Top 10 Universities in Canada for Students Seeking a Career in Technology

Canada is the world’s leading technology hub, from the earliest times, Alexander grambell, this country is a popular study options. And studying technology courses in the best Universities is the fun of it. 

Which study is best for technology?

Studying  a technology course is nice but the best options is studying an in demand course,  which why  before you chose a technical course you have to know how the course will be in the future. In this article we will be listing out the top in demand course’s. They include

  1. Artificial intelligence
  2. Machine language
  3. Data science and analytics
  4.  Data engineering
  5.  Data visualization

This career areas in technology has a lot of prospect in the future.

Where can I study information technology in Canada?

Canada bring the hub of technology, has several of her outstanding institution where you can study information technology, and this institutions offer’s an innovative, and helps one to build their future in the different area’s of technology.  Almost all Canadian universities offers a course in information technology. The institution where one can study this course are listed below

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  • Concordia University of Edmonton, Canada
  • Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Canada
  • Ontario Tech University, Canada
  • St Francis Xavier University
  • Carleton University, 
  • Northern Alberta institute of technology
  • Mac Ewan University
  • Bow valley college
  • University of the fraser valley
  • Kwantlen polytechnic University

Which courses are in demand in Canada for international students

Canada being one of the most sought after countries’ in the area of education, owing to her relaxed immigration and post graduate work scheme. It’s academic friendly policies, where her graduates can easily settle for jobs after graduation, it also provides her students with  a multi cultural and economically stable environment.  It is interesting to know that universities in Canada boost of 5000 tie ups, as a result of her program is job oriented.  

Having read how your future is guaranteed while studying in Canada, let’s now list the in demand course’s

  1. Master’s of bussiness Administration (MBA)
  2. Computer science and Information Technology
  3. Bussiness and finance
  4. Core engineering and engineering Management
  5. Physical Earth science and renewable energy

The top 10 universities of technology are listed below

  • University of Toronto


This University was established in 1827,  it has excelled in ideas, innovation and has helped shaped talents across the globe.  This University is renowned for her courses in information technology.  This University is renowned for the development of insulin.  It has several areas of study in technology. 

  • University of British Columbia


The university was established in 1908, it ranks 13th  on the 2021 impact ranking universities,  it has empowered her students with many technical skills over the years.  It has helped in the building and establishing of about 200 companies through her research centers where about 1300 works are going on.  about quarter of her students are international students making her the most international University in North America. It is highly ranked for her courses in engineering and technology.  It is  helps her students gain cultural skills.

  • Concordia University


This  University was established in 1974,  in the city of Quebec. It has about 300 programs.  Her program in technology helps her students to incorporate their academics to practice. It is renowned in technology.

  • University of Ontario institute of technology


This  University places strong emphasis on research, in the fields of life sciences and biotechnology, energy and the environment, information and communication technology and informatics, and education for the 21st century. 

  • Delhousie University


This University has her faculty of Computer science as the  leading institution for information and technology.  It has great program in  various areas of Computer science.

  • Simon Fraser University


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This University is Canada’s most community engaged research University,  this University has interesting programs especially in her  technological entrepreneurship course’s.  It has several research options.  It’s is renowned for her program in Computer and mechatronics. 

  • Western University


This University is renowned for invention of insulin,  it has an ever research program in media where it Incorporated the latest works to better the media. “advancement of knowledge about media, communications, and information technologies.” 

  • Ryerson University


This  University champions entrepreneurship, technology and innovation.  It has a fantastic zone called the digital media zone. Where it gives her students and entrepreneur access to get coaching,  capital, customers and community.  It provides her students a great opportunity in information technology. 

  • British Columbia institute of technology


This University is one of  the university that offers her programs with a hands on in,  it has about 300 programs in 6 different area’s.  It offers programs on forensic science,  technology management and 3D modeling. 

  • Vancouver island University


This institution is a hub for qualitative learning and has a vibrant multicultural campus life that encourages participation in various innovative projects and workshops. It has involved itself in several research works. 

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