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Top 4 Free Online Graduate Courses with Certificates

Nowadays, it is not unlikely to see undergraduate degrees being treated as ‘ordinary’. Hence, in a bid to advance their career, many have gone on to enroll in graduate degree programs. There are several reasons why people pursue graduate degrees. From personal reasons, to career reasons, professional reasons, even academic reasons. As a matter of fact, most people pursue graduate degrees just so they can get a promotion at their workplace.

Graduate degree programs provide students, even professionals, the opportunity to earn a Masters and Doctoral degree. However, in this article, we will focus on online graduate degree programs and courses which are offered by top accredited universities in the world who have a reputation for high standard of education and excellence.

As a professional who has a career in a particular field of study, with other responsibilities such as family responsibilities, shuttling on and off campus (classroom) can be quite stressful. However, due to advancement in technology, the educational sector has been greatly impacted in the sense that you can now opt for an online graduate program or course (and obtain a certificate) without necessarily stepping foot into the four walls of the classroom.

About Online Graduate Courses with Certificates

As earlier stated in this article, advancement in technology has greatly impacted the educational sector. It has brought about what is known today as distance learning or education. This is a form of education which incorporates the use of electronic gadgets for learning. Simply put, you can earn an education just by having access to either a desktop computer, laptop or smartphone with an internet connection. Thus, it is now possible for one to acquire graduate degrees such as Masters or Doctoral online. For example, you can be in South Africa, Nigeria or Hungary and get a masters degree with certificate online from a reputable university like Stanford University. As a matter of fact, a good number of institutions have adopted this online or distance learning and have gone ahead to produce brilliant graduates in various fields of study.

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Benefits of Online (learning) Graduate Courses with Certificates

In the traditional form of education, it is not unlikely that one would go to the classroom daily to acquire knowledge or skill. However, in an online graduate course, you can acquire the same skills and knowledge from the comfort of your home. In essence, online learning provides convenience.

Also, online graduate courses are flexible. In other words, you can study (learn) at your own pace and time.

Furthermore, online graduate courses take less time to complete. In most cases, it takes between 6 – 18 months, unlike traditional graduate courses which can take up to 2 – 4 years to complete and acquire a degree or certificate.

What are the Requirements for Online Graduate Courses (Degrees)?

Although the requirements listed below are general, it will be wise of you to contact your host institution.

To enroll for any online graduate course, you must have completed an undergraduate degree program. The reason for this is that you will be expected to submit your bachelor’s degree during the online admission application process.

In some cases, a specific GPA will be required by some online institutions in a particular area of study. In essence, you must check with your host online institution to be sure.

Also, some online institutions may require a GMAT score or GRE during the application process into an online graduate course.

For further enquiries concerning the requirements for online graduate courses, endeavour to contact your host institution for clarity.

Are There Free Online Graduate Courses?

No doubt, there are. As a matter of fact, there are several free online graduate courses. However, this article is focused on the top 4 free online graduate courses with certificates.

Where Can I Get Graduate Degree Courses For Free?

There are a lot of places you can get online graduate courses for free. A good place to start out will be University of People: an American accredited university. Also, you can find a whole lot of free online graduate courses at Massachusetts Institute of Technology popularly known as MIT, and Curtis Institute of Music.

Free Online Graduate Degree Courses with Certificates

  • University of People: MBA Program in Management

This is a free online Masters Degree program offered by the University of People. This course can be completed within 15 months of full time study. By having a time commitment of 15 – 20 hours per week, you can round off this course as at when due. In addition to the requirements we have earlier listed in this article, you must have a prior work experience of at least two years to qualify for this program.

  • MIT Media Lab’s Program in Media Arts and Sciences

This free online graduate course deals with communication, design and human-computer interaction. Successful applicants will get the opportunity to explore the best of this course. On an annual basis, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) accept 50 Masters degree course candidates to equip them with the vital skills needed to design innovative devices that is vital for human adaptation. To enroll for this course, your knowledge in computer science, mechanical engineering, architecture and psychology must be very strong.

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  • University of People: Master of Education

This is yet another free online graduate course with certificate that is offered by the University of People popularly called UoP. The focus of this course is to train students for careers in education, community leadership and childcare. There are two major areas of specialization: Elementary/Middle School education and Secondary education.

  • Curtis Institute of Music: Master of Music

Nowadays, it is possible for one to get a Masters degree in music online. This has been made possible by Curtis Institute of Music. This program takes about 24 months to be completed. Only 4% of the total applicants is selected annually thereby making it a highly selective program (school).

Nowadays, you can advance your career by enrolling in online graduate degree courses (programs) with certificates: all thanks to advancement in technology which has greatly impacted the educational sector. The Masters courses we have listed in this article are free and accessible to all. From MIT Masters degree course to the University of People’s courses and Curtis Institute of music course. However, you must meet the necessary requirements before you can be considered.

To apply for any of these courses listed above, visit the website of the host institution and fill out the online application form. You may be charged a little token as application fee. Unless otherwise stated by the institution, you will be expected to take these courses with your smartphone.

We trust you will find this article helpful. Kindly share this article with your friends. If you have further questions, leave a comment in the comment box and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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