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Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Learning and Study Skills

Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Learning and Study Skills

Many students wants to improve their study and learning skills, as a result of their desires to Excel in their academics, and students who wish to graduate with flying colors depend greatly on studying to Excel.

What are Five Tips for Effective Studying?

Being organized and we’ll prepared for exams and tests can make a great difference, so it’s you good as a student you follow the principle laid down below.

  • Talk to teachers

Many teachers like it when their students ask them questions,  like course outline and what brother’s you in the course.  Most teachers may end up giving you extra marks for doing this or give you clue to exam questions. It’s worth asking.

  • Ensure Notes are complete

It’s not easy copying notes in class, but any part of the notes you missed make sure you complete it with your friends note or ask your teacher for clue in the next class.

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  • Condense Notes

Make studying less overwhelming by condensing your notes to writing jotters and writing maps.

  • Create a study schedule

Plan your study time according to the weight of your courses and grade you wish to get,  portion an appropriate number of hours for studying for each exams. Record number of days and study hours in calendar.

  • Study less 

Don’t commit yourself to too much study,  study in half hour increments, taking 10-15  minutes breaks.  Provide yourself with more efficient goals.

What are the 10 Effective Study Habits?

  • Don’t attempt to cram all your studying into one Session
  • Plan when you’re going to study
  • Study at the same time
  • Each study time should have a specific goal
  • Never procrastinate your planned study session
  • Start with the most difficult subjects first 
  • Always review your notes before beginning an assignment
  • Make sure you’re not distracted while studying
  • Use study group effectively
  • Review your notes, school work and other materials during the weekend

How to Improve Study Skills in College

Several students just study to pass an examination, instead of studying to know, and this has greatly affected the students performance , which has lead many to seek for ways to improve their study skills. They’re listed as follows

  1. Note taking
  2. Time management
  3. Memorization
  4. Organization 

The 10 tips to improve your learning and study skills, is aimed at motivating students to broaden their horizon. 

  • Pick a Study place and time

Everyone has their own idea about the best place to study and idea, it’s nice you understand what time and place works best for you, if possible study your personality in that way you will have a basic understanding of what works done best for you.  Whether it’s your bedroom at night or the library after school and work with it.

Set your study place: your study place should be quiet, comfortable and distraction Free.  It should be conducive for learning, and every distraction should be removed from it. Let it be simple. 

Find your best time: most persons find it good reading in the morning and some prefer in the evening.  Find which one suits you and don’t work yourself more than your bedtime.

  • Study everyday

If you study a little bit everyday you’ll be, reviewing a lot of things in your mind,  it also helps you to avoid the danger of last minute cramming,  from the beginning of the academic session you can study at least an hour.   If you’re finding  it hard to study cut down on some of your activities. Prioritize your study might mean spending less time online and other activities and giving more time to book’s.

  • Plan your time

This will help you greatly, set your alarm, have a time plan, make a to do list  and set time limits.  

Set alarm: A regular reminder helps you to  remember your study plans,  and to honestly obey it.

Use wall planner: stick up a wall calendar where you can see it, mark it with date’s like exams, tests etc.

  • Discover your learning style

Know thyself, it’s good you know you’re most preferred way of learning,  this will help you to be comfortable and to know best.  It’s good you try the different ways of learning which includes.

Auditory learner’s:  this people try to learn by listening, and discussing with their friends, classmates.  Or by keeping records of the lectures.

Visual Learners:   this persons are those who learn by seeing,  try using colors in your notes, and keep diagrams and  represent ideas as key points.

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Tactile/ kinesthetic learner’s:  this sets of persons prefer to learn by doing, things.  Try building or doing role playing models.

  • Review and Revise

Once every week, you should go back to what you studied, in class and try to understand the concepts that helps you learn.  Thinking things over can help you understand well, and remember it when you most need it. 

You can create your own study materials, and use it for studies. You can organize quiz with your friends. 

  • Take breaks

It’s great you take breaks while you’re studying, especially if you’re tired or frustrated, working too long on a course can decrease your performance.  When you take a break make sure your desk or study space.  A work around can help you solve this.

  • Ask for help

If you’re stuck up in something,  or something seems not to go write ask your friends or lecturers for help.  Talk to your teachers or lecturers about things you don’t understand.  You can always get academic help when you need one.

  • Stay motivated

While studying, it will be good you surround yourself with, inspirational quotes, photos of people you admire, and those who will be proud of your success.  Studying helps you to keep in view the prize of success. 

  • App it

Look for application that helps, students with all aspects of learning. Have a chat with your friends and lecturers to see which application they recommend,  several application currently has educational features, that covers several academic  curriculum like iTunes collections page on iPad. 

  • Look after yourself

It will be nice if you take good care of yourself by eating well, and getting enough sleep and physical exercise.  Drink lots of water, and don’t bother yourselves with sugar and fatty foods.

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