Top 5 Soccer Scholarships in USA

Soccer scholarship are avenues were those with interests in football are helped to study while still playing their football. It’s a way of encouraging people to gain talents. Applying for a scholarship scholarships is one of the best ways to achieve your dreams and make it come true. Some of this soccer scholarship covers your tuition fee, accommodation, training kits etc

This article will provide you with information on deadline, eligibility, application requirements and application requirements.  Thou being a soccer player and an accountant, doctors s something to be proud of, currently since the Nadia Nadim story featured online, a lot of footballer’s are rushing back to the four walls of the university. Which is why this article was written.

How do I get a soccer scholarship in USA?

It’s the dream of every American to lead the soccer team in his or her college, with the development of 205 men’s division.  Which enrolls up to 1200 young soccer players in a year. Soccer recruitment process is tough and competitive,  meaning it requires lots of efforts from you as the player to get auditioned or scholarship.

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The steps are as follows

  1. Rely on your soccer coach for scholarship,  meeting your coach will be of great help to you as he will guide you on existing sports scholarship, if possible he may even contact other coaches to help you. It’s his dream to see you Excel.
  2. Get a soccer assessment and determine eligibility: this will help you to know which scholarship to apply.
  3. Get good grades:  grades matter in sports scholarship as your institution wants to see your performance and how you can balance it up with sports, many athletes make this mistake.
  4. Go to soccer training camps

How much is a soccer scholarship in USA?

Soccer scholarship is one of the most in demand scholarship currently thou very rare, and getting a soccer scholarship requires, the biggest soccer scholarship is worth $60000 and it will cover your whole Education. This scholarship will last for a period of 4 years or more depending on program. This scholarship covers tuition and other expenses needed for you to study. 

Top soccer scholarship include

  • NCAA Division I Soccer scholarship


This scholarship is one of the hardest soccer scholarship to get, but it offers partial and full ho scholarship to her students.  It awards to excellent students’ who can maintain an excellent academic result with an outstanding balance in sports. It awards up to 9.9 scholarship.

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  • NCAA Division II soccer scholarship

This scholarship options is awarded full Grant’s, this scholarship sees soccer  to be an equivalency sport, so colleges are not compelled to provide full scholarships. It can give 9 ride scholarship or distribute it to all 31 players . This scholarship is dependent on the coach.

  • NCAA Division III Soccer Scholarships

 Most D3 institution don’t award soccer scholarship,  this institution provide Finacial aids to these atheletes,  thou merit scholarship is given to atheletes who have shown outstanding skills in sports and have given to the community, scholarship are awarded based on Grades here 

  • NAIA Soccer scholarship

This scholarship awards 12 scholarship or distribute it to about 30 player’s. Institution in this category recruit few students.  They’re open to both male and female. 

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