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Top 8 Advantages of Studying Abroad

Studying in a country other than yours sure sounds like a thrilling experience, especially when you haven’t traveled abroad before. In your mind may lies thoughts of; “how would studying abroad feel like?”, “would studying abroad do me any good, are there advantages?”. Of course, when you study in a foreign country, you should expect a change in things, but what good will the changes bring? Well, good thing you’re reading this article as it holds the answer to your enquiry; “what are the advantages of studying abroad?”.

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What does studying abroad mean? 

Studying abroad, as it implies, is simply having your education outside the walls of your country, outside the comfort of your people. 

What Are The Advantages Of Studying Abroad? 

Since the 1990’s till now, the rate at which students study outside their country keeps increasing at a rapid pace. In fact, according to a statistics, more the a hundred thousand (100,000) students in the United States have left their country to study abroad. And over a million has moved into the United States to study as International students

This is so because of the advantages attached to it, some of which are:

  • You’ll Have The Opportunity To Learn/Improve In A Language:

Traveling to a country like the United States to study will no how, increase your fluency and grammatical accuracy in English language. This isn’t an happenstance, it is because you live where the language is dominant. Also, when you study in a country where a different language is spoken, there’s a high chance that after a few years of stay, you’ll learn their tongue (even though you might not be fluent). And becoming bilingual has several advantages. Learning to speak another language makes one even more resourceful as you’ve broken the language barrier. Let’s take for instance, if a Chinese man sees that an American could speak his own language, of course he’ll respect the American. 

  • Studying Abroad Will Make You More Independent:

When you study abroad, you not only learn to pass your exams and earn a degree, you also learn to be independent and even more responsible. Think about it this way, if you have parents or guardians who travel a lot; often leaving you all alone for weeks before returning. After some time, you’ll begin to develop a sense of independence that even if they had gone for months, you’d still be living fine. In the same vein, after spending some months studying abroad, you’ll start to become independent, learning to live without your parents, siblings and old friends. 

  • Studying Abroad Gives You The Opportunity To Make New Friends:

The human nature hates loneliness, and so by default, when we get to a new environment, with time we’ll make new friends. When you study abroad, you will have the opportunity to make friends with people from all kinds of different cultures, and learn about other countries and customs. Most lifelong friendships usually begin while in the university, while in school, you’ll be able to live and learn together. Its really an amazing thing to have international friends, they might someday, be of great help especially after you’ve all graduated. 

  • It Will Increase Your Chances Of Getting Employed:

This is one major advantage of studying abroad, when the time comes to be employed, you will have an edge over others. Nowadays, employers want people with international experience; who have earned their degree abroad, especially when such country is fully developed.  If a student from Africa, for instance, studies and earn a degree abroad, probably in a country like the United States, when he finally returns to his home country, any employer of any kind would want him. This is not farfetched from the fact that in the United States, schools are provided with various learning facilities needed to perform maximally, quite unlike in many African Schools. 

  • Studying Abroad Makes One Tolerate Diversity: 

When you travel abroad to study, of course, you would meet other international students like you who also wants to study in the school. Amongst them will be different races of people and cultures. As time goes on, one thing will lead to another and then you’ll all begin to interact with each other. After living with them for a while, for sure, you’d have known their strength and weaknesses, therefore, giving room for each others fault. Doing this makes one tolerant of people irrespective of race and culture. 

  • Creates The Opportunity To See The World Beyond Your Country:

Some think the way things go in their country applies to all other. Well this might not be an accurate way to know. You can’t paint a perfect picture of the world when bound to just your country. Studying abroad will make you see the world from a wider perspective. You’ll have the chance to visit interesting places, meet new people with different cultures, beliefs and morals and lots more. By studying abroad, you’ll experience different events that will widen your paradigm of life. 

  • You Will Have The Opportunity To Study And Learn Differently:

Another interesting thing about studying abroad is the way students learn and study. Because each country has its unique way or pattern of teaching, there is need to travel to countries where the pattern of learning really suites your desired course. If you’re interested in a financial course then try moving to a country like Dubai, Hong Kong, London and France. They have the best financial Schools whose methods of teaching produces quality students. 

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  • You’ll Learn To Appreciate Your Parents More:

Studying abroad means you’ll have fewer possessions unlike the local student who live there, they can spend anyhow since their parents are there to easily provide. This couple with the fact that you’re way far from home can make you miss those sweet comforts you’ve taken for granted. When you finally get back to your home country. You can have those warm hugs and appreciate the presence of your parents and loved ones. In this article, I’ve been able to discuss what studying abroad and it’s advantages are, which includes not only earning a degree. 

So if you’re planning on studying abroad, those are the amazing things you’ll enjoy and good luck with the traveling. 

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