 

  • Camp instructor

This job is suitable for outdoor lover’s, they help in organizing children holiday picnics and travel, camps.  This job will help you acquire work skills like collaboration, communication and creativity skills.  It also develops your leadership skills as it helps you to, supervise groups of children, they test your ability to use your skills In  behavior management, problem-solving and decision-making. 

  • Food server

This is one of the most applied summer jobs amongst students’,  this job requires you to learn time management and social skills. perks of working as a food server include free meals and learning more about food safety and preparation techniques and different cuisines. Some of them end up getting tips from customers as a token of appreciation.  Effective communication is an excellent advantage in this field.

  • Pet Sitter

This job is for pet lover’s,   this job gives you the opportunity of taking care of pets during working hours for people, you can audition your services at, an average pet sitter earns $12.44 per hour.  To be an excellent pet sitter you can take course’s in veterinary.

The job description includes

  • Providing pets with food and fresh water at the appropriate time
  • Bathing, brushing and grooming of pets 
  • Walking pets outdoors
  • Cleaning litter boxes and other pet accessories, as at when needed 
  • Giving medications to pets 
  • Taking pets to the vets in case of any emergency 
  • Informing pet owners about injuries and illnesses suspected
  • Complying with laws and regulations regarding pets

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  • Sales associate

This field requires students’ with the gift of persuasion, thou majority of students’ who show interest in this field are those in the field of marketing and sales, or business major.  This program requires her students to improve their communication skills and build skills.  This job requires you to be able to operating cash registers, directing customers to their preferred merchandise, and introducing promos to customers.

  • House Keepers

This job requires you to take care of cleaning homes, and helping make them neat.  You will  need to do the housecleaning within a specific time frame, good working relationship is needed in this field, most house cleaners help prepare meals and run errands, you can join a group or be independent but at least you must be in good terms with the law.

  • Zoo worker

This job requires you to take care of animals, teen zoo workers earn an average of $14.79 per hour.  Since they’re few zoo, you need to check your location before applying, this field requires you to have hands on experience working with animals and have knowledge of pet sitting and grooming.

  • Freelance web designer

This is one of the in demand summer jobs, many firm’s currently need their services to increase their online presence, install and update widgets and app.  Before picking a niche in this field you need to have created a website where you can make reference to, niche in this field include medicine, real estate etc. 

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